City of Hailey Bike Rack Standards

City of Hailey Bike Rack Standards
A single bicycle rack shall meet the following
 Support the bicycle upright by its frame in two places.
 Prevent the wheels of the bicycle from tilting or twisting.
 A U-lock should be able to lock the front wheel and the
down tube of an upright bicycle or lock the rear wheel
and seat tube of the bicycle.
Supports frame in two places:
Appropriate designs:
Two or more single racks may be mounted in a row
on a common base or attached in a row to a frame.
Inverted “U” racks mounted in a row should be
placed 30 inches apart on center, allowing enough room for
two bicycles to be secured to each rack and providing easy,
access to each bicycle.
Racks should be made of material that resists being
cut or detached using common hand tools. The rack should
be anchored so that it cannot be stolen with the bikes
attached. Racks that are large and heavy enough such that
the rack cannot be easily moved or lifted with the bicycles
attached do not have to be anchored.
Inappropriate designs:
Adequate spacing between racks:
Racks shall be placed so that they do not block the
entrance, inhibit pedestrian flow in or out of the building or
generally impede snow removal. If placed on a sidewalk or
pedestrian walkway, racks should be placed so that at least 5
feet of sidewalk width is maintained.
Where multiple racks are installed in rows with
aisles separating the rows the following dimensions shall
 Minimum aisles width shall be 48 inches. The aisle is
measured from tip to tip of bike tires across the space
between racks.
 Minimum depth shall be 72 inches for each row of
parked bicycles.
 Areas with a high turnover rate should have a minimum
aisle width of 72 in and should have more than one
Racks shall be mounted within 50 feet of the
entrance it serves, or as close as the nearest car parking
space, whichever is closer and shall be clearly visible from
the entrance it serves.
Creative, three-dimensional bicycle-parking racks
are allowed provided the criteria of the rack design are met.
When possible, bicycle parking areas should be
protected from the elements (rain, snow, etc.).
Hailey City Standards as amended by Ordinance 1003 – effective 04-02-08
Bicycle racks at building entrances:
Adequate spacing between rows of racks:
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