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i-ceilings Powered Panels
(Pwrd Versions)
User Instructions for models
• CS4000ME/Pwrd
• PROME/Pwrd
i-ceilings Powered Panels
Armstrong’s CS4000ME/Pwrd and PROME/
Pwrd models are powered versions of
the unique i-ceilings Sound Panel and
feature our Integrated Panel Amplifier - a
20W power amplifier pre-installed into the
i-ceilings panel.
i-ceilings Sound Panels can be supplied with a
wide range of tile finishes allowing the unit to be
installed invisibly in any Armstrong suspended
ceiling. i-ceilings are primarily designed for
use in AV and sound reinforcement systems.
The amplifier has one line level input allowing the connection of most audio
equipment having a line level output.
An external speaker output is also provided to allow an additional panel or
independent low impedance speaker to be driven from the amplifier.
The unit is fitted with Low, Middle and High tone controls to allow adjustment of
the frequency response of the panel to suit the installation requirements.
All the connections to the unit are externally accessible and are of the removable
screw terminal type, allowing for quick and easy connection.
A remote volume control (RVC-1) is available as an optional extra to adjust the
volume level of the speaker
The amplifier requires a 230v 50Hz mains power supply.
Rated Output:
20W RMS into 8 ohms
Frequency Response:
100Hz ~ 18kHz ±3dB
THD (At 1kHz):
Better than 0.1% at rated output
Tone Controls:
Low 100Hz ±12db
Middle 1KHz ±12db
High 10kHz ±12db
Line Input:
500mv, 600 Ohm balanced
Power Consumption:
35 Watts max.
Power Input:
230v AC 50Hz via IEC socket
White painted steel
CS4000ME/Pwrd: 4.6kg
PRO-ME/Pwrd: 7.1kg
600 x 600 x 120mm
Please note:
In line with our policy of continual product improvement, the manufacturer reserves the
right to change the above specifications without prior notice.
Your i-ceilings Amplified Sound Panel is supplied
with an IEC mains lead.
Integrated Amplifer Features
• Line Level:
Volume control for adjusting the level of the Line Level Input.
• Tone Controls:
Three controls (Low, Middle and High) for adjusting the tonal content of the sound
output from the amplifier.
• Power:
The red LED situated on the unit indicates, when illuminated, that power is
• 230v Mains Input:
230v 50Hz Mains input (IEC Type Connector).
Connection Details
(please refer to diagram on page 7)
• Line In:
Balanced line level input terminals for connection of any line level signal source
(eg. CD, MP3, Laptop, etc)
• Signal Control:
These four terminals are supplied to allow the connection of ancillary equipment
including additional amplifiers, response shaping units, external muting controls,
a remote volume control, etc.
Please note:
A shorting link must be fitted between the Signal In and the Signal Out terminals
when the unit is not used with any external signal control equipment. This link is
fitted by default during manufacture.
• Ext Speaker:
External 8 ohm speaker terminals for powering extra low impedance speakers if
required. Damage to the amplifier can occur if speakers with a total impedance of
less than 8 Ohms is connected to these terminals.
• Mains In:
The mains input should be connected here using an IEC type connector. The
supply input should be 230v AC (±10%) 50Hz.
Warning - No connections should be made to the unit whilst the mains power is connected
Pwrd Amplifier Wiring Diagrams
A typical wiring arrangement showing the use
of the RVC-1 REMOTE Volume Control
Note: Use high quality audio 2-core screened cables to connect the RVC1 to the Pwrd Amplifier.
Route cables away from interference such as mains wiring, data cables, etc.
i-ceilings Pwrd
Sound Panel
Pwrd Amplifier Typical Wiring Arrangement
Further Information
Technical assistance
For technical assistance regarding this product, please contact your original
installer/supplier or you can email direct to: service@cie-ltd.co.uk
If you have any suggestions or comments on how we can improve this product
or these operating instructions, please contact us using the details on the back
cover or by emailing us at the following address:
All customer feedback is appreciated.
Important please read:
This product should only be installed by a competent installer. The manufacturer
accepts no responsibility for any resulting damage or consequential loss due to
incorrect installation.
• Remember – if in doubt about any aspect of the installation, please ask!
• We strongly recommend the installation of safety cables when installing this product in a ceiling.
• The amplifier will get warm during use, so please allow adequate ventilation
around the unit.
Product compliance:
These products comply with the following European directives:
• EMC directive 89/336/EC (plus amendments)
• Low voltage directive 72/23/EC (plus amendments)
• WEEE Directive 2002/95/lEC
• RoHS Directive
When this product has reached the end of its useful life it must be disposed of in accordance with the European Parliament and Council Directive on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (2002/96/EC) (‘the WEEE Directive’)
For disposal details, please go on-line to www.iceilings.uk.com/weee.htm
For further information on i-ceilings Sound Panels, go on-line to
Manufactured under licence in the UK by:
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Fax: +44(0)115 9770081
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