Eaton Power Distribution Rack

Power quality solutions
Eaton Power Distribution Rack
Flexible, high-density power distribution for rack environments
• Flexible power distribution with up to 168 factory-installed branch
breakers in a highly compact footprint
• Designed for high-density racks, with 400A panels and high
power inputs
• Aesthetically pleasing design, with an elegant rack enclosure in
textured black finish
• Free-standing unit with top and bottom cable entry for fast,
flexible installation
• Front and/or rear access, column power panels, large LCD for
ease of servicing
• Extensive monitoring options, including the Eaton® Energy
Management System
• Optional branch circuit monitoring to manage and monitor power
down to individual circuits
• Detailed event and trend information to support capacity planning
and avoid unexpected breaker tripping
• Factory-configured and tested to ensure highest reliability
Product snapshot
Up to 168 circuits in a single enclosure
Four 400A (225A) circuit panels (two front
and two rear)
EIA standard enclosure
Eaton Energy Management System (EMS)
Main lug or main breaker configuration
Are you looking for a spacesaving way to distribute power
throughout your data center?
Are dual- and triple-corded loads
stressing your available supply
of pole positions? Do you want
to minimize reliance on licensed
electricians as you make
moves, adds and changes?
Would you like to resolve these
issues without installing clunky
power distribution equipment
in your sleek, modern rack
If the answer to these questions is yes, Eaton has the solution for you with the new Eaton
Power Distribution Rack
(PDR). The PDR was designed
for the realities of modern data
centers—floor space is costly,
change is inevitable, and uptime
is critical.
The PDR was also designed
for a more intangible reality:
aesthetics. The uniform, elegant
look of your data center conveys an impression of order
and professionalism. New
equipment acquisitions should
enhance that appearance, not
clutter or detract from it.
Big power in a
small footprint with
a sleek look
The PDR offers up to 168 circuits in an elegant, textured
black enclosure that harmonizes
with the rest of your data center
For flexible power distribution,
place the PDR in the middle of
a row or at the end of the row.
Either way, you will minimize
cable runs and use floor space
wisely. Traditional power panels were a compromise in this
regard. Not matching the depth
of the rest of the enclosures,
they left valuable floor space
Now you can accommodate all
those new servers with their
multiple power cords… all those
rack power distribution units that
feed growing loads… simply by
using a high-density PDR that
stands on minimal floor space
and enhances the elegance,
practicality and reliability of your
data center.
Designed for the adaptable data center
Meet ever-increasing power demands. Some other rack power
panels on the market are designed with more circuits than the
main breaker can accommodate: 42 pole positions on a panel rated
for 225A. In this configuration, some of the circuits are useless—or
if used to capacity, could easily trip the main breaker and jeopardize your critical load.
The PDR uses optional higher-capacity 400A panels, so you can
make full use of all circuits. The unit can be configured with one
to four of these power panels. Branch circuits are arranged in a
column for superior wiring design. Spacious wireways offer more
room to work for fast and easy installation or changes. A large air
space beneath the power panels permits improved air circulation
and makes it easy for technicians to manage cabling.
Straightforward installation. The standalone PDR is fully configured and tested at the factory, so installation is simple. With your
choice of top or bottom cable entry—as well as front and/or rear
power panels—it is easy to retrofit into any existing distribution
Top and bottom
cable entry opens
up many choices
for installation.
Panelboard breakers
can be the traditional 225A or 400A.
400A breakers
enable you to make
full use of all 42
pole positions on a
Flexible design. Most other rack power panels have to be configured for either top or bottom cable entry at the factory—and some
don’t offer top cable entry at all. The PDR can be configured for
either option, making it appropriate for raised-floor or non-raisedfloor applications.
Monitoring for premium availability
Continuous insight into power conditions. PDRs are equipped
with the EMS. With this state-of-the-art monitoring and alarm
system, you can:
• Monitor power consumption and ensure power quality.
• Manage and plan power needs in dynamic environments.
• React quickly to potential problems down to the branch circuit
Optional branch circuit monitoring within the EMS continuously
measures the current on branch circuits and warns of impending
trouble, so you can take proactive steps. The system assesses circuit activity 7x24 and provides time-stamped metering, alarm and
statistical information for each branch circuit.
Armed with these insights, data center and facilities managers can
more effectively manage energy consumption to prevent overload
conditions, optimize power distribution and, where applicable,
accurately bill internal customers for power usage.
