Wireless M-Bus USB Adapter with SMA connector

Wireless M-Bus USB Adapter with SMA connector
Key Features
 Wireless M-Bus interface for PCs and mobile terminals via
USB with SMA connector for an external antenna
 Range up to 800 m
 Communication via virtual COM port
 Wireless M-Bus according to EN13757-4:2013 standard
 OMS (Open Metering System) standard supported
 wM-Bus modes: S, T, R, and C
 In compliance with EU R&TTE directive
The AMB8665-M is based on the Wireless M-Bus radio module AMB8626-M providing a plug+play PC communications
link via USB interface. It allows PCs or service-terminals to communicate with electricity-, gas- or water-meters via the
wM-Bus interface. It simplifies the installation, the testing or maintenance of the radio-interface of data concentrators or
MUCs. The integrated microprocessor controls the entire data communication as well as block- and checksum-creation.
Data packets are built and transmitted according to EN13757-4.
The USB-adapter is versatile configurable and supports all operating modes according to the wireless M-Bus
specification. The quality of the radio link can be assessed by using the measured field strength, the RSSI value. The
graphical user interface of the free windows application „AMBER-ACC" allows for easy configuration of the operating
Combined with a suitable antenna it is possible to reach ranges about 800 m. It is also possible to operate the USB-stick
in a shielded environment (e.g. a steel cabinet), by using the AMB1982 antenna, by means of which it is possible to lead
the antenna to the outside via cable.
The device is connected either via a virtual COM port or directly via USB using the corresponding software API. The USB
controller (FTDI FT232R) supports USB 2.0 (full speed). The corresponding drivers may be downloaded from the FTDI
The software-interface is identical to the AMB8626-M and is described in the corresponding manual.
Scope of Application
The USB adapter is designed for automatic meter reading / smart meter reading applications according to EN13757-4
(wireless M-Bus). It is ideally suited for the easy integration of PCs, mobile terminals and service terminals into a wireless
M-Bus network for test and maintenance work.
Radio Technology
up to 800 m (S mode)
RF data rate
2.4 / 16.384 / 66.6 kbps
Frequency range
863.03 - 868.95 MHz
Channel spacing
868.03 MHz + k • 0.06 MHz k=[0.9]
868.30 MHz
868.95 MHz
Modulation type
* Range stated is assuming line-of-sight. Actual range will vary based upon destination device, antenna selection, and environment.
USB Stick with AMB1981 antenna *
*: The USB stick AMB8665-M also complies with the R&TTE directive when utilizing the antenna AMB1981
 2015 AMBER wireless GmbH
Ordering Information
Item no.
Wireless 868 MHz USB stick/adapter with SMA-connector
SMA antenna with swivel base
AMB8665-M-K Set comprising of AMB8665-M and AMB1981
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