London has become the centre of the world and an extraordinary stage where the
appearance of monsters, the return of secret cults and the outbreak of infernal machines
regularly contend for the front page of The Times. The last one of these incredible events is
the arrival of Oberon, ruler of the courts in Faërie, to be present during the jubilee of the
Queen. The ceremony is getting closer and the Queen has secretly invited the most avantgarde Clubs of the capital to join an expedition in the legendary “Shadow Market”. She
promised to cover with honours those who will manage to bring back from this dangerous
voyage some precious objects: some keys made of adamant and Atlantean metal, a mithril
padlock and a magic chain, magic artefacts which cannot be made in the real world!
However, the Shadow Market is a maze out of space and time, where Ether and magic
materials are very expensive. It gives shelter to dangerous creatures, which are ready to
hinder the path of the unlucky gentlemen and last but not least, some adventurer may end
up trapped forever if they won’t manage to pay a heavy tribute in Ether to the guardian
of this place - the mysterious Shadow Master. When the great engineer of the Queen
manages to open a portal to the Shadow Market, only a small number of the bravest Ladies
and Gentlemen are ready to accept the challenge of the Queen. You are one of them!
GAME COMPONENTS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
GOAL OF THE GAME . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
GAME SETUP . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
READING THE TILES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
THE GAME ROUND . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9
- The Actions in Detail . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9
- Free Actions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12
THE SHADOW MASTER . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13
THE SHADOW AGENTS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14
1 Game board
- Entering the Game . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14
- Moving the Agents . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14
- Conflict . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14
12 Location tiles
- The Agents' Effects . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14
THE END OF THE GAME . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17
THE SHADOW MARKET . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17
THE GENTLEMEN OF THE LONDON CLUBS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19
CREDITS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23
RULES SUMMARY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24
4 player dashboards
1 First Player/
Shadow Master token
4 Gentleman figures
6 Agent figures
30 Coins
16 Ether counters
6 Agent cards
16 Artefact cards (4 of each type)
30 Hourglass tokens
24 Special Action cards
You must race around the board to gather the 4 Ethers displayed
on your Secret Combination card and all 4 different Artefact
cards. With those in hand you must reach your Secret Gate to exit
the Shadow Market and present the Queen with her Artefacts.
8 Secret Gate cards
How can you achieve this feat? You must travel from location to location in the Shadow Market, buying and selling Ethers and acquiring
Artefact cards until you can gather just the right combination of
Ethers that will allow you to exit the Shadow Market, all the while
trying to avoid or benefit from the Agents of the Shadow Master.
13 Secret Combination cards
3. Shuffle the Special Action cards deck and place it face down
1. Open the game board and insert each of the 12 Location tiles
4. Divide the Artefact cards into four decks, each containing
next to the board.
into their designated slots, matching the numbers or letters on
the board with the numbers or letters on the back of the tiles.
one type of Artefact, and place each deck in their corresponding slot next to the four outer Location tiles.
The Artefacts
Atlantean Key
Symbol of the
material plane
2. Rotate the Location tiles as shown in the setup diagram,
making sure their starting orientation is correct by aligning
the marking on the tile with the marking on the board.
Spectral Chain
Used to keep the
dead from returning
in the material world
Adamantine Key
Symbol of the
faerical plane
Mithril Lock
Used to keep
elements locked
in each plane
5. Shuffle the Agent cards and place one on each of the 4 Agent
slots at the corners of the board, face up. Place the corresponding Agent figures on top of their cards.
6. Each player chooses a Gentleman and places his correspond-
ing figure on the central tile of the board (the “Esplanade”).
The players take their corresponding player dashboards and
4 Ether counters, and position themselves on each side of
the board. Each board edge is identified by an Ether colour.
The side of the board a player occupies determines the Ether
Expertise of his Gentleman.
7. All players place the Ether counters on the “0” spaces of
their Ether Chart. Each player starts the game with one free
Ether on his dashboard, according to his Gentleman’s Ether
Expertise (i.e., the player on the blue side of the board starts
with his counter on the “1” Mana space).
The Ethers
Red – Blood
(living material)
Blue – Mana
(magical material)
White – Ectoplasm
(spirit material)
Brown – Titanium
(mechanical material)
8. Each player receives:
9. The youngest player receives the First Player token and places it
on the top right slot of his dashboard. He will begin the game.
