Reliant Prestige 1.5T MRI System

Reliant Prestige 1.5T MRI System
12 Channel Prestige 1.5T MRI System
The Reliant Prestige 1.5T MRI system is a newly developed state of the art imaging system offering advanced but practical and
affordable imaging.
Particular features include:
RF coils that incorporate a unique feature which allows any combination of coils to be connected together. The system
automatically detects the coil combination, optimizes the element selection, and selects the applicable application sequences.
A newly developed multichannel spectrometer offer a 12 channel operation, incorporating the latest technology and software.
The system consists of three major units:
Superconducting Magnet:
Actively shielded superconducting magnet system with integrated closed cycle refrigerator system:
Field strength: 1.5T
Polarity: South pole at patient end
Homogeneity (shimmed): 50cm dsv < +/-10ppm pk to pk
45cm dsv < +/-5ppm pk to pk
30cm dsv < +/-1ppm pk to pk
Field decay: < 0.1ppm/hr
Nominal operating current: <600A
Patient bore diameter: 60cm
Helium boil off <100cc/hr
Helium volume approx 2200ltrs
Refill interval (typical) 6 months
Patient Handling:
Table height: min. 700 mm (preliminary) (27.5”)
max. 980 mm (preliminary) (38.6”)
Reliant Prestige 1.5T MRI System
Maximum Patient Weight: 160 kg (350lbs)
Patient Positioning: Laser Marker
Gradient Subsystem:
Actively shield, super-compact whole body gradient coil system with integrated magnet shims
Gradient Amplifier Copley 282
- max. Amplitude: 25mT/m
- min. Rise Time:
- max. Slew Rate: 90 mT/m/ms
- Duty Cycle: 100%
Peak voltage 700V (amplifier) 1200V (coil)
Peak current 500A
Cooling Water
RF Subsystem:
Resonant frequency 63.88MHz
RF preamplifier Integral to each coil element
Gain 26+/-1 dB
Noise <0.5dB
Input frequency range 10-200MHz
Spurious free dynamic range >96dB
RF Amplifier
Type: Analogic 8102 Cooling: Air
Amplifier power: max.
9kwRF Coils
All coils can be combined at will in any combination up to a maximum of 48 elements:
8 Channel Head
12 Channel Array Spine (CTL)
6 Channel Knee
4 Channel flexible Torso
Maximum RF receiver channels: 12
Transmitter: 14bit Direct Digital Synthesizer
Receiver: 16bit
Reliant Prestige 1.5T MRI System
Bandwidth: 600 kHz
Slice thickness: 0.3-20 mm
Matrix: >512x512
Data Processing & Imaging Display Subsystem:
Operating Console:
- Processor: Intel quad core
- OS: Windows XP Professional 64bit
- Memory: 4 GB
- Network: Ethernet 1000Base-T
- Hard disk storage: 250GB SATA 3Gb/s RAID
- Monitor: Color 1600x1200 LCD flat panel
- CD/DVD Writer for Data Backup: HP CD/DVD-DL lightscribe
- Interface: Standard DICOM 3.0
Standard Software Package:
Scan Sequences:
Spin Echo 2D (Single and multiple)
FSE 2D (single and Multiple echo) up to 128 ETL
FSE Dual Echo
Fast IR
Gradient Echo and fast spoiled Gradient echo 2D/3D.
Fat saturation and suppression for SE, FSE, IR, GE.
2D/3D TOF and 3D PC
Diffusion/Perfusion (later addition)
User Selectable:
Flow compensation
Graphically prescribed sat pulses
Over sampling
Rectangular FOV
Phase direction selection and swapping.
Double and Triple oblique
Offset FOV
Cardiac gating
Respiratory gating
512 X 512 and larger matrix
Reliant Prestige 1.5T MRI System
Zero slice gap
Archive media:
Included: Delivery, Rigging and installation with shipment.
Customer Responsibilities: Customs taxes and duties, construction, electrical, mechanical, and site preparation
Additional Options Available:
**Not included with MRI available for an additional charge. Please contact use for pricing and
• Anterior spine extension to head coil
• Shoulder coil
• Wrist coil
• 12 Channel Large flexible torso/pelvis
• Patient communication system
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