Flexible input/output modules
for system integration
Features & Benefits
• Modular system comprised of
processor module, relay module,
open-collector output module
and dry-contact input module
• Processor module:
• Hosts Silver network
communications card
• 8 relay outputs
• 8 dry-contact inputs
• UltraLink expansion port for adding
up to 8 expansion modules
• USB configuration port
• Comm/power fail relay
• Supplies power to connected
• Relay output module with 32 relay
• Open-collector output module with 32
• Dry-contact input module with 32
• For each processor module a total of
up to 272 I/O points can be controlled
• Cable interconnection for power and
communication to expansion modules
• All modules are DIN-rail mount, 35 mm
(1.38 in) “top hat” section
• Swing out DIN-rail with protective
cover for 19” rack
• Optional DIN-rail power supply
• All input/output connections via
removable terminal blocks
• Rated for indoor and outdoor use
UltraLink Input/Output (I/O) modules are hardware components that provide a
range of system integration options. UltraLink I/O modules connect to Senstar’s
Silver Network™ and provide a range of I/O types, including outputs (relay,
open-collector) and supervised dry-contact inputs. UltraLink outputs can be
used to transmit alarms from Senstar’s family of networked sensors using only
Senstar’s Network Manager (NM) software. For more sophisticated applications
UltraLink I/O modules can be controlled by Senstar’s StarNeT™ 1000 Security
Management System (SMS) or Alarm Integration Module (AIM) software.
UltraLink I/O modules are used to receive and/or transmit alarm information
as part of an integrated security system. Applications include:
•Converting sensor alarms collected over Senstar’s Silver Network to relays or
open-collector outputs for input to a third-party Security Management System
•Collecting auxiliary sensor alarms with dry-contact inputs for display with AIM or
the StarNeT 1000 Security Management System
•Use with AIM or StarNeT 1000 for sending camera commands to video
switcher/Video Management System (VMS) via relays or open-collector outputs
Networked Sensors
Auxiliary I/O
Network Manager
Module or
NMS Direct
UltraLink I/O modules for relay integration to SMS
UltraLink I/O modules are installed as part of an overall Silver
Network configuration. The processor connects to the Silver
Network via a Silver Network communications card. Up to 8
UltraLink expansion modules can be attached to one processor
module. As with other Silver Network devices (such as OmniTrax,
XField, FlexZone, and UltraWave), all communications with
the UltraLink processor is managed by the NMS software.
The controlling logic to determine the state of the I/O
points (i.e., which relay should be active when) can be
provided in different ways, including via the StarNeT
1000 SMS, AIM, NMS direct output control capability, or
the built-in the Network Manager mode (NM mode).
Senstar’s Windows®-based Universal Control Module
(UCM) software is used to configure the operation of the
relay outputs, open-collector outputs, and dry-contact
inputs. The UCM supports direct USB connections to the
UltraLink processor or IP connections via the NMS.
NM mode automatically assigns sensor alarms to UltraLink
outputs (for networks of up to 9 sensors). No NMS software,
computer, or gateway hardware is required. For each sensor, NM
mode assigns up to 8 sensor outputs (e.g. alarms, dry contact
inputs) to 8 UltraLink outputs (relay or open-collector). NM mode
also assigns up to 8 UltraLink inputs to 8 sensor inputs (e.g. relay
control states, self-test inputs, audio select). The 8 inputs/outputs
from the first sensor are assigned to the I/O of the UltraLink
processor, the next 4 sensors are assigned to UltraLink input/
output card #1, and the last four sensors to input/output card #2.
• 4 source voltage connections, each routed to 8 open-collector
high-side contacts
• Configurable activation type (latching, flash mode, pulse) and timing
(0.125 to 10 seconds)
• LED indicator for each output
Dry-contact input module
• 32 dry-contact inputs
• Programmable options:
• Input activation: NO or NC
• Supervision types (none, single, double) and resistor values
• Required input activation time
• Noise tolerance and line drop allowance
• Two LEDs per input: alarm, supervision
• Full lightning protection: trazorbs and gas discharge devices on each
Common µltraLink module specifications
• Mounting: dual locking tabs for 35 mm DIN-rail dimensions, all modules
(W/H): 160 x 118 mm (6.3 x 4.65 in)
• All connections except USB made with removable screw-terminal
connector; with a high/low terminal arrangement to ease wire routing
• Environment:
• Temperature: –40 to 70 ºC (–40 to 158 ºF)
• Relative humidity: 0 to 95% non-condensing
• Conformally coated
Swing-out DIN-rail specifications
• 19” rack-mount swing-out mounting plate with 35 mm DIN-rail front and
• Each DIN-rail can host 2 UltraLink modules with approximately 3 inches
of rail-space for other components (e.g. power supplies and/or network
interface devices)
• Cover plate provides mechanical protection
• Hosts one Gen2 Silver Network communications card
(EIA-422, multi or single-mode fiber optic, or Ethernet)
• Expansion port for up to 8 Ultralink expansion modules
• USB configuration port
• Programmable fail relay
• 8 relay outputs
• 8 dry-contact inputs
• Operating voltage: 12 to 48 VDC
• Supplies power to connected modules
Relay output module
• 32 relay outputs
• Form-C, 1A, 30 VAC/DC non-inductive load
• Configurable activation type (latching, flash mode, pulse) and timing
(0.125 to 10 seconds)
• LED indicator for each relay
Open-collector output module
• 32 open-collector outputs
• Source voltage for outputs provided
• Up to 48 VDC, 100 mA maximum ‘on’
Power supply
• 35 mm DIN-rail mount
• 115/230 VAC input, 24 VDC output at 40W
UltraLink processor module
UltraLink dry-contact input module
UltraLink relay module
UltraLink open-collector output module
UltraLink swing-out DIN-rail
UltraLink link cable for linking back to back modules or those on different rails, 58 cm (23 in)
Power supply
See UltraLink Sensor Integration datasheet for information on UltraLink software and
Silver Network components
Open-collector output
circuit diagram
ISO 9001:2008 - CGSB Registered Certificate 95711 - Canadian manufacturing facility only.
Version: DAS-E6/C-IN-R6-E-02/15
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