CD Soundmachine
• Easy access keyboard
• Digital tuner with 40 station presets
• Autostore programming
• Dynamic bass boost
• Bass reflex speaker system
• CD-Rewritable compatible
• 20-track CD programmable
• Shuffle play
CD Soundmachine
Standard product information
CD player
Toploader with manual door
20-track CD programmable
Shuffle play
CD synchro-start recording
CD-Rewritable compatible
Repeat one/ all/ program
CD next/ previous track search
Digital tuning system
40 station presets
Autostore presets for quick programming
Direct preset input via Easy access keyboard
Telescopic antenna for FM reception
Internal antenna for AM reception
FM stereo
LW (only for Europe)
• Automatic recording level
• Full auto-stop
Sound system
Output power
2 x 1 W RMS
Dynamic bass boost
2 x 4” speakers
Metal speaker grilles
Digital up/ down volume control
Easy access keyboard
Well-known 10 button interface for easiest possible
tuner preset and CD track access.
Digital tuner with 40 station presets
Provides fast, accurate tuning to your favourite stations.
You can store up to 40 FM and MW stations in
memory for fast, easy access.
Autostore programming
Automatic programming of strongest available radio
Dynamic bass boost
An electronic circuit that enhances bass frequencies up
to 3 times to compensate for the insensitivity of the
human ear for bass frequencies at lower volume
Bass reflex speaker system
Acoustic system that enhances the upper bass tones
to provide a warmer, punchier bass sound.
CD-Rewritable compatible
CD player capable of playing all music CDs, including
CD-Recordable and CD-Rewritable discs.
• 4-digit multi-functional LCD
• Headphone/ line out
CD Synchro-start recording
One button touch will synchronize the start of a
recording on audio cassette and the start of a CD or
CD program.
4” Full-range speakers
For excellent sound reproduction across the entire
audio spectrum.
Full auto-stop tapedeck
Automatically shuts off the cassette deck at the end of
playback to avoid stretching the tape.
Repeat one/ all/ program
Repeats the current track, the total CD, or your
pre-selected program.
Stereo headphone socket
Supports stereo headphones for private listening
pleasure. Automatically switches off speakers when
4-digit Multi-functional LCD display
Displays CD player information (track, time, play
mode), tuner information (preset station, frequency)
and DBB on/off.
Stereo, 3.5 mm
Shuffle play
Plays all selections on a disc in random order, giving
you a new sequence of tracks every time.
Power supply
• AC/ DC operation
• Batteries
20-track CD programmable
Stores up to 20 of your favourite CD tracks for playing
back in your order of preference.
Digital up/ down volume control
Accurate electronic volume control with level indication.
6 x 1.5V, R14
• Product dimensions
• Product weight (kg)
• Package dimension
• Weight incl packing
405 W x 162 H x
232 D
475 W x 211 H x
260 D
Printed in Hong Kong 2001-11-12
Specifications subject to modification
without notice
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