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What is Digital TV?
What will Freeview give me?
Until now, the pictures on television seen by the majority of New Zealanders have
been by virtue of analogue transmission.
Firstly, it will make bad reception a thing of the past and it will allow all
New Zealanders access to their favourite television programmes and national radio,
in crystal clear, digital quality with no monthly fees and no contracts.
This has been the way since television was first broadcast.
Now, for the first time, there is a new era in Television.
New Zealanders will be able to watch their favourite programmes in crystal clear,
high resolution, digital quality for Free.
Why is this happening?
At some time in the next 6-10 years, the current analogue service will be ‘switched
off’. Freeview is being launched now to start the transition from analogue to digital
Digital Television and Radio is available around the world and Freeview is here to
ensure all New Zealanders have the opportunity to experience it.
Who and what is Freeview?
Freeview is a new television and radio platform that is backed by a consortium of
broadcasters consisting of TVNZ, CanWest MediaWorks, Maori Television and Radio
New Zealand.
It exists to promote access to the very best in high resolution, digital quality pictures
and sound with no monthly fees and no contracts.
It will initially include the following channels: TV ONE, TV2, TV3, C4, Maori Television
and also Radio New Zealand National and Concert Programmes.
Freeview itself does not operate TV or radio channels. The Broadcasters decide what
channels and programmes they will transmit.
Later in the year, it is expected that more channels will be added to the
Freeview service.
Who can get free digital TV?
Freeview approved products also include the ability to access interactive TV
content, automatically scan for new channels and includes a free eight day
Electronic Programme Guide known as the Freeview EPG.
When you hit the EPG button the first screen
you’ll see is ‘Listings’, which displays the current
channel and programme listings for that day.
You can also preview the next 7 days
programming on all channels.
It also includes a quarter screen of the programme
you are currently watching, so you don’t miss
any of the action while you browse. You’ll see a
synopsis of the highlighted programme and its
rating and a captioning symbol if available.
Arrow keys take you to other channels, as
does selecting the channel number, and
you simply press the OK button to go to the current
programme on the highlighted channel.
The next screen you see when you hit EPG is
‘Now Next’, which lists all the channels and
programmes on now and whats on next.
You can tune directly from the highlighted
programme and channel, or hit EPG again to
return to Listings or Exit to return to the
programme you were watching.
What do I need?
All New Zealanders can get Freeview.
Freeview does not sell set top boxes or installations, but it does certify boxes to ensure
quality and accredit retailers who wish to promote Freeview and sell compatible
products – check in-store for the Freeview logo.
Once you have purchased a Freeview set top box or a digital TV fitted with a
Freeview tuner, and if you need one, installed a dish or a new aerial, your favourite
television programmes are Free.
Once you have a Freeview satellite set top box you can access Freeview via a
satellite dish. The satellite service will be available to nearly 100% of New Zealand
homes and will launch in May 2007.
You will not have to replace your current television. The Freeview set top box
converts the digital signal so you can see Freeview on your existing Television.
The Freeview aerial (terrestrial) service will be available to 75% of homes in early 2008.
Checkout for coverage details.
How can I find out more?
Visit, call 0800-Freeview, or ask a sales person at a
Freeview accredited appliance retailer
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