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What do the icons mean?
High Definition Viewing Quality
Yale Smart HD CCTV allows you to stream video in high definition resolution.
Number of Cameras in your CCTV Kit - Yale offer a range of CCTV Kits which are available in a
number of formats. This will indicate how many cameras you should expect to find in the pack.
Night Vision
Day & Night Vision - Yale CCTV cameras offer the availability to record in colour during the day and
switch to black & white at night by using the cameras built in infrared LED’s (IR). These will cover a
range of distances and be specified within the logo.
Weather Resistant - This icon indicates whether the Yale CCTV cameras are suitable for use
outdoors. If the cameras are suitable they will be given an IP rating which will indicate if they are
weather resistant or weather proof.
TV / Monitor Connections - Yale DVR’s and cameras are able to connect to your TV or monitor
through a number of connections. This can be via HDMI or VGA connection.
Number of Channels playback - This will indicate the number of camera streams you are able to
view on screen at once.
Size of Storage - Smart HD CCTV kits include DVR’s with a pre-installed Hard disc drive (HDD).
USB Backup - Yale Smart HD CCTV kits allow you transfer recorded footage onto a USB Flash Drive.
This will allow you to transfer data on to a PC or pass onto relevant bodies if required.
Remote Viewing - View your CCTV footage live on your Smartphone or tablet from any remote
location as long as your device is connected to Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G. You can also view on your PC using
your web browser.
Installation - All Yale products come with the required wires, fixtures and fittings for DIY installation.
What is a DVR?
A DVR (Digital Video Recorder) simultaneously monitors and records video footage from a number of cameras
connected to the recording device. Video images captured are recorded and stored to a hard disc located inside the
DVR. This can be easily displayed on a standard television or monitor. Yale DVR’s can be connected to the internet to
allow viewing from your Smartphone or tablet1, via the Yale CCTV app.
A Hybrid DVR is a recording device that can accept more than one type of video signal input. The most common video
signals used today are analogue BNC & IP network cameras. The advantage of having a Hybrid DVR is the ability to use
analogue cameras, while adding IP cameras to areas that need more detailed monitoring through better image quality.
What is recording & playback resolution?
When you are searching for a standalone digital video recorder you will see different types of recording and playback
resolution. These could be for HD720/ HD1080.
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How do I connect the Yale DVR recorder to a TV Monitor?
Yale DVR’s have the following video outputs, HDMI or VGA, allowing
you to view your CCTV system on a number of different types of TV’s
or monitors.
VGA output allows you to view your CCTV system on your PC monitor
or LCD, LED TV provided it has a VGA input port. HDMI allows you to
view your CCTV system on LCD, LED or Plasma TV providing it has
a HDMI input. HDMI allows you to view video in high definition up to
1080p resolution.
How many cameras can I install?
The number of extras cameras available is dependant on the model of
DVR purchased.
Can I back up my footage via USB?
Yale DVR’s have the function to transfer saved footage from the hard
disc drive to a USB flash drive. This will help prevent the need to
unplug the DVR should you need to show required authorities any
suspect footage, thus helping give 24/7 continued surveillance.
How do I connect the DVR to the internet?
The DVR should be connected to the internet router using an ethernet
cable (supplied in all Yale CCTV kits).
What is the difference between Bullet,
Dome, PTZ and IPcameras?
Bullet Cameras – Bullet cameras are designed to be aimed at a fixed specific location, such
as a door, driveway, room, office, shop counter, etc. Bullet cameras are suitable for indoor &
outdoor use.
Bullet Camera
Dome Cameras - are more discrete than an ordinary bullet camera. They are designed
for ceiling mounting and mainly indoor use. Dome cameras make it hard to work out which
direction the camera is pointing due to a hidden lens.
Pan, Tilt, Zoom (PTZ) Cameras – PTZ are motorised cameras that can be controlled via a
hybrid DVR or Smartphone app. They aren’t limited to monitoring at the area they were pointing
at, but Instead they can pan around, tilt up and down and zoom in and
out, helping to provide maximum coverage.
Home View Cameras – Yale Home View Cameras offer peace of mind by allowing you to
view inside your home from your Smartphone or Tablet whenever you have a 3G/4G2 or WIFI
connection, with no monthly fee. View, listen and record live images and video using the Yale
Home View App, with optional back up to SD Card (not included) or Dropbox3. These cameras
can also connect to and Yale CCTV Systems and be viewed via the Yale CCTV App.
Dome Camera
PTZ Camera
Understanding HD
HD refers to a level of detail on screen that provides more fluid video and more vibrant colours.
HD is defined by the number of pixels on the screen. A pixel is the smallest visible element on
a display, the ‘dots’ that make up the picture. The more pixels on the screen, the higher the
definition of the image.
IP Camera
What is ‘infrared’ night vision?
Infrared (IR) night vision allows your CCTV camera to see
in the dark. This is achieved by using the cameras builtin IR LED’s. The infrared light provides the illumination
required to capture the images in total darkness or lowlight conditions.
Yale CCTV Cameras cover a range of up to 30m night
vision depending on the model you choose.
