Specifications for Installation and Testing of Direct Attach Links

Specifications for Installation and Testing of Direct Attach Links
Division 27/28
Description: Conductor: 24/22 AWG solid bare copper
Color Code:
Pair 1: Blue - White/Blue
Pair 2: Orange - White/Orange
Pair 3 - Green - White/Green
Pair 4: Brown - White/Brown
1. Comply with TIA/EIA-568-C.2, [Category 5e] [Category 6] [Category 6A] cable standards
2. Comply with ANSI/BICSI-005 ESS Standard
3. Listed and labeled by an NRTL acceptable to authorities having jurisdiction as complying with
UL 444 and NFPA 70 for the following types:
a) Communications, Plenum Rated: Type CMP complying with NFPA 262. Plenum - Low
Smoke Flame Retardant, PVC, UL Listed Type FT6 per UL 444
b) Communications, Riser Rated: Type CMR, complying with UL 1666, Riser - Flame
Retardant PVC, UL Listed Type FT4 per UL 444
Direct Attach Connecting Hardware shall be a RJ45 modular plug designed for field termination,
manufactured by Optical Cable Corporation (Part# UTP: OCCUFP6A; STP: OCCSFP6A) or equal.
1. The modular plug shall meet or exceed the Category 6A performance criteria per
ANSI/TIA-568-C.2 and ISO 11801 Ed 2. Cat 6A compliance.
2. The modular plug shall meet IEC 60603-7-41 requirements
3. The modular plug shall be compatible with IEC 60603-7 compliant 8-position modular
4. The modular plug shall be available in T568B wiring configuration and optionally support
T568A wiring
5. The modular plug shall have an insulation piercing connection featuring insulation
piercing of 22 to 24 AWG plastic-insulated solid copper conductors forming a gas-tight
6. The connector module must be compliant with all IEEE Power over Ethernet Plus
7. Field terminable plug shall be capable of being terminated using parallel jaw pliers (OCC
p/n FPJP or equivalent) and diagonal wire cutters.
8. OCC Stock Code: OCCUFP6A - Cat 6A Unshielded Field Terminable Modular Plug
9. OCC Stock Code: OCCSFP6A – Cat6A Shielded Field Terminable Modular Plug
Connecting Blocks or Patch Panels: [110-style for Category 5e] [110-style for Category 6] [Field
Installed Cat6A Patch Panels Utilizing Cat6A Keystone Jacks] Provide blocks or Patch Panels for
the number of cables installed.
Field testing shall be accomplished according to the Optical Cable Corporation method of testing
a Field Terminated Plug, as described in the steps below.
A. General Test Procedures:
Connect permanent link adapter to tester main unit
Connect channel adapter to remote unit.
Connect the OCC Field Plug Test Adapter (plug end) to the channel adapter.
Connect permanent link adapter plug end to patch panel port
Select the cable category and type
Select ‘Permanent Link Test’ limit for the category of the link under test
B. This shall be accomplished by using Optical Cable Corp Field Plug Test Adapter Cord. See
Note: Contractor must use the appropriate Test adapter cord, Part Numbers [Cat5e:
FPTAC5EKS, Cat6: FPTAC6KS, Cat6A: FPTAC6AKS] for the cable being tested.
OCC application notes for specific test equipment:
1) MPLT-1: Field Testing of Direct Attach Modified Permanent Links Utilizing Fluke DTX-1800
2) MPLT-2: Field Testing of Direct Attach Modified Permanent Links Utilizing Fluke DSX-5000
Figure 1: Modified Permanent Link with OCC Field Plug Test Adapter
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