Product Information DCM Video switch 4

Product Information
DCM Video switch 4-gang
Safety instructions
Assembly, installation, and commissioning must only be carried out by a qualified
! electrician
For work on systems with 230 V AC mains current the safety requirements of DIN VDE
0100 must be observed.
When installing DCM BUS systems the general safety rules for telecommunication systems in accordance with VDE 0800 must be observed:
separate cabling for high and low voltage lines
minimum distance of 10 cm for joint cabling arrangements,
use of separators between high and low voltage lines in joint cable ducts,
use of standard telecommunication cables, e. g. J-Y (St) Y with 0.8 mm² cross section
Suitable lightning prediction must ensure that a voltage of 32 V DC will not be
! exceeded at the DCM BUS wires a and b.
DCM = Door Communication Management
Device overview
Terminals for camera input 1-3
Hold terminal
Terminals for camera input 4
Output terminal
Step terminal
Technical data
Input voltage:
Permissible ambient temperature:
Input current:
+ 24 V ± 8 % (Power supply &control unit)
rail mounting device, 6 rail units
200 g
0 °C to 40 °C
I(a) = 0.4 mA, I(P) = 21 mA
The TK VU 4 REG is designed to switch between four video signals, which will be received
of one (or more) video indoor stations.
Up to 4 video switches can be installed in a DCM system. In this case the output terminals
(3-7) will be wired parallel. Please install the all video switches side by side in the distribution board to achieve the best camera image quality.
In an installation with multiple video switches, you have to finish all required program! ming steps before you trigger a bell button or start a communication. Otherwise multiple
video signals will be switched on at the same time.
Brief description
Automatic switching
Video inputs
Video outputs
to the triggered outdoor station
Cable connection
Wiring diagram
Wiring example
Video input 4 not connected
Program input as "unused" !
Video outdoor
station 1
Video outdoor
station 2
Video outdoor station 1:
AS-address = 01
program and lock
Video outdoor station 2:
AS-address = 02
program and lock
Audio outdoor station 3:
AS-address = 03
program and lock
• Install all of the devices of the system completely.
• Check the a, b and P wires for short-circuit.
• Switch on the mains voltage.
Please complete the full installation before you connect the system to
the mains voltage!
! • Do NOT connect V1 and V2 with the P-, M-, a- or b-wire. Even a connection for a
quick moment will destroy the device.
• When connecting the video wires V1 (+) and V2 (-) observe polarity.
If you can see a distorted image on the display, switch off the mains voltage and
change the wires V1 and V2..
Factory setting
The inputs S1, S2, S3, S4 are pre-programmed with the AS-addresses 1, 2, 3 and 4.
Device settings
You can program the video switch with the service device TK-SERVICE or the
commissioning software TK-IBS-TOOL.
Each outdoor station has to be assigned with an AS-address. The AS-address has to be
locked. Thus every door call transmitted the respective AS address of the outdoor station.
The video switch allocates the video inputs to the respective AS addresses. A video input
will be automatically activated with a triggered door call. The AS-address of the video input
has to comply with the AS-address of the outdoor station.
Video outdoor stations or cameras without outdoor stations have to be linked
! with available AS addresses from 0 to 30.
Please only use the function: "Connect camera input with video outdoor station".
The combination with audio outdoor station is possible.
! Link outdoor stations without camera with AS-addresses greater 31
and lock the programmed AS-addresses.
Connection of 2 video outdoor stations to the camera inputs S1 and S2.
• Assign the AS-addresses of the outdoor stations to AS=1 and AS=2 and lock
the AS-addresses ( with service device or commissioning software, see manual of outdoor station )
• Connect the outdoor station (AS=1) to the input S1.
• Connect the outdoor station (AS=2) to the input S2.
• Assign the unused inputs with " Input unused"
Programming with the service device TK SERVICE
• Assign and lock all AS addresses of the out door stations
• Assign the bell buttons of the out door stations with the serial no. of the respective
indoor station
• Assign the camera inputs S1, S2, S3 and S4 of the TK VU4 REG to the respective
AS-addresses with the function "Connect camera input with video outdoor station", if
factory settings have to changed.
• Assign unused camera input
NOTE: First assign and lock the AS-addresses of the video outdoor station.
Connect camera input with video outdoor station
Assign unused camera input
NOTE: Camera input 1 cannot be assigned as "unused".
TK VU 4 REG - Load factory settings
Ser.-Nr.M =
Seriial number ofr TK VU4 REG
Number of the camera input of TK VU4 REG (= 1 ... 4)
AS-address of outdoor stations for this camera input (= 0 ... 63)
Programming with the commissioning software TK-IBS-TOOL
• Assign and lock all AS addresses of the out door stations
• Assign the bell buttons of the out door stations with the serial no. of the respective
indoor station
• Assign the camera inputs S1, S2, S3 and S4 of the TK VU4 REG to the respective
• Select for unused camera inputs: Input unused
Acceptance of guarantee
We accept the guarantee in accordance with the corresponding legal provisions.
Please return the unit postage paid to our central service department giving
a brief description of the fault:
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44532 Lünen
Technique (DCM)
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