Mounting solutions for POS technology

Mounting solutions
for POS technology
Ergonomic, flexible and space saving
Improves security of technology
Enhances comfort and efficiency
when space matters
SpacePole® Essentials what retail demands
SpacePole Essentials is a product range
that retailers demand. SpacePole Essen-
appropriate for technology partners and
tials confirms SpacePole’s position as the
end users alike. SpacePole Essentials of-
preferred technology mounting solution,
fers a diverse and comprehensive range
currently installed in 60% of the top 50
of features and functionalities configured
global retailers.
from standard parts and accessory ranges
suitable for all POS, POP and in-store
There are more than 1.5 million SpacePole
retail applications.
solutions installed in a broad variety of
retail environments and for multiple POS
The concept behind SpacePole Essentials
hardware applications worldwide.
is very straightforward and only requires
you to SELECT your VESA mounting and
Over the years, we have conducted and
required functionality, PICK the cable
managed numerous projects with global
managed peripheral swing arm and
retailers, which have given us exceptional
finally MATCH your peripheral hardware.
insight into customer requirements,
ergonomics and functionality features.
SpacePole Essentials has been developed
Our skills and know-how enable us to
from extensive knowledge creating a
continuously improve and develop our
range of standard products that deliver
products and ensure they stand out from
the functionality, quality and features
the remaining products on the market.
The challenges of integrating technology with existing or new furniture can
cause problems for almost every retailer. SpacePole provides a universal
solution by placing the equipment on a unique, modular system of plates and
poles, improving the ergonomics at the checkout, enhancing the safety of
the hardware and reclaims valuable counter space.
The idea behind SpacePole Essentials is
to simply follow the steps and SELECT
your VESA solution; PICK your peripheral
solution and MATCH this with your peripheral hardware to configure the ideal
VESA solutions
retail solution.
The SpacePole Essentials VESA solutions
feature nine core products configured
What retail demands
from standard parts. All solutions are
Over the past 15 years, Ergonomic
VESA compliant and feature e.g. tilt,
Solutions has supplied global retailers
rotation, height adjustability and cable
with the best and most ergonomically
management. The VESA solutions suit
advanced mounting solutions on the
the majority of technology mounting
market. Our experience and expertise
requirements and applications.
within the field of technology mounting
and the retail industry position us among
Peripheral solutions
the elite of manufacturers and suppliers.
The SpacePole Essentials peripheral
The SpacePole Essentials product range
range provides the flexibility to build and
has been developed from extensive
configure a variety of mounting solutions
knowledge creating a range of products
enhancing retail technology require-
that deliver the functionality, quality and
ments, consisting of cable managed
features that retailers demand.
swing arms, printer plates, customer
display adapters and VESA displays.
SELECT your VESA mounting
PICK a peripheral swing arm
MATCH your peripheral hardware
SpacePole® Essentials overview
SpacePole® Essentials VESA solutions
Screen top mount
Height adjustable
Elbow arm
Wall mount straight
Wall mount angled
Floor mount
SpacePole® Essentials peripheral solutions
Swingarm peripheral
Swingarm DuraTilt
SpacePole® Essentials technology peripherals
Customer display
VESA display
MultiGripTM plates
Ergonomic Solutions owns all distribution and intellectual property rights to the Ergonomic Solutions corporate brand, as well as its brands SpacePole®, SpacePole Light®, SpacePole
Essentials®, DuraTilt®, SafeGuard™ and MultiGrip™.
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