Programming the Class 3400, 5000 and IDR`s IP Address - E-Mon

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Programming the Class 3400, 5000 and IDR’s IP Address
Press MENU button to enter main menu. Continue pressing UP and Down buttons until arrow
points to IP SETTINGS, then press SEL button to proceed to submenu. Use UP or DOWN button
to make changes, press SEL button to advance to the next field.
Set the IP address, Subnet Mask and Gateway.
IP address must be static. DHCP is not supported select N for ENABLE DHCP?
Press MENU button to return to main menu. If changes were made, you’ll be asked to save,
press UP or DOWN to select Y or N; press SEL to proceed returning to main menu. In main
menu, select EXIT to get out of programming mode and return to normal display mode.
Note: hold SEL for 3 seconds will cancel program mode, or wait 8 seconds for timeout to cancel.
EMon Energy software EZ7 protocol requires port 3000 UDP for communication open router
port 3000 for each ip address to accommodate.
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