• 1 random Secret Combination card (look at it and keep it
face down)
10.Each player takes 2 Hourglass tokens and places them, one at a
• 1 random Secret Gate card (look at it and keep it face down)
time, on any Ether or Artefact spot on the board. Start with the
first player, and go in clockwise order, twice around the table.
• 2 Coins (place the rest of the Coins near the board to form
a “bank”)
Once the setup is finished, your board should look similar to the
example below.
1 starting
* Starting Hourglasses
placed by players
Artefact deck
starting tile
1st Agent
to enter
the board
1 starting
1 starting
First Player
Secret Gate
2nd Agent
to enter
the board
1 starting
Starting coins
Action deck
Coin bank
“In times when the dragons roared,
The king of Kamaloth invoked his round table and sent
his most doughty knights on a quest to bring him the Seal
of royal blood since this Oberon wanted to hold back his
chimeras and begin the truce, so that his kingdom becomes
once again a dream. But the King of Elves promised that
at the end of times, when men will forge horses and from
their nostrils a black fog will rise, Once again the Seal will
be offered to preserve the harmony. "
“History of Royal Blood - Fifteenth century manuscript"
One crucial aspect of Smog is how each player reads the rotating
Location tiles. All players must be positioned clearly on one of
the four sides of the board. Whenever a player wishes to trade an
Ether or Artefact, he must use the value and type listed on his
edge of the tile. That is the bottom side in relation to his point of
view of the tile. Thus when a tile is rotated, all players now have a
different value indicated on their edge of it.
Player A point of view:
Ectoplasm = 2 Coins
Player D point of view:
Mana = 3 Coins
Player B point of view:
Blood = 1 Coin
Player C point of view:
Titanium = 4 Coins
The game is played over a series of rounds, with each player taking their turn in clockwise order. The round always starts with
the player who currently holds the First Player token.
Move Your Gentleman
You may move your Gentleman figure one Location tile horizontally or vertically for one action. You may never move diagonally. If
your movement crosses a Barrier, you must pay 1 Coin or 1 Ether.
If you cannot pay, your Gentleman cannot move in that direction.
At the start of every round (except for the first), all players
receive 1 Coin.
On your turn, you may take any 3 actions from the list below. A
player can take the same action multiple times during his turn,
unless otherwise indicated.
Some Location tiles present a Barrier of thick fog on one
of their edges. A Gentleman is only able to cross this
Barrier by paying 1 Coin or 1 Ether. It doesn’t matter
whether the Barrier is on his current tile, or on the tile
he wishes to enter, if it’s positioned in the way of his
intended movement, it requires a fee to be crossed.
• Move Your Gentleman
• Rotate Your Tile
• Buy One Ether
• Sell One Ether
John Brown spends 1 action
to move one tile and pays one
coins to cross the barrier.
• Buy One Artefact
• Remove One Hourglass
• Request Coins
• Rotate Any Tile and Get Special Action
• E xit the Shadow Market
During your turn you can also perform the following free actions:
• Activate a Special Action card
• Pay the Shadow Master
Master Fox spends
1 action to move one tile.
Rotate Your Tile
You may rotate the Location tile your Gentleman currently occupies 90° clockwise for one action.
Step 3:
Rotate your tile 90° clockwise
Buy One Ether
You may purchase one unit of the Ether shown on your edge of your
Gentleman’s current Location tile by paying the cost (in Coins)
shown on the bottom side (as you view the tile) for one action.
Move the matching Ether counter on your dashboard up one slot
to reflect your purchase and give the coins used to the bank.
You may not buy an Ether if there is an Hourglass on your edge
of the Location tile.
When you buy an Ether, you must immediately place an Hourglass on your edge of that Location tile and rotate that Location
tile 90° clockwise (this does not count as an action).
Sell One Ether
You cannot buy an Ether on a tile during the same turn you sell
on that tile, even if the Ether types are different.
You may sell one unit of the Ether shown on your side of your
Gentleman’s current Location tile for the amount of coins shown
on the bottom side (as you view the tile) for one action. Move
the matching Ether counter on your dashboard down one slot to
reflect your sale and take the coins listed from the bank.
Step 1:
Pay 2 Coins to get 1 Mana
You may not sell an Ether if there is an Hourglass on your edge of
the Location tile.
After making your sale, you must place an Hourglass on your
edge of that Location tile and rotate that Location tile 90° clockwise (this does not count as an action).
