Use Office 365 on your iPhone or iPad

Use Office 365 on your iPhone or iPad
Quick Start Guide
Check email
Set up your iPhone or iPad to send and receive mail from
your Office 365 account.
Access your team’s OneNote
Easily access any OneNote notebooks
stored on a SharePoint team site or
your OneDrive for Business site using
the OneNote app for iPhone or iPad.
Join a meeting face-to-face
Use the Lync app to join meetings, use
instant messaging, or make video calls
to colleagues and stay connected even
when you’re not in the office.
Check your calendar wherever you are
Always know where you have to be by syncing your
calendar items to your iPhone or iPad.
Sync your contacts
Keep your contacts on your iPhone or iPad to make it easier to share
documents, send email, or schedule meetings with colleagues.
Collaborate with your team
Access your team sites, and share
or edit files stored there.
Work on your documents
Use OneDrive for Business app to
work on or share any documents
on your OneDrive for Business
View and edit your documents on the go
Use the Office Mobile app to view and edit
documents directly from your iPhone.
Use email
Manage your calendar
Once you set up your Office 365 email account on your iPhone or iPad, your email will
work like any other email accounts on your device. Here’s what you can do:
Your calendar lets you create and track
appointments and meetings.
To check email − On the home screen, tap Mail.
To view a calendar item
To send email − Tap Edit
• Tap the Calendar app.
To reply to an email − Tap Reply
To check other folders − Tap Folders
To view all email accounts on your
. Add recipients, write your email, and tap Send.
. When you’re done, tap Send.
device − Tap Mail. (If that takes you to
your Inbox, tap the name of the account
in the upper-left corner.) Here, you can
see all accounts on your device. You can
also view other folders in the different
accounts. In the Account section, tap the
account with the folder you want to view.
. Select the folder you want to view.
To create a new meeting or event
1. Tap the Calendar app, and select the time
and other details for your appointment.
2. On the Add Event screen, tap Calendar,
and select your Office 365 calendar.
When you’re finished, tap Done.
Manage your contacts
Add, edit, or delete contacts from your Office 365
To add a contact
1. From the start screen tap Phone > Contacts.
Tap the Office 365
account to see the
account’s other folders.
2. Tap New
, and type in the contact
information. When you’re finished, tap Done.
To edit or delete a contact
1. Tap the name of the contact, and tap Edit.
2. Modify the information and tap Done. If
you’re deleting the contact, swipe down, and
tap Delete Contact.
Collaborate and work on documents on
OneDrive for Business or SharePoint team sites
A SharePoint team site is where your team communicates, shares documents, and works
together on projects. OneDrive for Business is your personal site where you store files
that only you can see, but can still easily share with co-workers. You can access
documents from either of those sites in the Office Mobile, but if you want to navigate
the site, do that from the Safari browser on your iPhone or iPad.
To open OneDrive for Business or a SharePoint team site:
1. Open Safari.
2. Type the URL for your site in the address bar of the browser. For example,<YourUserName>_contoso_
onmicrosoft_com is how the URL for a personal site like OneDrive for Business site
may look. For a team site, your URL may look something like (Replace “contoso” in the URL
with your organization’s domain name.)
Note If you’re unsure what the URL is for the site, navigate to it from your
computer’s browser, and note the URL in the address window, or email it to yourself
Computer view
so that you can copy and paste it.
3. When the Microsoft Office 365 login screen appears, type your user name and
password, and tap Sign In. If the site opens in a mobile view and you want the PC
view tap Settings
> Switch to PC View. To switch back to the mobile view tap
Settings > Mobile View.
4. If you’re in the mobile view, tap
> Site contents to see a
list of all content such as document or
list libraries on a site.
Mobile view
Tip You can easily navigate between your OneDrive for Business site or any
team site you’re following by tapping OneDrive or Sites from the navigation
header in the PC view.
Use iPhone and iPad apps
Install iPhone or iPad apps designed to work with Office 365, so you can continue to
collaborate with colleagues and work on the go. For information on how to sign in to
these apps for the first time see the Quick Start Guide – Set up Office 365 on your
iPhone or iPad:
• Lync 2013 for iPhone or Lync 2013 for iPad
• OneDrive for Business for Office 365 subscribers
Send an instant message
When you find the person you’re looking for,
tap their name, and tap the IM icon. Type your
message, and tap the Send icon.
Note To send an IM while you’re in a video
call, tap the IM icon, type your message, and
tap the Send icon.
• OneNote for iPhone or OneNote for iPad
• Office Mobile for Office 365 subscribers (for iPhone users)
Use Lync 2013 app
If your organization uses Lync, you can use the
Microsoft Lync 2013 app for your iPhone or iPad
to stay connected on the go.
Set your status or sign out
To change your status, from the My Info screen,
tap your status, and then select your status or
tap Sign out.
Search for a contact
From the Contacts screen, tap
Search. Start typing a person’s name
in the search box. The results appear
below the box.
Add audio to an IM
When you’re in a IM and you want to call the
contact, tap the Phone icon, and select the
number you’d like to call.