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What does ‘Weather Resistant’ mean?
Weather resistant or weather proof cameras can be used outdoors. We recommend these are
shielded from direct sunlight, rain, snow and wind. The cameras power supplies must NEVER be left
exposed. Always refer to the Yale manual or packaging for information on the weather resistance or
temperature tolerance levels.
Can I view on my Smartphone, Tablet or PC?
Yale DVR’s and IP cameras have the ability to view and monitor from Smartphone & tablet devices.
For compatibility please visit the product section at
Linking your IP camera to your Yale CCTV System
This Yale Home View Pan Tilt Zoom Camera can connect wirelessly to a Yale Hybrid DVR as part of
your Smart Home CCTV System. This will allow you to record video from your Home View Camera
on to your Yale Hybrid DVR Hard Drive.
Extending Your Yale System
Additional HD External Camera
iOS 9 +
Smart HD CCTV System
Android 4.4 +
Yale CCTV App
Phone not included
Additional HD Indoor Camera
CCTV/Alarm Link Adaptor
Home View
Home View Pan
Tilt Zoom Camera
Keyless Connected
Smart Lock with
Yale Module
Keyfree Connected
Smart Lock with
Yale Module
Your Yale Smart HD CCTV System can be part of a complete Yale Smart Home Security System,
connecting Smart Locks (with Yale Module), EF Series Alarms and CCTV together with control through the Yale CCTV App*.
The Hybrid DVR also allows you to connect Yale Home View IP cameras to your CCTV system.
*Connectivity requires a Yale CCTV/Alarm Link Adaptor, which simply plugs in to a USB slot on the CCTV Hybrid DVR.
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Can I add more cameras to my system?
Yes, dependant on the model of your DVR you can either
add an additional 2 or 4 cabled BNC cameras, or add IP
cameras via WiFi.
Will my cameras work at night?
Yes, all Yale cameras have infrared night vision and are
equipped to function at night.
Do the cameras record in colour or black and
Colour in the day, black and white in low light conditions
(When infrared night vision is activated)
Are the cameras wireless?
Yale CCTV cameras are currently wired. However the
Home View cameras are wireless.
Can I view my camera feeds on my phone?
Yes, providing your DVR is connected to your home
broadband you can view footage via the Yale CCTV App
when connected to WiFi or 3G/4G.
Can I link my Yale alarm and Yale CCTV kit
Yes, you will need to purchase the CCTV/Alarm Link
Adaptor and follow the instructions provided.
Can I link a Yale connected Smart Lock and Yale
CCTV kit?
Yes, you will need to purchase the CCTV/Alarm Link
Adaptor and follow the instructions provided.
Will my system work with ‘non Yale’ cameras,
and will Yale cameras work on the other CCTV
This will depend on the individual camera specifications.
Please check the specifications before purchasing. We
recommend purchasing Yale cameras to ensure these
are compatible with your system.
Can I increase the storage on my DVR?
Yes, all Yale Hybrid DVR Hard drives can be upgraded to
a maximum of 4TB storage.
Will HD1080 cameras work with a HD720 system?
You can use HD720 cameras with HD1080 DVR, but not
the other way around.
Can I backup the footage from the DVR?
Yes, via the USB port on the back of the DVR.
How many days recording will I be able to have on
my system?
This varies dependent upon the number of cameras
simultaneously recording at any one time, and at what
level of quality/detail they are recording.
Can I add Home View cameras to my system?
Yes, on DVRs marked as ‘HYBRID’.
Can you buy extension cables for the cameras?
Yes, please visit your local stockist or www.yalestore.
What is the maximum possible distance between a
camera and the DVR unit?
Yale recommends using the longer the 30m cable for
optimum picture quality.
How do I connect my CCTV system to my TV?
Via the HDMI/VGA Ports on the back of the DVR.
App available via iOS or Android. Currently not supported on Windows phones.
Be aware data charges will apply when operating Yale app via 3G/4G connection.
2GB of cloud storage is available free with Dropbox. Additional cloud storage can be purchased. Info accurate at time of publishing.
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Home View Camera FAQ’s
Do I need to be connected to WIFI?
No, the camera can also connect using a standard
Ethernet cable.
I am having problems connecting via WIFI?
Make sure your phone is connected to a 2.4GHz
(802.11b, 802.11g or 802.11n) WiFi network before you
start the connection.
I have connected via Ethernet cable but cannot get
WIFI to work?
To move from a wired network to WiFi you will need
to delete the camera from your account, reset it to the
factory settings and set it up as a new camera.
I have forgotten my user account / password.
You can reset your password by entering your email
address on the Forgot Password form.
How can I restore my camera to factory settings?
Delete the camera from your account and then hold
the reset button on the bottom of the camera for 10
Can my whole family log in to the same camera?
Yes, anyone can log in using the same username/
password as the main user.
Drop box settings option is greyed out/ not
To use the Dropbox feature you must insert a MicroSD
card in the camera.
Can I link to more than 1 drop box account?
No, the software will only allow you to upload images to
a single account. However, you can then share the folder
with other Dropbox users.
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