Gigaset iPhone® Client

Gigaset iPhone® Client
The Gigaset client for iPhone® (or even just "iPhone client") is a native mobile
integration from IOS 4.1.
Stay as flexible on the go as at the office. The client for the iPhone® brings the
features of the Gigaset phone system to your iPhone®. You can reach customers with your company number while mobile. The entire iPhone® addressbook
is available. This allows the call recipient to recognize immediately who is
calling based on the familiar landline number, and the mobile number will
remain confidential, without needing to turn off the Caller ID.
Feature highlights:
• Display of the Gigaset call lists on the iPhone®
• Call iPhone® contacts on the Gigaset telephone system
• Display of voice mail messages on the telephone system
• Configuration of call diversions on the Gigaset telephone system
• Initiate call using keypad
• Up to four different dialing modes allow cost-effective call initiation at all times
Caller list
Dialing mode
When initiating a call from the call lists, contacts or via
the keypad, the app makes up to four different dialing
modes available:
Via callback
First the iPhone® is called by the telephone system on
the number registered in the iPhone® settings and,
then, the second call participant is called. The second
call participant is shown the configured number of the
Gigaset user rather than the mobile telephone number.
Mobile phone charges are incumbent on the telephone
system. The telephone system initiates two outgoing
calls to the user.
Via iPhone®
Here, the selected number is called directly using the
iPhone® without being routed through the Gigaset
telephone system. The number the call recipient sees is
that of the iPhone®. Obviously, internal numbers on the
Gigaset telephone system can’t be reached in this way.
Via telephone
In this mode, any device assigned to the user can be
used to initiate calls.
Via Call-Through
For this call mode an active configuration of the
CallThrough module on the Gigaset telephone system
is needed. Here, the number for the module that is
stored in the settings is called via the iPhone® and, as
soon as contact is established, the call is transferred via
DTMF. Should the Call-Through module answer this call,
it is transferred to the end destination number. In this
case only one outgoing call is initiated by the Gigaset
Telefone system.
Via Bria
Available only if the app "Bria iPhone® Edition" is installed on the device. If so, opens the Bria softphone
and transfers to the selected number. The call can then
be initiated via Bria. Internal telephone numbers can be
called if Bria is registered as an SIP phone within the
telephone system. The GIGASET system initiates outgoing calls for all other numbers.
Gigaset iPhone® Client
Listening to voicemails
Initiate calls to listen to voicemail
Irrespective of the call modes described above, when
listening to voicemails an outgoing call is initiated by
the Gigaset telephone system. The Gigaset Client for
iPhone® informs the Gigaset telephone system of the
data connection, which then initiates the call for both
On the iPhone® an incoming call from its own extension is signaled to the Gigaset telephone system.
Voicemails are only played when this is received. At
this point, a data connection no longer exists.
Gigaset’s new professional line provides businesses with
tailor-made, communication-enhancing phone systems.
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