You cannot sell an Ether on a tile during the same turn you buy
on that tile, even if the Ether types are different.
Buy One Artefact
Step 2:
Place 1 Hourglass on the Ether you got
If your Gentleman is on one of the four outer Location tiles, you
may spend 1 action to buy one card from the corresponding deck.
By paying the cost in coins shown on the bottom side of the tile
(as you view the tile) you may take an Artefact card and place it
face up next to you.
If you’re in possession of an Artefact, you cannot buy any more
cards from that same deck.
You may not buy an Artefact card if there is an Hourglass on your
edge of the Location tile.
When you buy an Artefact card, you must immediately place
an Hourglass on your edge of that Location tile and rotate that
Location tile 90° clockwise (this does not count as an action).
Secret Combination
The Secret Combination card you receive at the start
of the game indicates the type and quantity of each
Ether your Gentleman must possess in order to be
allowed to exit the Shadow Market. Having more of
any Ether than necessary is not a problem.
Remove One Hourglass
You may remove one Hourglass token from your Gentleman’s
current Location tile for 1 action. This Hourglass can be anywhere
on your tile, not just on your edge. Removing an Hourglass makes
it possible to buy and sell Ethers or Artefacts using that tile edge.
Ether needed to complete
the Combination.
Request Coins
You may only take this action if your Gentleman is at the Esplanade,
the central tile. Each player can only take this action once per turn.
If your Gentleman is the poorest in the game (with the least Coins
in his possession), you may request more Coins from the Queen
for one action. She graciously gives you 2 Coins. If you are tied with
another player as the poorest, the Queen only gives you 1 Coin.
1 Blood
1 Mana
1 Ectoplasm
1 Titanium
Note: Coins on a player’s Shadow Master Counter do not count
as being in his possession.
1 Blood
2 Mana
1 Ectoplasm
Secret Gate
The Secret Gate card you receive at the start of the game
indicates the Location tile where your Gentleman must
be in order to exit the Shadow Market and win the game.
That Location is in relation to how the player views the
board, with the arrows on the card facing forward.
Rotate Any Tile and Get Special Action
You may only take this action if your Gentleman is at the Esplanade,
the central tile. Each player can only take this action once per turn.
You may rotate one Location tile anywhere on the game board 90°
in any direction for one action. You also draw a Special Action card
from the deck, look at it and keep it face down next to you.
Note: If the Special Action deck ever runs out, reshuffle the discarded Special Action cards and form a new deck.
Exit the Shadow Market
The gray spot indicates where
the player must be placed
to exit the Shadow Market
If your Gentleman is standing on the Location of his Secret Gate, you
may spend one action to exit the Shadow Market. Show that you have
the 4 Ethers requested by your Secret Combination card and all 4
different Artefacts. You present them to the Queen and win the game!
Steam Lord's Decree (Blood, Ectoplasm and Titanium): Steal
one Artefact card from an opponent. You can never steal an Artefact you already own.
Activate a Special Action card
Gift of Faerie (Mana, Blood and Ectoplasm): Buy the Ether or
Artefact card related to your edge of your current Location tile
without spending an action or any Coins. Don’t add an Hourglass or rotate the tile.
At any point during your own turn, you may play a Special Action
card in your possession to activate the effect described in it. In
order to activate the card, you must possess the Ethers listed on
it. The Ethers are not spent, you merely have to possess them. The
card is then immediately discarded.
Pay the Shadow Master
At any point during your own turn only you may pay as many
Coins as you wish to the Shadow Master. The coins are placed in
the Shadow Master Counter area on the top left of your dashboard.
Each of the Special Action cards is explained here in detail:
Spectral Speed (Ectoplasm): Gain +2 actions to use immediately.
Favour of the Queen (Titanium): Immediately gain 2 Coins.
Important: A coin placed on the Shadow Master Counter cannot be taken back or used in any transaction.
Breath of the Titan (Mana): Take an opponent’s Gentleman
figure and place it on any tile on the board.
Ritual Invocation (Blood): Substitute an Agent of your choice
that is currently on a Location tile for a different one. Choose the
Agent that will replace him, swap their figures and also the position of their cards on the board. Note: This card can be played at
the very start of your turn, before the Agent’s power takes effect.
Gears Shift (Ectoplasm and Blood): Rotate two Location tiles
anywhere on the board 90° in any direction.
