Efficient on-line wireless optimization of diesel deliveries via cloud

Efficient on-line wireless optimization of
diesel deliveries via cloud service
Thomas Gillblad, M Sc.
Jens Johansson, M Sc.
Lund University, Sweden
Top Fuel, Sweden
The oil company Preem Petroleum in Sweden is installing a system developed by Top Fuel where transportable diesel tanks serving building sites and rental
Tank levels, events, GPS
companies are wirelessly connected to a cloud sevice, where software uses level data to manage the
deliveries of diesel fuel to the tank network. The sys-
Tank levels &
Sales orders
Tank truck
tem uses GEO and level data to aid the distribution,
Top Fuel
empower the end user, places orders and monitor
their status.
Distribution Company
The picture above shows the functions in the system. The
• elimination of product returns (previously 30%)
end users receive level information via an app informa-
• efficient route planning
tion via an app in their smartphones and the system also
• automated ordering process
provides statistics over deliveries made. The cloud server
• virtual elimination of human errors
interchange information with distributors ERP system and
• higher customer satisfaction
various road tanker planning systems.
• savings in administration manpower
• overall ROI 10 months payoff time
We solved this by applying a model to the local node system, where the different factors that translate inputs to outputs were described as follows:
O = F xI
= Oi parameters being tank status, GPS coordi-
nates, level, volume, battery parameter (type dependent).
I = Lj ; j = 1...15
Input parameters vary with tank type but include Max level,
effective level, offset level, notice level, order level, alarm
and empty level. Tank type and dimensions, tolerance (filtering type) position and sensor type.
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