Monitoring and management from anywhere. With the optional
Power Xpert® Gateway 1000 interface card, the PDR can securely
transmit real-time status to remote monitoring stations, administrator PCs or wireless devices anywhere within the reach of a
network connection. Remote personnel can configure, monitor and
manage the system from anywhere over the company network or
the Internet.
Monitor and manage the PDR over the
network with the optional Power Xpert
Gateway 1000 card.
Design for quality, security and convenience
• Freestanding structure with top and bottom cable entry
opens up many choices for installation.
• Optional Plexiglas cover panels provide easy visibility to
• Industry-standard footprint makes effective use of valuable
data center space.
• X-Slot bays support many communication options for remote
monitoring and management.
• Attractive, textured black finish matches your equipment
and provides a modern look.
• Large, bright LCD with easy-to-use menu supports local monitoring and configuration.
• Spacious wireways, hinged doors and removable side panels enable easy service access.
• Load profile log shows power consumption trends for up
to 24 months; history log shows up to 128 time- and datestamped events.
• Locking door latches protect the power distribution system
from unauthorized access.
Eaton Power Distribution Rack
Current and historical insights close at hand. Locally,
technicians have an at-a-glance view of system status on a large,
8-line x 40-character LCD. Units with front and rear panels have
two displays.
A menu with soft keys makes it easy to navigate through the features. Audio/visual indicators provide alarms and status updates.
Through this local display, you can view power consumption trends
in a history log for up to 24 months—a powerful aid in capacity
planning. Custom alarm settings can be programmed at the factory,
by the user or by Eaton’s service organization.
Optional surge suppression
X-Slot® bays support many
communication options
for remote monitoring and
A large, bright LCD with
easy-to-use menu supports
local monitoring and configuration.
Even within the relative safety of your data center, power systems
(and the equipment connected to them) could be affected by
lightning strikes and other transient aberrations in voltage and current. For example, a transient event could trigger a UPS to activate
its static bypass path, leaving critical loads exposed to raw utility
If the facility does not have TVSS devices at the utility point of
entry, or if Tier IV redundancy is required, consider adding it to your
PDR for an important layer of extra protection.
The load profile log shows power
consumption trends for up to 24
The history log shows up to 128
time- and date-stamped events.
Part of a complete data center solution
The PDR is part of a family of solutions that are redefining the economics of running the modern data center. In addition to freestanding, wall-mounted and rack-mounted power distribution systems…
• Energy-efficient UPSs and PDUs deliver more power in less
rack space.
• Patented paralleling provides Tier IV redundancy.
• Advanced battery technologies keep IT systems up when utility
power is down.
• Rugged, attractive enclosures house, protect and organize IT and
power quality systems.
• Power monitoring options give full visibility into the health of the
system, from individual circuits to the entire facility.
Eaton data center solutions enable you to create a more resilient
and adaptable data center—one that uses less energy, runs more
efficiently, and protects your investments in applications, data and
hardware. Find out more at
A new level of confidence
Eaton is a global leader in power quality and management
solutions—named by Frost & Sullivan as “Power Quality Company
of the Year” in 2004, 2005 and 2007 (August 2007). Our rugged
power distribution units reflect more than 40 years of expertise in
industrial-strength power quality solutions. In fact, we have been
manufacturing PDUs for several other major brands for years.