Join a Lync Meeting
To join a Lync Meeting, from the Meetings tab,
select the meeting you want to join, and tap
Join Meeting.
Use OneDrive for Business for Office 365 subscribers app
Share a file
Once you’re signed in, the OneDrive for Business app takes you directly to your files and
1. Tap the file you want to share.
folders, so you can start viewing and working in your files immediately.
View your OneDrive for Business files
Tap any item to open it. A download button
appears if a file is available for viewing
There are three options for viewing your files.
At the bottom of the OneDrive for Business
screen, do any of the following:
• Tap Files to show all OneDrive for Business
• Tap Recent to show OneDrive for Business
files you’ve opened most recently.
• Tap Offline to show files you’ve made
available for viewing when you’re not
2. Once the file opens, tap the OneDrive for Business Share button
If you’re already sharing the file, you see a list of the people sharing the file.
Otherwise, you see a note saying “This item isn’t shared.”
3. Tap Add
at the top of the Share
4. On the Add People screen, tap the Share
with box, and enter the email address of the
person you want to share the file with.
Alternatively, tap Add
, and select a
name from your contact list. Repeat this
procedure for each person you want to
share the file with.
5. Set the sharing permission for the person
you’re inviting to share the file. The default
setting is Let recipient edit. You can change
sharing permissions later, if you want.
View files when you’re offline
6. Tap Add.
Download OneDrive for Business files to your iPhone or iPad to make them available for
viewing when you’re offline.
Change sharing permissions
1. Tap the file you want to download to open it.
1. Tap the file for which you want to change sharing permissions.
2. Tap the download button
2. Once the file opens, tap the OneDrive for Business Share button
3. The file is now listed when you tap Offline. Note, the offline version of the file is
simply a downloaded copy. If you edit this file, updates don’t synchronize with the
3. Tap the name of the person whose permissions you want to change.
version that’s stored on OneDrive for Business.
4. Tap the permission setting you want.
Use the OneNote app
Work offline
Sync Office 365 notebooks
Sync your notebook with OneDrive for Business first and after that, OneNote
automatically syncs your changes as you work. If at any time you lose your Internet
If you have notebooks that you use regularly on Office 365 SharePoint sites, you can
sync them with your iPhone or iPad by adding the Office 365 account after you’ve
signed in with a Microsoft account. Make sure the notebooks you want to open are
ones you’ve viewed recently from your computer or another device. Notebooks that
you haven’t accessed for a long time will not sync when you sign in.
connection or turn it off, any pending changes will sync as soon as you’re back online.
Share Notes
You can email individual pages or share a notebook.
1. If you have a notebook open, tap Notebooks.
To email a page
2. Tap Settings
1. Open the page that you want to send and tap the arrow in the top right corner
3. Tap Accounts > Add a Service > Office 365 SharePoint.
2. Tap Email Page.
4. Type your email address and password, and tap Sign In to add your Office 365
To send a link to a notebook
5. Close OneNote Settings.
6. On the Notebooks screen, tap More
Notebooks. Your notebooks now appear
under Recent.
1. Tap Notebooks.
2. Tap the arrow on the top
3. On the notebook you want to share, tap the
right arrow
4. Choose whether the recipient can view or edit.
An email message opens with a link to the
5. Enter the email address and send the message.
Use the Office Mobile app
Get documents on your iPhone
The best way to get your Office 365 documents onto your iPhone is to save them
online, in places like OneDrive for Business or SharePoint team sites. You can view them
later from your iPhone.
1. If you’re not already connected to your Office
365 documents and want to connect to
OneDrive for Business or SharePoint, tap the
Open folder.
2. On the Places screen, tap Add a Place, and sign
in with your Office 365 user name and
password. Note, if you’re in a sub-folder, tap the
Back button and go to the screen that says Add
a Place.
3. Tap the service where your document is saved,
and then tap the document to open it.
Share documents
You can share documents by sending them as
an email attachment.
1. Open the document you want to share.
2. Tap File
3. Tap Share.
4. Type your message, and tap Send.
Work offline
You can continue to work on your Office document when you’re offline. When you’re
ready to save your changes back to the server, be sure you’re connected to the Internet,
then tap File > Save.
What you can do in Word
Open these file types - .doc, .docx, .dot,
.dotx, .dotm, .docm
Share files through email
Edit these file types - .docx, .dotx
Find text
Add, delete, and display comments
Format text
What you can do in Excel
Open these file types - .xls, .xlsx, .xlt, .xltx,
.xlsm, .xltm
Find text within a workbook
Edit these file types - .xlsx, .xltx
Sort selected data
Navigate through sheets in the Outline
Format cells
Apply a filter
Clear cells
See the sum, average, etc. of a range with
Add, delete, and display comments
Share files through email
What you can do in PowerPoint
Open these file types - .ppt, .pptx, .pps,
.ppsx, .pptm, .ppsm
Navigate through the slides in the
Edit these file types - .pptx, .pptm
Share the presentation via email
Add and edit slide notes
thumbnail view