Fade Into Rust (Titanium and Mana): Discard all the coins an
opponent has on his Shadow Master Counter area.
Gift of the Dragon (Mana and Blood): When you next sell an
Ether, gain +3 Coins.
Wheel of Chaos (Titanium and Ectoplasm): Rotate the entire
game board 90° in any direction. This alters all the players’ buy/
sell values, Ether Expertise, and the position of their Secret Gate.
Ether Channeling (Ectoplasm, Blood and Titanium): Steal one
Ether of your choice from an opponent. His Gentleman loses one
Ether and you gain it.
Alchemical Drain (Mana, Titanium and Ectoplasm): Steal one
Coin from each player in the game.
If the Shadow Master token remains where it was from one round
to the next, nothing happens.
At the end of each round, once all players have taken their turn,
the player with the highest score on his Shadow Master Counter
gains the favour of the Shadow Master. He takes the First Player
token and places it on the top right slot of his player dashboard,
with the Shadow Master side facing up.
The player with the favour of the Shadow Master has the following privileges:
• He becomes the First player.
• He gains a 4th action on his turn (as long as he retains the
favour of the Shadow Master).
Tiebreaker: If players have the same score, the player with the
largest quantity of the Ether in which he has Expertise (ie. Red
side player - Blood) gains the favour of the Shadow Master. If
players are still tied, or if nobody has paid any coins, then the
Shadow Master token is flipped to its First Player side. The player
with the First Player token remains the first player, but no one has
the favour of the Shadow Master this round.
The player with the favour of the Shadow Master has the following obligations:
If the Shadow Master token is flipped up or moved onto a new
player’s dashboard, two things happen:
• He must place the Coin he receives at the beginning of
every round on his Shadow Master Counter area.
• A ll players empty their Shadow Master Counters, discarding the Coins.
• Once his Shadow Master Counter reaches 5 Coins, it must
be immediately emptied, discarding all Coins. This does
not mean he no longer has the favour of the Shadow Master, the figure is still his and he will keep it if his Shadow
Master Score is the highest at the end of the round.
• At the beginning of each round, he may move the Shadow
Agents on the board (see next chapter).
• Remove the figure of the oldest Agent on the board and
replace it with the figure of the next available Agent, in clockwise order.
Oldest Agent
leaves the board.
Next available
Agent takes
its place
The controlling player can increase their movement, if he so desires,
by burning Hourglasses from their Location. For each Hourglass
he discards from the tile in which the Agent begins his movement,
the Agent will move an extra tile (discarding Hourglasses in this
fashion is a free action). Hourglasses can only be burned from the
tile in which the Agent begins its movement, not from any tiles he
passes through. If any Hourglasses are used to boost his movement,
the Agent is obligated to move the total number of tiles he’s able to
(without moving back and forth on the same round).
They are ready to help and ease the task for the most generous
gentlemen. They are also more than ready to hinder their patron’s
If no one has the favour of the Shadow Master, the Agents don’t move.
Example: The Witch is on a Location tile with 2 Hourglasses at the
beginning of the round. The player with the favour of the Shadow
Master can burn both Hourglasses to move the Witch an extra 2 tiles,
for a total of 3 tiles. He could also burn just one Hourglass to have the
Witch move a total of 2 tiles, or burn no Hourglasses at all and either
move the Witch a single tile or leave her in the same place.
When the first trade is made in the game, take the figure of the
Agent whose card is on the first Agent slot and place it on the
Location tile where the purchase was made.
When the second trade is made in the game, take the figure of the
Agent whose card is on the second Agent slot, going in clockwise
order, and place it on the Location tile where this purchase was made.
Every time the Shadow Master token is moved onto a player’s dashboard, remove the figure of the oldest Agent and substitute it with
the figure of the next available Agent, going in clockwise order.
Each Agent has a different effect, affecting either the Location
tile he occupies or the Gentlemen who begin their turn in the
same Location tile as the Agent.
The Witch
At the start of the round, the player with the favour of the Shadow
Master may move all the Agents currently on the board. Each
Agent can move 1 tile (or 2 tiles in a 2-player game) in any direction, though not diagonally. They can never enter the Esplanade,
the central tile, and are not hindered by Barriers in any way.