The PDR delivers confidence—confidence that the power
circuits serving your blade servers and other essential equipment
are appropriately loaded and capable of supporting the high
availability you demand. For more information, visit our Web site at, or contact us at 1-800-356-5794. 1.800.356.5794
Technical specifications
Electrical input
Premium Eaton Branch Circuit Monitoring System (BCMS)
Nominal voltage 208Y/120 Vac
Nominal 50/60Hz (45–65Hz)
frequency (range)
Input conductor Three-wire + neutral + ground
Individual panel monitoring
Input connection options
Direct connection to panel board main breakers (225A, 400A)
Connection into single or dual main lugs (800A)
Connection into single or dual main breakers (400A, 600A)—side
access required
Optional Power Xpert Gateway 1000 communications card
Built-in Web and SMTP server
Support for ModbusTCP, SNMP and NTP protocols
Two (2) isolated RJ-45 Ethernet ports for redundancy
Standard system-level monitoring
Non-volatile real-time clock
Meters and load profiling points:
Input 1 V12 min/max
Input 1 V23 min/max
Input 1 V31 min/max
Input 1 ACUV total time
Input 1 I1 min/max (with
optional Main CTs installed)
Input 1 I2 min/max (with
optional Main CTs installed)
Input 1 I3 min/max (with
optional Main CTs installed)
Input 1 V12 THD max
Input 1 V23 THD max
Input 1 V31 THD max
Input 1 frequency min/max
Input 1 kVA min/max (with
optional Main CTs installed)
Input 1 power factor min/max (with
optional Main CTs installed)
Input 2 V12 min/max
Input 2 V23 min/max
Input 2 V31 min/max
Input 2 ACUV total time
Input 2 I1 min/max (with
optional Main CTs installed)
Input 2 I2 min/max (with
optional Main CTs installed)
Input 2 I3 min/max (with
optional Main CTs installed)
Input 2 V12 THD max
Input 2 V23 THD max
Input 2 V31 THD max
Input 2 frequency min/max
Input 2 kVA min/max (with
optional Main CTs installed)
Input 2 power factor min/max (with
optional Main CTs installed)
GND I min/max
NEU I min/max
Event logging:
Input 1 AC over voltage
Input 1 AC under voltage
Input 1 under or over frequency
Input 2 AC over voltage
Input 2 AC under voltage
Input 2 under or over frequency
Building alarm 1
Building alarm 2
Building alarm 3
Building alarm 4
Input 1 overload (4 levels per
phase, with optional Main CTs
Input 2 overload (4 levels per
phase, with optional Main CTs
Input 1 phase rotation error
Input 2 phase rotation error
Configuration error
Alarm, high input 1 THD
(per-phase alarm), current or
Alarm, high input 2 THD
(per-phase alarm), current
or voltage
Alarm, neutral overload warning
(per panel)
Neutral overload (per panel)
Ground current warning (per panel)
Ground current overload
(per panel)
Monitored parameters:
RMS: V1, V2, V3, I1, I2, I3
Average: Vavg, kW, kVA, PF
Load: Monthly kWh, yearly kWh,
total kWh
Percentage: Input 1, Input 2,
Input3, Input total (percent load)
Max: Vmax, Imax
Main panel board metering alarms
Panel or subfeed breaker overload warning
Panel or subfeed breaker overload alarm
Panel breaker overload warning
Panel breaker overload alarm
Breaker current warning
Breaker current overload
Branch circuit or subfeed breaker monitoring—up to 42 per panel
(User can easily add panel breakers)
Configurable parameters
—individual branch circuits
Breaker rating
Breaker warning level
Breaker overload level
Breaker type
Monitored parameters
Current: RMS and percentage
Average: kW, kVA, PF
Load: Monthly kWh, yearly kWh,
total kWh
Max: Amperage, kW
Min: Power factor
Individual branch circuit alarms (for each breaker):
Breaker current warning
Breaker current overload
Distribution panelboards
42-circuit column – rated for 225A – maximum two (2) per side
42-circuit column – rated for 400A – maximum two (2) per side
Transient voltage surge suppression (TVSS) 50 kA/ph or 100 kA/ph
Isolated ground
Branch circuit monitoring
Plexiglas or mesh doors
Environmental and safety
Operating temperature
Relative humidity
Audible noise
Agency marking
0ºC to 40ºC (32ºF to 104ºF)
5–95 percent non-condensing
<45 dBA measured 1.5m (5 ft.) from unit under
normal operating conditions
FCC 47, part 15 for Class A devices
Domestic/Canadian models: UL/CSA 60950-1
Physical characteristics
Power Xpert Gateway 1000 Card firmware is user-upgradeable
8609 Six Forks Road
Raleigh, NC 27615 U.S.A.
Toll Free: 1.800.356.5794
Configurable parameters:
Panel number
Panel name
Nominal input voltage
Nominal input frequency
System kVA
CTs present
L-L or L-N input setting
Main CT ratios
Calibration of input, output,
ground and neutral CTs
Calibration of voltage
Breaker rating
Breaker warning level
Breaker type
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Dimensions H x W x D, in (mm) 80.3 x 23.6 x 41.3
(2041 x 600 x 1050)
Approximate Product Weight, lb (kg) One side 450 (200)
Two sides 700 (315)
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