Edunet Parent Portal : How to Place an Order

Edunet Parent Portal : How to Place an Order
Step 1: In the address bar of the browser, type and click Purchase.
Step 2: Type in the Access Code THS2017 and click Enter.
Step 3: Choose a device and then click Proceed to Options.
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Edunet Parent Portal : How to Place an Order
Step 4: Choose any options to you wish to add to your order, then click Proceed to Family Details.
Step 5: Fill out Family Details and read Terms and Conditions, then click Proceed to School IT Policy if you agree.
Step 6: Read the school’s Acceptable Use Policy with your child, agree and click Proceed to Payment.
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Edunet Parent Portal : How to Place an Order
Step 7: Review your order information and payment options, click Proceed to Payment Selection.
Step 8: Select a payment option and click the relevant button to proceed.
Step 6: After you have completed payment you will receive an order confirmation. You will also receive a tax
invoice and order confirmation emailed to you. Follow any further instructions and await delivery.
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What you need to have ready for zipMoney
zipMoney is the finance option available if you wish to pay your device off. There is no deposit
required and the application process is all online. You get 12 months interest free with up to $2,000
credit. You will be charged a $99 account establishment fee and $4.95 a month whilst you have an
outstanding balance. The interest rate is 19.9%. When you go through the portal, the weekly figure
that we give you in the shopping cart is the repayments you will need to make to pay it off within
the interest free period.
What do I need to apply for zipMoney?
You need to be an Australian resident, 18 years or over and have a job to apply. The things you
need to have ready are:
• Your personal and residential details
• Your ID number, either Drivers License or Medicare Card
• Internet Banking Details - zipMoney will securely connect to your bank to access a read-only
copy of your bank statement
• Your Debit Card or Account details to schedule flexible repayments
Please note all your financial and personal information is stored securely utilising bank-level
Why do I need to provide my bank login information for zipMoney?
The banking verification process allows zipMoney to securely confirm/verify your application in real
time. The instant banking verification process is completely safe and secure. zipMoney does not
see or store your credentials and receives ‘read only’ summary information regarding your recent
What is the alternative if I am not comfortable completing the bank login step for
If you are completing the application on a PC, there is an alternative upload option located just
below the bank login step. You have the option to upload a copy of your bank statement which will
allow you to proceed through to completion of the application. If you don’t wish to do this, you will
need to return to the Edunet portal and choose an upfront payment method.
How do I get in touch with zipMoney?
You can contact zipMoney Customer Care on Monday-Friday between 9am and 6pm on (02) 8003
4322. Alternatively, you may email them
When will zipMoney start taking payments?
zipMoney won’t start debiting your account until after your device is delivered.
I have been declined for zipMoney. Now what do I do?
Is there someone else who may be able to take up the finance plan for you? Otherwise, the only
other option is to pay it upfront.
For more information please visit
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