Hidden amongst the common beggars
and tattered wretches in the Market’s
alleys is a bent and hungry hundredyear-old woman, lugging around her
amulets and oboe. Nobody suspects
her melodies can twist steel and set
glass ablaze, making everything
around her a deadly trap. In ages past,
improvised tribunals condemned
many a wizard and sorcerer to the
pyre. A few survivors fled to the kingdom of Oberon, hoping to
practice their sabbaths in peace. Instead, the fairies persecuted
them in ways more twisted than simple execution.
In case there’s ever a conflict between an Agent’s effect
and either another Agent’s effect or a Special Action
card’s effect, the prevalent effect is always the most
restrictive one.
For example, The Doctor prevents anything from
being bought or sold on his tile. Therefore, the Special
Action card “Gift of Faerie”, which grants a free purchase, cannot be used in that tile.
When she heard about the impending royal ceremony and the
expedition, she used all her powers to reach the Shadow Market
and intercept the expeditionary force responsible for recovering
the Artefacts. She knows they are indispensable to the Alliance
between Faërie and the UK. This alliance between her two sworn
enemies must be prevented by all means.
police took exception to this, however, and forced him to move his
practice to the Shadow Market, where a permissive morality and the
presence of many specimens made it much simpler.
Effect: If the Witch is on the same tile as your Gentleman at the
beginning of your turn, you must take one less action this turn (normally two instead of three).
The arrival of the Doctor is always preceded by the appearance of
his assistants, some gibbon apes. When this happens, the merchants
quickly close down their booths while the customers leave hurriedly.
No one wants to become the cold Doctor’s next specimen.
The Dandy
Effect: No player may buy or sell any Ethers or Artefact cards from the
Location tile occupied by the Doctor (other actions are not affected).
A cricket champion, an object of
desire for some, and of envy for many
others, the worldly Dandy was one of
the most popular men in London. This
accomplished nobleman led a double
life, however. To relieve his boredom,
he bent all his resources to elegantly
robbing the most important members
of London’s society.
The man once called “the gentleman burglar” by The Times
brought about his downfall the night he attempted to rob the
mausoleum of Imothep II in Trinity Square. Caught by the
­m inions of the Black Pharaoh and skinned alive, the thief was
then revived by the necromancers of the Cult and sent to the
Shadow Market. Deprived of his charm, his life, and even his
death, the Dandy carries his corpse along the Market’s alleys in
search of other gentlemen on whom he can practice his old hobby.
Effect: If the Dandy is on the same tile as your Gentleman at the beginning of your turn, you lose 1 Coin. If you have no Coins, there is no effect.
The Doctor
The Doctor was sent by the Order of
the Dragon to search for the “changgsheng bu lao yao”, the “elixir of youth”.
He came to study the promise of
immortality sparked by the appearance in London of extraordinary and
centuries-old species. He is an expert
in extispicy, an ancient divinatory art
that predicts the future by reading
the bowels of a person. The London
The Merchant
The man nicknamed the Merchant tirelessly strides along the alleys of the market and questions newcomers with frantic
bow strokes on his chipped and out-oftune violin. A legend says a powerful
Faërie mage, disgusted by this showman’s
unbearable stridency, cursed him to never
leave the Shadow Market. There is a grain of truth in this tale. This
satyr, despite his lack of musical ear, has an almost supernatural
gift for finding amazing deals at incredible prices nobody else can
match. The merchant guilds from the Kingdom of Faërie hired the
mage to get rid of this unfair competitor forever.
The Gate Keeper
The Merchant, as jovial as ever, rarely mentions this unlucky
event. He just continues urging on his new customers in a
booming way, under the angry gaze of the other vendors who are
already searching for a way to get rid of him.
Even the most stolid visitors to
the Shadow Market break out in a
cold sweat when they hear the low
beating of this reptile’s wings above
their heads. All activity ceases, and
a deadly silence falls over the Market
every time this creature pounces on
a customer and brings him away in
its sharp talons. This is the fate of
those who break the Shadow Master’s rules. Nobody knows how
this chimera, once feared and worshipped by the Mayas, came to
join the Shadow Master’s menagerie. When not actively enforcing
its master’s laws, the Gate Keeper flies above the Shadow Market,
feeding on the admiration of the spectators.
Effect: All purchasing prices are lowered by 1 coin on his tile (minimum
cost of 1). He also offers 1 extra coin for each sale you make on his tile.
Its past as a forgotten god makes it very sensitive to flattery.
Through obsequiousness, the cleverest customers may receive the
honour of being carried to the farthest areas of this secret bazaar.
