Cable Tie Gun - Cable Ties Tension Tools

Cable Tie Gun - Cable Ties Tension Tools
Cable Tie Gun - Cable Ties Tension Tools
Quickly Tensions And Cuts Off Excess Strap without leaving a sharp protrusion that can cause snags, cuts, and
abrasions to cables, hoses, products, and users
Inexpensive, the AL-100 is the most cost effective for the occasional user. The tool is light weight, durable, fits into tight
spaces, quickly tensions, and cuts excess strap with a twist of the tool
Saves Time, the AL-200 automatically cuts off excess strap when the selected tension setting is achieved. Produces
consistent tension from tie to tie and saves installation time with one easy pull of the trigger
Durable, the AL-300 is designed for larger cable ties and manually cuts off excess strap with the squeeze of the cutoff
Stainless Steel Tie Tool, the AL-900 quickly tensions and cuts off excess strap automatically when tension setting is
achieved without leaving extremely sharp metal protrusions
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Part Number
Sold Individually
Cable Tie
Sizes & Type
Cut Off Type
18, 40, & 50 lb.
18, 40, & 50 lb.
120 & 175 lb.
100 & 250 lb. 304 & 316 Stainless Steel
Manual Twist
Manual Handle
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