AXIS Camera Applications
intuVision’s Axis camera embedded
applications provide intelligent video analytics
directly in the surveillance camera without the
need for additional hardware for analytics
The camera embedded analytics include
detection of general Activity, LineCrossing,
ObjectTaken, and ZoneIntrusion. All camera
applications are suitable for outdoor and indoor
camera views and best suited for light to
medium foot or vehicle traffic. intuVision
camera applications detect and track moving
objects in the camera view, such as vehicles or
people. They are easily set-up via a web user
interface and generate alarms when particular
event conditions occur; such as a person
entering into the specified zone or a vehicle
crossing the user drawn line.
When an alarm condition is detected the
application sends a trigger to the camera
software to generate events and various
actions. Please refer to the Axis camera user
guide for more details about supported actions
and configurations.
Camera Application Descriptions
Activity camera application detects moving objects within
a user drawn rectangle in the camera view. Activity can
be used to detect trespassing, presence of moving objects
in the selected area, whether it is people around a store
display or a vehicle in a docking zone. The area or the
“zone “ to monitor can be specified via settings, as well
as the zones for exclusion.
LineCrossing application detects moving objects passing
across a user drawn line in the camera view. LineCrossing
can be used to monitor foot or vehicle traffic and to
count people and vehicles entering and exiting an area.
The crossing direction can be specified to detect objects
moving left-to-right, top-to-bottom, both-ways etc., as
well as an object crossing the line fully or partially.
ObjectTaken camera application detects a marked object
in the camera view being removed from its location.
ObjectTaken can be used to protect valuable assets such
as art, wall monitors, or other stationary valuables in a
camera field of view. With zones, monitor up to four
objects in each camera view.
ZoneIntrusion camera application detects objects
entering into a user drawn zone in the camera view. Zone
Intrusion can be used the detect people entering or
exiting a building or intruding into a marked area, as well
as vehicles violating a restricted area.
Camera Applications Technical Specifications
Compatible Cameras
Axis Processor Chip (camera or encoder)
Compatible Event Spies
Activity, LineCrossing, ObjectTaken, and ZoneIntrusion
Activity, LineCrossing, ObjectTaken, and ZoneIntrusion
Activity, LineCrossing, ObjectTaken, and ZoneIntrusion
Integrated Devices and Systems
intuVision Panoptes Event Management system for logging, counting, event graphs and reports. Events from
multiple cameras or 3rd party devices can be compounded.
Event triggers for Panoptes integrated VMS’s (exacqVision, Milestone, Cisco VSM, Hikvision)
Configuration and Settings
Flexible configuration via web interface, requires Windows and IE.
Language: English.
Object Detection Settings
Sensitivity (percent detection sensitivity)
Minimum Object Size (height and width in pixels)
Minimum Object Age (in view in seconds)
Minimum distance moved (by an object in pixels)
Event Settings
Time Interval (between events in seconds)
Area Excluded (from event detection, for Activity)
Line-Crossing direction ( right, left, top, bottom, bi-directional)
Multiple Asset Zones (ObjectTaken)
Minimum Removal Time (an object is taken away in seconds, for ObjectTaken)
View Specifications
Camera view angles 90-45 degrees
Top view: 90 -70 degrees
Side view: 45-69 degrees
Field-of-view range: 10ft.- 150ft. for people, 50ft.- 250ft. for vehicles
Application Limitations
Camera Applications are not recommended for use in
very busy areas. Scene lighting limitations are
dependent on the camera used, please refer to the
specific Axis camera user guide for more details.
Weather conditions such as rain and snow may
degrade the camera applications’ detection accuracy.
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