Next-generation terminal provides EMV Chip card support, IP and

Wells Fargo Merchant Services
Next-generation terminal
provides EMV Chip card
support, IP and WiFi
capabilities with dial back-up
First Data™
FD130 Terminal
Payment types supported
The First Data® FD130 is an affordable terminal solution that combines
performance, reliability and ease of use in a compact, feature-rich device. In
addition, with new security guidelines coming soon, the FD130 prepares you to
eventually accept transactions when customers present an EMV chip card; that is,
a card embedded with a special microprocessor chip that adds an important layer
of security.
Business types supported
Retail, Restaurant, Quick Service, Petroleum1, and Direct Marketing (MOTO)
• American Express®
Product benefits
• Signature and PIN debit
• Easy installation — Get up and running quickly with the intuitive touch-screen
display for ease of use.
• Account number truncation compliant — Help protect your customers’ card
information from identity theft by truncating the account number and masking
the expiration date on customer and merchant receipts.
•EuroPay, MasterCard, Visa (EMV)
chip cards
• Fast connection — Supports WiFi, Internet Protocol (IP) with Secure Socket
Layer (SSL) encryption, plus dial back up over an analog phone line.
• Diners Club®
• Gift card
• TeleCheck warranty
•Telecheck Electronic Check
Acceptance (ECA)3
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• Allows simple paper roll replacement — 2.25"-wide thermal roll can be dropped
in place without feeding through slots and rollers.
• Large batch capacity — Stores up to 450 transactions.
• Contactless support — Process contactless payments from NFC enabled cards,
fobs, and mobile wallets.
• EMV — Prepare for EMV chip technology and new security guidelines that add
an important layer of security.
• Keep infrastructure costs low with a combination terminal, PIN pad, EMV Chip
reader, contactless reader and printer.
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Industry-specific features
• Security features for card-not-present merchants — Be alerted to possible fraudulent activity with Address Verification Service (AVS);
Card Verification Value 2 (CVV2); Card Validation Code 2 (CVC2), and Card Identification Number (CID) fraud services.
• Meet the needs of quick service customers — Quick service merchants can offer signature suppression for transactions under
qualified floor limits.
• Purchase card level I and II, business and commercial cards — Allows tax prompting on all Visa and MasterCard commercial cards.
First Data FD130 terminal features
• Touch-screen capability with 320x240 color display
• 16-button keypad
• True 32-bit processing (ARM9 32-bit CPU core)
• Bidirectional magnetic stripe reader, tracks 1, 2, 3
• EMV Chip card dip reader allows acceptance of EMV secure chip cards
• Swivel stand is an available option for an additional cost. Allows merchant to turn the terminal to the customer for card processing.
Operation highlights
• Intuitive touch-screen display for ease of use
• Fast terminal downloads using IP or dial-up, with WiFi as an option
• Terminal-initiated batch settlement
• Demo mode for training purposes
• Bar tab
• Comprehensive reporting: totals, batch detail, clerk/server, tip reporting, batch history
Security features
• PCI PED approved4
• Password protection
• Retail Address Verification Service (AVS)
• Account number truncation/expiration date masking on customer and merchant receipt copies
• Card verification support for card-not-present — Visa (CVV2), MasterCard (CVC2), Discover (CID)
• Capability to accept EMV chip transactions that enhance security
• Height: 3.5"
• Width: 3.7"
• Length: 7.87"
Connection type and speed
• Wired and Wireless (WiFi) Internet Protocol (IP) connectivity with dial back-up2; IP transactions approve in about 4 seconds
Batch capacity
• 450 transactions
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WEX and Voyager cards are supported for Petroleum Merchants on the Buypass Network.
The FD130 is certified for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Internet Protocol. Dial back-up requires analog phone line.
TeleCheck ECA requires additional Check Scanner peripheral. ECA is not supported in MOTO environment.
This FD130 is PCI PED certified. First Data products can be found on the PCI Security Council website “Approved PIN Transaction Security” under the manufacturer
name XAC Automation.
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