DM 6620 F Conference Unit

DIS Digital Conference Systems
DM 6620 F Conference Unit
DM 6620 F Conference Unit
• Flush-mounted delegate conference unit
• Chip card reader
• 3-button and 5-button voting and attendance check
• Loudspeaker
• Lockable XLR microphone connector
The DM 6620 F is a fully digital flush-mounted conference unit in the DIS DCS 6000
Digital Conference System.
The DM 6620 F has the following standard features:
The unit is designed as a fully featured conference unit with chip card reader and
voting functionality. It features a microphone button, a chip card reader, five voting
buttons, a loudspeaker and a lockable XLR microphone connector.
The microphone button enables the user to activate/deactivate the microphone
either directly or by a request to speak. A button LED indicates whether the microphone is on (red LED) or in request to speak mode (green LED).
The floor channel is distributed through the built-in loudspeaker except when the
microphone is turned on.
The voting buttons enable the user to participate in attendance checks and 3-button
or 5-button voting sessions. Attendance checks and voting sessions are started from
the SW 6000 or a DC 6990 P conference unit.
Access to the unit can be restricted by the use of login with chip cards. Chip card
login is enabled from the SW 6000 and is only available in combination with the SW
The DM 6620 F can be used in combination with the gooseneck microphones GM
652x or GM 6622 or the boundary microphone BM 6620.
The gooseneck microphones GM 652x or GM 6622 can be locked to the unit with
a 2 mm hex key. The lock is accessible from the small hole to the right of the XLR
socket. Turn the hex key clockwise to enable the lock and insert the gooseneck
microphone into the XLR socket. Turn the hex key counter clockwise to disable the
lock and remove the gooseneck microphone.
The boundary microphone BM 6620 can be retrofitted by replacing the XLR insert
in the plastic adaptor with the boundary microphone. The molex mini-connector fits
with the microphone connector on the PCB.
The DM 6620 F can be combined with any conference units from the DCS 6000
Digital Conference System.
• Standard conference unit for delegates
• Fully digital audio transmission
• Daisy chain topology with loop-through connections or star
topology using junction boxes
• CAT 5e (or higher) F/UTP or U/FTP cabling
• Maximum 3800 conference units per system
• Support for four microphone operation modes; Automatic,
FIFO, Manual and VOX (voice activation)
• Support for three microphone interrupt ability modes enabling
'ping pong' mode
• Auto off of microphones
• Lockable XLR gooseneck microphone connector
• A high-quality loudspeaker
• One chip card reader
• One microphone button with LED indicators for speak and
request to speak
• Five voting buttons for:
◦◦ 3-button voting
◦◦ 5-button voting
◦◦ Attendance check
By connecting a PC running the SW6000 Conference
Management Software the following additional feature can be
made available:
• Login with chip card
How To Order
Flushmount delegate conference unit. Features
5-button voting, chip card reader, and loudspeaker.
Frequency response (channel selector)
Frequency range
Power consumption
Power maximum
65 Hz-16 kHz
150 Hz-15 kHz
3.5 W
3.0 W RMS
< 0.1 %
Signal-to-noise ratio > 90 dBA
Microphone connection
3-pin female XLR
Headphone connection
3.5 mm jack, female stereo
Two RJ45 female sockets with
Mounting Flush mounting
Dimensions (H x W x D) 90 x 235 x 62.6 mm
Panel cut-out (H x W)
900 g
Temperature range
82 x 215 mm (important: corner
radius maximum R3.0)
Anodized aluminium
5º to 40º C
The DCS 6000 system conforms to IEC 60914 standard.
DM 6620 F
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