Effect: A Gentleman on the same Location tile as the Gate Keeper
can spend an action to move to any other Location tile on the board.
The Lost Boy
Since the moment the Shadow Master gave the official order to
ignore him, the Market’s inhabitants have pretended not to notice
the Lost Boy. Still, the macabre show of this young boy and his skull
of a dead horse riding through the alleys
of the Shadow Market plays out to dumbfounded and disturbed newcomers every
day. Some have claimed that he is the fruit
of the forbidden love between an important
Member of Parliament and a soothsayer of
the Wheel, taken at his birth by agents of
the Cult to blackmail his illustrious father.
Others whispered how those necromancers, facing the tenacity of the nobleman,
made the equestrian scarecrow to frighten
his mother. Whatever the truth, all those spreading such rumors have
disappeared. Nobody claims to know how the Black Pharaoh compelled the Shadow Master to become the guardian of this innocent
victim of a power struggle among London’s secret organizations.
"- If you are looking for a rare and exotic commodity, the black
market in the East End dock seems entirely appropriate to satisfy
you, but if you practice the arcane or mechanical engineering and
you are looking for precious Ethers for your experiments, then the
nebulous Shadow Market is your only hope.
This puzzle of dangerous experiments, artefacts forbidden by
the laws of nature and morality, remains of wonderful creatures,
enchanted and forgotten materials that cannot be manufactured
in our world, and even things you cannot name, adorn the shelves
and forges of this secret market.
The whole apparatus of the Shadow Market freezes when he
appears, and the gates close down when he is nearby. The Lost
Boy cannot leave for any reason.
The legends about its supposed location are whispered in the
circles of initiates: Some scholars place it in the depths of London while others say it is on an astral plane on the borders of our
world, defying space and time. If your curiosity prevails over your
self-preservation, and you have enough resources to get to this
senseless bazaar, let me describe what you can expect:
Effect: The Location tile he’s on can’t be rotated under any circumstance, and can’t be used as a Secret Gate.
You will always appear on the "Esplanade”: This plot of land, lit in
the center by a ray of light falling from the dark and unfathomable
vault overlooking the Shadow Market, will seem the last civilized
place amidst a dark chaos of gears. And while your ears will try to
get used to the deafening clatter of neighboring platforms, the voice
of the guardian of the place, the Shadow Master, will penetrate your
mind to present you the tribute you must gather for him if you want
to be able to return to the place where you come from...
As soon as you move farther from the harbor to try to find your
precious resources, you’ll come across both wonderful and monstrous creatures and you will probably be harassed by hapless
predecessors, now trapped and enslaved by the Shadow Master,
nourishing the hope that they can redeem their exit fee through
theft and intrigues. Mostly at your expense.
You must understand, whatever sinister purpose forces you to
reach this sinister place, I beg you, find quickly what you want
and leave the area as soon as possible, since the slightest incident
can make you an offender for the punishing and quickly delivered
law of the henchmen of the Shadow Master. "
The game ends immediately when a player spends an action on
his Secret Gate tile to display the 4 different Artefact cards and
4 Ethers requested in his Secret Combination card. The quest is
fulfilled and he wins the game!
- Lewis Carrol, "Rorrim"(1881)
Master Fox soon despaired. He wished to cause no trouble, but
London’s strict codes of dress and behavior, its suffocating atmosphere and society, and the antagonism of its officials was simply
too different from Faërie. Living in his accustomed pattern of
petty theft and good-natured deception was much more difficult
and dangerous. To avoid becoming the first suspect in every
crime, Fox needed a job that allowed him indulge his predatory
nature without antagonizing his hosts. When Auguste Dupin left
for France, therefore, Master Fox opened his own detective office
and soon earned a reputation as clever sleuth.
Master Fox
Master Fox was banished from Faërie for betraying the trust of
Master Crow, king Oberon’s treasurer. When he first arrived in
London, he was an object of curiosity—a wise, talking animal in
a dirty human city. He quickly earned the authorities’ distrust,
however, when they discovered he could change his appearance.
He could not have made a better choice. His profession let him
explain his strange behavior. His background helped him understand odd disappearances and magic. His peerless instincts made
him a skilled hunter. His transformative powers let him change
his aspect at will to surprise his prey. All these skills helped him
catch many twisted criminals, and he quickly became the collaborator Scotland Yard needed the most.
