How to buy WordPower for TouchChat for the iPod/iPhone/iPad

How to buy WordPower for TouchChat for the
There are two ways to purchase WordPower for TouchChat for your iPod/iPad. You
can purchase it through iTunes on your computer or through your iPod/iPad. If you
want to download through your iPod/iPad, you must have a wireless connection to the
internet (wiFi). If you purchase it through iTunes on your computer, you must sync your
iPod/iPad with your computer before the application will appear on your device. If you
download WordPower for TouchChat through iTunes on your computer, it will be
considerably faster than if you download it directly to your iPod/iPad. Here are the
instructions to download WordPower for TouchChat using your computer:
1) Check the recommended requirements to run WordPower for TouchChat to ensure that the device on
which you intend to install WordPower for TouchChat meets these requirements.
Although WordPower for TouchChat will run on devices with the minimum
requirements, communication will be slower (e.g. iPod touch 3 rd generation vs. 4th
2) Download and install iTunes on your computer. If you do not have iTunes
installed, go to to download iTunes.
3) Create an iTunes Account. To create an account, open iTunes on your
computer. Choose the Store dropdown menu. Then click on Create Account.
If you have already created an account, you can click on Sign In and use the ID
and password for the account you created.
4) Next, you will need to search for Word Power for TouchChat. Click on the
Search box on the upper right side of iTunes.
5) Type in “TouchChat AAC with WordPower” and press Enter. You will see
iPhone apps and iPad apps.
6) If you have an iPod touch or an iPhone, you will need to purchase TouchChat
with WordPower.
If you have an iPad, you will need to purchase TouchChat HD - AAC with
WordPower. The “HD” version of TouchChat was developed to take advantage
of the larger screen on the iPad.
7) Once you have purchased the appropriate application for your device, you will
need to sync to your iPod/iPad. Syncing means that you add content to your
iPod/iPad. If you need to learn more abount syncing, you can use the tutorials in
iTunes. Choose the Help dropdown menu, then select iTunes Tutorials, then
Sync to Your iPod. In iTunes, you can choose which items you want to sync
(Apps, Music, Movies, etc.) Make sure that the checkbox next to Sync Apps is
checked and that the box next to the TouchChat app is checked. Otherwise, the
app will not be transferred to your device even through you have purchased it.
8) Once TouchChat is installed in your device, you can start it by touching the icon.
9) Once you open the program, there is one more step that is necessary to begin
using WordPower for TouchChat. There are several different vocabulary
systems built into TouchChat. To choose WordPower, click on the Vocab menu
in the upper left hand corner, then select Choose New Vocab, then choose
WordPower24TouchChat or Wordpower24wPhrasesTouchChat. The difference
between these two vocabularies is that WordPower24wPhrases incorporates
phrases and sentence starters in order to make language generation easier for
those that may have difficulty with a word-based system.
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