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Secure Enterprise File Management
Today, many organizations require users to access files on different mobile devices, tablets and PCs. Users need
to collaborate and send large documents to external parties. EasiShare secures document access using any
device, any place, anytime both online and offline.
EasiShare introduces the solution for secure enterprise file management addressing mobility and BYOD.
The software empowers corporate users to send large files, back up desktop files, and share and sync contents
across desktops, web, and mobile. Corporate users can improve productivity without compromising data
control and security from using consumer file sharing services.
Interesting Facts
• 48% of small businesses with between two and
twenty employees have experienced data loss
• The median cost of downtime for an SMB is
$12,500 per day after a data loss disaster.
• 40%-60% of SMBs never re-open after data
disaster (FEMA)
• Enterprise tablet adoption will grow by almost
50% per year (Vertic)
• By 2020, there will be 40.9 billion wirelessly
connected devices in the market (ABIResearch)
• Only 23% of businesses back up daily (
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Secure • Mobile • Sync • Share
Secure File Transfer
EasiShare offers enterprise users an intuitive, easy-to-use user interface, making document sharing
and collaboration easy on multiple platforms. Sharing can be performed using MS Outlook, Windows
Explorer, Mac Finder, iOS, Android, WP8 or a web client.
• Large File Transfer: EasiShare enables sending of files and
folders up to 50GB.
• Microsoft Outlook Add-in: EasiShare Outlook Add-in
empowers end users to share large documents securely.
• Revoke Sharing: Cancel file sharing at a click anytime.
• One-Time Password: Secure sharing with documents sent
as secure links coupled with OTP protection.
• File Level Protection: Easily apply another layer of file level
encryption with personal key to all attached files.
• Shared Document Expiry: Access to shared documents
expires to minimize risk exposure.
• Notifications: With notifications from EasiShare, senders
will know when recipients have accessed the documents.
• SFTP Replacement: Receive large files securely from
external parties.
Smart Sync and Backup
EasiShare combines the ease of user-centric synchronization with controls and management that
enterprises require. EasiShare automatically and continuously synchronizes your files to your
storage, which acts as your backup. Document recovery is now fast and easy on any devices.
• Seamless integration: Intuitive user experience, as
easy as drag and drop documents into Microsoft
Windows Explorer or Mac OS Finder.
• Selective Sync: Select specific folders or whole drive
to sync.
• Continuous Sync: Documents placed in EasiShare
folders are continuously synchronized.
• Offline Mode: Documents edited when users are
offline are automatically synchronized when users are
online again.
• VVIP Folders: IT can define zones for highly confidential
documents access. Once out of the zone, documents
cannot be retrieved.
Secure • Mobile • Sync • Share
Enterprise Mobility
EasiShare native mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone, give users the ability to
securely access, create and share corporate files on any mobile devices, anywhere. With AES 256bit encryption on files, productivity is improved without compromising corporate security policies.
• Offline Document Download: Download documents and folders
for offline usage while adhering to corporate policies.
• PDF Form Filling: Create immediate annotation, and fill PDF
forms on the move.
• Create PDF Document: Save a quick note with rich interface (text,
drawings or images) to your storage drives directly.
• PDF Document Search: Get quick access to a particular section of
your content by performing a text search.
• PIN Lock: Application PIN lock prevents unauthorized access to
documents stored in EasiShare.
• Poison Pill: IT can prescribe document expiration policies for
mobile devices.
• Remote Wipe: Automatic decommission and wiping of documents
in the event of lost devices.
• Restrict Open-In: IT can set policies to restrict the use of email or
third-party apps that can store copies of document.
• Multi-Profiles: Create multi-profiles with ability to switch between
profiles to access documents from different organizations.
Centralized Administration
EasiShare provides a centralized admin console, and makes it easy for administrators to manage a
large number of corporate users.
• User Management: Import users from Active Directory
(AD) and configure their permissions and access to drives in
• Fine Policy Management: Flexibly manage and dynamically
update policies at all levels – OU, Group and User.
• Device Management: Revoke access to devices individually
and additionally remote delete all files associated with the
• Active Directory Integration: Eliminate the need to issue
different sets of username and password for the same user.
• Reporting: Reports are easily generated. Statistics on
application adoption, overall utilization, and document
activities are collated into a complete audit trail.
Ready to Connect
EasiShare readily connects to several storage providers whether on-premise, on cloud or even hybrid mode.
EasiShare can be 100% deployed
on the organisations internal
environment. EasiShare integrates to
the organization’s corporate Active
Directory for authentication as well
as storages that are located onpremise, be it Windows File Server
or SharePoint. EasiShare on-premise
can be deployed on physical servers
or VMs.
With the advancement in cloud
computing technology, EasiShare
is available to be deployed on an
IAAS or PAAS cloud infrastructure.
EasiShare can utilize the cloud
provider’s environment and cloud
storages, including load balancing.
Typically, EasiShare will be hosted
on VMs and if the cloud provider
permits, it can span across different
regions (to reduce latency to serve
the local users).
In today’s environment, many
organisation wants the best of both
worlds. They want the flexibility of
putting their domain controllers
and specific storages on-premise
but wants to enable low latency
to users across different offices in
different regions. In this aspect, the
deployment model for EasiShare can
be of a hybrid environment where
EasiShare sits in the cloud while
highly sensitive storage and Active
Directory Domain Controller resides
Windows File Server (CIFS),
Microsoft Sharepoint
Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft
Azure Storage, AWS S3
Any cloud storage with on-premise
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