Whispers say that Buckingham Palace has asked for his help
more than once to discover and neutralize other shape-changers that might try to infiltrate the queen’s household. His
prestige has allowed him to meet and flatter the most powerful
and wealthy citizens of London. He founded “The Friends of
Oberon” club with their assistance, a group dedicated to promoting cooperation between the British Empire and Oberon’s
kingdom. Fox often regales members and guests with nostalgic
memories of his homeland.
“The Friends of Oberon” Club
The detective hasn’t been fooled by the challenge of the Queen:
The claimed artefacts greatly resemble the elements traditionally
used in his original world to seal alliances between Courts... In
any case, it’s the chance the detective was waiting for - this success will allow him to get to the Queen and make her intercede
on his behalf with Oberon for his return to Faërie...
John Brown
The “Knights of Saint-George”, said to be to oldest club in London,
is composed exclusively of retired soldiers who share a belief in traditional definitions of valor and an extreme loyalty to the crown.
“Knights of Saint-George” Club
Legends say this club was founded during an ancient medieval
gathering, just as the West began spreading its rule and faith to
ungodly lands. In that glorious age, its member knights covered
themselves with honours defending the harbor of Askalon, on the
way to Jerusalem. Ever since, the sword their commander wielded
in that battle has hung above the club’s armoury and hall of honour, as if watching over the Knights' current master, Dean Brown.
The story of the dean is exemplary for many reasons. John Brown,
an ex-Royal Scots Dragoon Guard, fought across the breadth
of the empire. He earned his first decorations against rebels in
India, crossed swords and gunpowder with the Boer of South
Africa, and fought to conquer China in the second Opium War.
While chasing his routed enemies with a saber near the Pearl
River, Brown was captured by the troops of Empress Cixi and
secluded in a sordid prison in Canton. In these hellish conditions, gangrene took his legs. His jailers compelled him to “chase
the dragon”, hoping the opium would take his sanity. They did
not know John Brown. His iron will saved him from madness,
and he held on until British automaton troops reached the prison
in their brutal conclusion of the conflict.
monsters, walking dead, and Eastern schemers made his blood
boil. He had spent decades fighting the enemy all across the
world, while the true danger made its nest in Piccadilly Circus!
Now, while most other clubs compete in cowardly obsequiousness
to decline the challenge of the Queen, Brown immediately volunteered, sword in hand, to get the artefacts back… The Shadow
Market might be a deadly trap? Who cares! This is an especially
good way of getting a special audience with the Queen to raise her
awareness regarding the threats in the streets of London!
After his repatriation, Brown received numerous decorations
from the government and artificial limbs from the army’s
mechanical engineers. He had earned a quiet retirement, a
chance to write down his memories, but this did not suit his
temperament or his sense of duty. Seeing the capital overrun by
The once-magnificent Bengali harbor became a field of smoking ruins. As telegraphs around the world announced British
supremacy, the merciful queen ordered that the survivors be
welcomed and cared for by the crown. The engineers reported
with mathematical certainty, however, that there could be no
survivors. To their surprise, a tiny shadow emerged from the
ruins: Parvin Khan. Babbage himself, astonished by her survival, welcomed the small, wide-eyed, dark complexioned girl.
Parvin Khan
The British army never crushed so violent a rebellion as the one
that exploded in Bengal province. The insurgents blocked access
to the empire’s two vital resources: minerals and tea.
To avoid a dangerous precedent, the crown decided to send a message and dispatched a special army corps led by Charles Babbage. He
and his gang of engineers flooded Calcutta with infernal machines,
the most dangerous ever created by the brilliant and insane minds of
the Mechanical Brotherhood. The suppression became a slaughter.
“The Mechanical Siren” Club
On their return to London, Babbage entrusted Parvin to
the only female member of the Brotherhood: the Countess
Ada Lovelace. A brilliant mechanic, Lady Lovelace was also
the president of “The Mechanical Siren” club. In sad truth,
despite the matriarchal presence of Queen Victoria, most gentlemen could more easily accept the appearance of fighting
spirits, living dead, and other chimeras on London’s streets
than they could the idea of women doing anything more than
keeping a tidy home. The Sirens keep track of, and attempt to
recruit, scholars and freethinkers interested in changing this
state of affairs.
