Black Diamond® goes big. Introducing the world`s largest ambient

Black Diamond 1.4
Black Diamond® goes big. Introducing the world’s largest ambient light rejecting
screen, with the world’s most advanced and highest-rated ambient material.
Video Wall.
Going Small to Go Big.
Our award winning Black Diamond® has been touted as the best
material that money can buy, however that comes with limitations.
Because of the extreme engineering required to manufacture
the optical qualities, it was limited in height. To overcome this,
we created a system that uses smaller tiles placed together in a
precision running-bond pattern in order to create one larger screen.
Precision Running-Bond.
To ensure not only the strongest possible tiling system, but also
the highest precision standards, we use an all-new computer
controlled cutting system capable of extremely exact specifications
in combination with a running-bond pattern for superior strength.
Such attention to detail is an absolute necessity to ensure that
customers will receive the best possible quality and longevity out
of their Tiles screen.
Simple Installation.
When designing the Tiles system, we wanted to ensure that
the installation process was as time-efficient and as simple as
possible. That is why we designed each panel with an attachment
system that utilizes neodymium magnets to securely “snap”
panels into place.
Future Proof.
Upgrade your projector, keep your screen. Tiles supports all of the
greatest projection innovations to come such as 4k/8k resolution
and UHD/HDR giving you peace of mind that your investment will
stay ahead of cutting-edge for years to come.
Aspect Ratios
Aluminium structure with hard panel
attachment assembled on-site.
The outer frame has a 1 inch bezel.
16:9 / 16:10
Sizes *
Frame is assembled on-site.
Panels (“tiles”) are rigid and attached
on-site in a running-bond pattern and
will be either 3x3, 4x4, 5x5 or 6x6
Minimum size: 131” x 74”
Maximum size: 288” x 162”
* Sizes in this spec are measured height
x width in 16:9 aspect ratio.
Black Diamond 1.4
Installation / Adjustment
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