A Wiz-Lite Product 10/100Base-TX to 100Base-FX Supper

10/100Base-TX to 100Base-FX
Supper Converter
A Wiz-Lite Product
Dual speed 10/100M Super Converter
Transparent 3R* conversion and switch operation modes
Auto MDI, Auto-negotiation, force modes and flow control
Enhanced Link Verification features:
> Propagation Of No Link (PONL)
> Far end-Fault Indication (FEFI)
> Loop-back test
> Remote TP Status Indication (RTPSI)
Easy setup via external DIP switch
SFP and SC/ST versions supporting multi/single mode and
dual/single fibers
Fiber protector (/FP) version
Highly visible LED status indicators
External wide-range power supply
Desktop and wall mounting
The WL-240 Super Converter provids dual speed F/O conversion between 10/100Base-TX copper
media and 100Base-FX fiber media in compliance with IEEE802.3 standards. The converter automatically
selects the convesion mode: fully transparent 3R (Retiming, Reshaping and Regeneration) conversion
mode if the copper port locks on 100M, and switch mode if the copper port locks on 10M.
The enhanced link verification features: propagation of no link (PONL), far end fault indication (FEFI), loop
back test and remote TP status indication (RTPSI) assure fast installation, highly reliable operation, minimal
downtime and cost effective service.
The converter supports auto MDI/MDI-X, auto-negotiation (A/N) and manual selection of FDX or HDX
mode on the TX and FX ports, flow control (enable/disable) and enhanced link verification features.
The super converter is fully transparent to any frame size (including Jumbo frames) in transarent mode
and support large VLAN frames, upto 1600 bytes, in switch mode.
The fiber port is available with open SFP F/O port (atmost flexibility) or fixed SC or ST F/O conectors
for multimode (MM), singlemode (SM) and single-fiber links for distances of up to 100Km.
Eight positions external DIP switch enables easy setup of the converter
and link verification operation, including converter/switch mode, autonegotiate/manual, duplex, speed, flow control, PONL, loop-back
test and RTPSI.
Highly visible LED indications display the status of the converter
TP and F/O ports, as well as the status of the remote TP port
and loop-back test results provided the remote converter is a
WizLAN device that supports RTPSI and loop-back.
The WL-240 is a plug & play device that assures fast & easy
installation, operation and maintenance.
Typical Configuration
8x WIZ-208
8x WIZ-212
LAN to Home
Fiber to the desk
Technical Specifications
WL-240 10/100M to 100M Supper Converter
10/100Base-T Copper TP port (RJ45)
10/100Base-T, auto-negotiation or manual (speed, duplex)
Auto MDI/MDIX and polarity
100meter (330 ft) distance over CAT5 or above TP cables
100Base-FX Fiber Optic Port
SFP cage for standard 100M SFP transceivers OR
Fix F/O transceiver:
Dual fiber (SC or ST connectors, MM range 0-2Km; SM rang 0-100Km):
Multimode (MM) 1310nm
Singlemode (SM) 1310/1550nm
Single fiber (dual wavelength, range 0-50Km) :
SF-A (TX 1550nm; RX 1310nm) (SC)
SF-B (TX 1310nm; RX 1550nm) (SC)
LED Indicators (Green color)
- Power “ON” indication
- Link/Activity indication, LED per port
- Full duplex operation, LED per port
- FEF pattern received on F/O port, fiber por only
- 100M port lock, copper port only
Special feature Indications (Orange color)
Two, automatic operation modes: transparent converter that supports any frame
size, including Jumbo frames, if the copper port lock on 100M wth his link partner,
and dual speed 10/100M switch based converter if the copper port locks on 10M
with his link partner, maximum frame size is 1600 bytes (large VLAN frames).
Standard Compliance
IEEE802.3i, 802.3u, 802.3x
Operating Temp (°C):
Operating Temp (°F):
0 to +45
32 to 113
0 to +60
32 to 140
-40 to +85°C (-40 to 185°F)
10% to 90% non-condensing
Safety and Emission
CE, FCC part 15, EN60950
Loop-Back status and results (orange color on local TP LEDs)
Remote TP Status Indicators(orange color on local TP LEDs)
External wide-range switching power adaptor (EPS)
AC input:
90 - 264 VAC 50/60Hz (14-21 Watts max.)
DC output: 5VDC 2-3 Amp regulated, polarity:
Setup Options (via external DIP switch)
Module Dimension
Converter/port(s): A/N or Manual (force) mod; 10M or 100M speed;
FDX/HDX (Full/Half duplex); FC (flow control) ON/OFF;
Link Verification: PONL (Propagation Of No Link) ON/OFF
L.B. (Loop Back) ON/OFF
RTPSI (Remote TP Status Indications) ON/OFF
Ordering Information
WL-240/__/__/__ 10/100Base-T to 100Base-FX A/N supper converter ([fiber type], [connector type], [option], inc. EPS
Ordering terminology
WL-240/[fiber type]/[connector type]/[options]
M= Multimode, 1310nm, 11dB, 0-2Km
[ ] - Standard Temp. 0°C to +45°C
S= Singlemode, 1310nm, 30dB, 0-30Km
FP - Standard Temp. Fiber Protector
S1= Singlemode, 1310nm, 34dB, 10-50Km
( ) if SFP
ETR - Extended Temp. 0°C to +60°C
S2= Singlemode, 1550nm, 34dB, 40-100Km
ETR/FP - Extended Temp. Fiber Protector
SF-A/S*= Single Fiber, TX 1550nm RX 1310nm, 18dB, 0-20Km
SF-B/S*= Single Fiber, TX 1310nm RX 1550nm, 18dB, 0-20Km
SF-A/S1*= Single Fiber, TX 1550nm RX 1310nm, 30dB, 10-50Km
SF-B/S1*= Single Fiber, TX 1310nm RX 1550nm, 30dB, 10-50Km
* Single fiber dual wavelength, connects in pairs: SF type A connects to SF type B
SFP= SFP (open) cage for 100M SFP transceiver. It is recommended to use WizLAN approved SFP transceivers.
Note: for other fiberoptic distances and/or connectors please contact WizLAN representative
Example: WL-240/S/S/SC/ETR 10/100Base-T to 100BaseFX A/N super converter, SM FO (1310nm, 18dB, 0-30Km, SC), inc. EPS
All specifications are subject to change without notice. Neither manufacturer nor seller shall be liable for any loss, damage or injury, direct or consequential, arising from the inability to use the product.
Rev-1.0 7/12
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