mvoice 1000-b-a4版

USB/Bluetooth ConferenceSpeakerphone
MVOICE series speakerphone is specially designed to fulfill the customers’ increasing demand for
web-conferencing calls, hands-free calls and teleconferencing.
MVOICE 1000-B USB/Bluetooth speakerphone can connect to computer with USB cable for audio
and video conference based on internet application, or connect to mobile phone or tablet via
Bluetooth to realize wireless hands-free teleconference.
Highlights and features
Connect to PC via USB.
Connect to mobile device via Bluetooth
Three built-in 360° coverage microphones.
Hi-Fi sound quality.
DSP noise and echo cancellation.
Low power consumption..
1. Bluetooh
2. Mute speaker
3. Volume down
4. Volume up
④ ⑤ ⑥
5. Mute microphone
6. Battery level / Choose microphone
7. Speaker
8. Microphones
Connecting to PC or laptop
Plug and play, simply connect the MVOICE 1000-B to the USB port on your PC with USB cable.
Support Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows7/8/10 etc.
Attention: MVOICE 1000-B works excellently in web-conferencing via Skype or other VoIP software.
The PC can automatically recognize the MOVICE device, but you may need to choose MEETEASY
USB AUDIO in application software. For example, you would need to choose MEETEASY USB AUDIO
in Skype audio setting section.
Connect to mobile device
Press and hold (2secs) the Bluetooth button
until the light flashes blue. Enable Bluetooth on your
mobile device, and select “ Meeteasy ” from the list of available Bluetooth devices.The light turns
solid blue when the connection is established.
Turn off the Bluetooth function
Press and hold (2secs) the Bluetooth button
and then the Bluetooth function will be closed.
Answer /Reject a call via Bluetooth
Short press
to answer the incoming call, long press
to reject the incoming call. When in a
connected call or dialing, short press this button could hang up the call.
Attention: Press too long (over 2 secs.) would turn off the Bluetooth function.
Mute the speaker
Press the button
can mute the speaker, the button turns orange
Mute the microphones
Press the button
can mute the microphones all, the button turns orange
Increase the volume
Press the button
can increase the volume level
Decrease the volume
Press the button
can decrease the volume level
ON/OFF button
Turn the button to ON side, the MVOICE 1000-B can be powered by built-in battery.
ON/OFF state will not affect the USB charging and USB connectivity to PC.
Attention: Please keep it OFF to save battery power if the unit is not using.
Separate microphone selection
In normal room conditions, the reception distance can reach to 3 meters. Built-in three microphones
provides with 360-degree coverage.
For group meeting, all three microphones open can make proper audio reception of all participants.
In a conference room with weak sound absorption and strong acoustic reflection (particularly the
glass rooms), and the talker is far from the microphones, the microphones will receive the echo from
different directions, which is impossible to eliminate completely. The other side of the conference
may hear unclear voice. Speak close to the microphone and use only one microphone pointed to
the speaker can receive the voice more clearly.
button could turn on one microphone and mute two others in turn. The operating
microphone’ s indicator turns orange.
Charging the speakerphone
The speakerphone is equipped with a 700mAh battery, which would last for over 4 hours of talk
time. When the battery indicator
turns orange and flashes, less than 10 minutes talk time remain.
Plug the MVOICE 1000-B with USB cable to USB port on PC or charging adapter to charge the
System requirements
Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows7/8/10 etc.
USB version 2.0
Max volume
Speaker frequency
Microphone frequency
Power voltage
Power consumption
300mAh max.
Battery capacity
Operating temperature
Storage temperature
6ft USB cable/User Guide/Protective bag/Gift box
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