The Countess poured her heart in educating the young Indian
girl. By the age of sixteen, Parvin had become an expert in thermodynamics and a true suffragette. But when the young lady
first came before the Brotherhood to demonstrate her “Flying
Apparatus (MkI)”—its structure based on the anatomy of
­fairies—she was saddened to see her male colleagues moved by
her beauty rather than her achievement.
Now, if Parvin gets the artefacts the most important woman in
the Empire wants, she will prove bravery and wisdom are no
longer a monopoly of these gentlemen.
This masquerade has allowed Home to become famous without ever showing his face, a mystery that no living or dead
person can solve.
Sir Daniel Home
When recently the Maze was contacted to join the challenge of
the Queen, Home immediately understood that his mask would
resume service because the apparent frivolity of a competition
between clubs could only be the hidden part of a bigger plot... In
order to discover it, he must win!
“The Maze” Club
Uncanny entities and events abound in London—some
stranger than others—and the effects of their passing show
like scars on the city. Few give much thought to the damaged
and abandoned buildings, even the post office of Saint Pancras. Fewer still suspect that this ruin plays host each week
the meetings of the “Maze”, a club restricted to people who
can speak to ghosts. With great discretion, its members share
what they have learned from the dead. They seek a truth that
most mortals cannot grasp, but most are mediums of mediocre
skill. None of them, or anyone else, knows that among their
number walks Sir Daniel Home, the greatest medium alive.
London’s scientific establishment recognized and legitimized
spirit mediums twenty years ago. Since then, the words of
the dead have acquired validity in the law courts. Post-mortem witnessing and testifying have become common, and
affirmed mediums work in the best lawyers’ offices in the
capital. Home, just a young prodigy from Scotland when the
courts first admitted spirit testimony, quickly became famous
and sought after. Unlike most mediums, who can maintain
only a limited conversation with a ghost, Home and a few
others can compel the dead to tell the truth. His help proved
fundamental in so many crimes that he had the privilege of
writing his own stories in the police gazette.
However, spirits dislike being disturbed, much less being
forced by the living to do something. The wisest mediums
began wearing masks when practicing their art, so that the
summoned spirits would not recognize and haunt them. Sir
Home has thus, since the beginning of his career, worn his
leather mask even in public, for not only do hundreds of spirits
desire his ruin, but almost as many envious colleagues would
engineer his downfall, if they could.
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Thiago Aranha
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David Rakoto
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​The World of Smog: On her Majesty's service
First Edition: M
​ ay​2015
Each player:
• Gets 1 Secret Gate card
• Gets 2 coins
• Places 2 Hourglasses on the board
• Gets 1 Secret Combination card
• Gets 1 unit of the Ether of his Expertise
All players gain 1 Coin (except for 1st round)
Starting with the First Player and going in clockwise order, each
player has 3 actions to spend on the following tasks:
• Move Your Gentleman (one tile, paying 1 Coin or 1 Ether to cross a Barrier)
• Rotate Your Tile (90° clockwise)
• Buy One Ether (then place an Hourglass and rotate tile 90° clockwise)
• Sell One Ether (then place an Hourglass and rotate tile 90° clockwise
• Buy One Artefact (then place an Hourglass and rotate tile 90° clockwise)
• R emove One Hourglass (anywhere on your tile)
• R equest Coins (once per turn, on the Esplanade only. 2 Coins if poorest, 1 Coin if tied as poorest)
• Rotate Any Tile and Get Special Action (once per turn, on the
Esplanade only. Rotate tile 90° in any direction)
• E xit the Shadow Market (on your Secret Gate tile. Must have all Artefacts and all Ethers on your Secret Combination to win the game)
At any point during his turn, a player may perform the following free actions:
• Activate a Special Action card (must possess the Ethers it requires)
• Pay the Shadow Master (place Coins in your Shadow Master Counter)
• First 2 Agents enter the 2 tiles where the first 2 trades are made.
• At the end of round, player with the highest Shadow Master Counter
score gains his favour (tiebreaker: Ether Expertise)
• Favoured player gains First Player token, a 4th action each round, must place his free Coin on
his Shadow Master Counter and discards all Coins there once his Counter reaches 5 Coins.
• At start of round, favoured player may move all Agents on the board 1 tile (2 tiles in a
2-player game). May boost movement by burning Hourglasses from starting tile.
• W henever a new player gains the favour of the Shadow Master, replace the oldest Agent
on the board with the next available Agent, and empty all Shadow Master Counters.
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