P rojector in a L ight and Compact 3 kg Body The T otal Multifunction

World’ s Brightest (3,500 lm) P rojector
in a L ight and Compact 3 kg Body
The T otal Multifunction P rojector—For W ireless
and P C-Less P resentations!
Designed to enable the projector to be mounted to the ceiling
Weighing only 3 kg, the projector is easy to move from place to
An easily replaceable lamp and a terminal cover allow
the projector to be mounted to the ceiling and its light,
Superior S ecurity O ptions
Security Password: Projectors can be set to require the input of a password at
Security slot accommodates use of third-party anti-theft cables. The cable attaches
to a desk or other fixed object, and the lock fits snugly into the security slot.
PLUS's unique technologies exploit the strengths
of DLP technology to the full
PLUS has created a projector that offers astounding compactness, lightness, and
brightness by combining technologies it has gained from its development of mobile
projectors over the years with DLPTM technology which is ideal for compact projectors
using a single-chip Digital Micromirror Device (DMD) system. A high contrast of
2,000:1 offers a superlative brightness that seems in actual use to supersede
specifications. In addition, the DLPTM technology minimizes picture quality decay that
often occurs with LCD projectors when used over a long period of time.
Easy lamp replacement even when ceiling mounted
Equipped with S hort-focus zoom lens
The short-focus zoom lens allows you to project
images onto a 100-inch screen from a distance of
only 3 meters.
2.5~2.9 m
3.1~3.7 m
Enables wireless presentations
With no need for troublesome cable connections (U7-137SF)
A CF-type wireless LAN card comes with the projector as a standard feature,
enabling wireless capability. The projector also has wired network capability which
makes it possible to handle the projector via a company's internal network.
Projection System
Wired network feature
Equipped with
Ethernet port
Enables P C-less presentations with internal I mage V iewer (U7-137SF)
The CF card slot, built-in USB port and Image Viewer enable PC-less
presentation capability. Internal Image Viewer makes possible projection of
image files stored in USB memory and CF card/CF card adapter compatible
media, etc.
USB port
Enables direct connection with PLUS copyboards with internal CF card slot (PLUS M series)
so that data can be shared even without a PC.
Advanced Color W heel (ACW) allows for further enhancement of color
PLUS's unique ACW preserves brightness,
while allowing for superlatively enhanced color reproduction
and astoundingly clear picture quality attainable
only with DLPTM technology.
Equipped with a wide array of input/output terminals
High-quality image sources beautifully reproduced
Equipped with a built-in line doubler and advanced input/output terminals,
including analog RGB input, analog RGB output, and DVI terminals.
Compatible with progressive DVD input (480p, 576p) and HDTV
broadcast (1080i, 720p)
With the component video cable you can input progressive DVD and HDTV (1080i,
720p) signals. A 16:9 aspect ratio is also supported.
True XGA
True XGA
U7-132SF True
1024 pixels x 768 pixels
3000 lm*1 (Eco-mode:
approximately 20%
less brightness)
3500 lm*1 (Eco-mode:
approximately 20% less brightness)
Contrast Ratio
Aspect Ratio
Projection Lens
2000:1 (Full on/off)
4:3, supports 16:9
F2.6-2.8 f= 22.1-25.6 mm
1:1.2 Manual Zoom, Manual Focus
Light Resource
300-watt High Performance Compact Lamp
Lamp Life
2,000 hours (Normal mode), 3,000 hours (Eco-mode)
Color Palette
16.7 million colors
Projecting Position
Front/Rear, Table/Ceiling
Projection Distance
1.2-9.5 m
Image Size
34"-300" diagonal
RGB Signal (Input)
SXGA (Compression), XGA (True), SVGA/VGA (Expansion/True)
Video Signal
YCbCr (NTSC, PAL), YPbPr (480p, 576p, 1080i, 720p)
Horizontal Synch Range
15-80 kHz
Vertical Synch Range
50-85 Hz
Mono 0.5-watt
Terminals (Input)
RGB (Analog/Digital)/YCbCr/YPbPr: DVI-I x 1
RGB/YCbCr/YPbPr: Mini D-Sub 15 pin x 1
Composite Video: RCA x 1, S-Video: Mini DIN 4 pin x 1
Audio (RGB/Video): ø3.5 mm Stereo Mini Jack x 1
Terminals (Output)
RGB/YCbCr/YPbPr: Mini D-Sub 15 pin x 1
Image Veiwer/Mouse:
Other Terminals
USB Type A x 2,
CompactFlashTM Card Type I slot x 1,
Network (10BaseT/100BaseTX):
RJ45 x 1
Remote Mouse: USB Mini-B x 1, RS232C: Mini DIN 9 pin x 1
External Projector Control
RS232C/Telnet/Web Browser
Dimensions Excluding lens and stand
83 mm (H) x 258 mm (W) x 320 mm (L)
3.1 kg
3.0 kg
Power Supply
100-240 V AC at 50/ 60 Hz
430 watts (Normal mode), 380 watts (Eco-mode), 430 watts (Normal mode), 380 watts (Eco-mode),
Power Consumption
under 20 watts (Standby)
under 15 watts (Standby)
32-95 ˚F / 5-35 ˚C
On-Screen Display Languages English/ German/ French/ Italian/ Spanish/ Swedish/ Korean/ Chinese/ Japanese
Full-Auto Adjustment, Digital Keystone Correction (Vertical: Max. 20 degrees)
Digital Zoom (2x), Freeze, Mute, Quick Color Adjustment
Presentation Timer, Security Password
Lens Cap x 1
Mini Jack to RCA Adapter
IR Remote Control (with Laser Pointer) x 1 (ø3.5 mm Stereo Mini Jack - RCA/0.15 m) x 1
Soft Case x 1
AAA Batteries (for Remote Control) x 2
Wireless LAN Card (802.11b Wi-Fi
Power Cable (1.8 m) x 1
CompactFlashTM Card) x 1 (only U7-137SF)
VGA Cable (Mini D-sub 15 pin/2 m) x 1
User's Manual (CD-ROM) x 1
S-Video Cable (Mini DIN 4 pin/2m) x 1
User's Manual (Simplified Edition) x 1
Video Cable (RCA/2 m) x 1
Security Label x 1
Audio Cable (ø3.5 mm Mini Plug/ 2 m) x 1
Optional Accessories
*1: In Dynamic Mode
DVI-I - Mini D-Sub 15 pin Adapter (0.18 m) x 1
USB Cable (Mini-B - Type A/ 2 m) x 1
User-Replaceable Lamp Unit, Ceiling Mount Kit
The DLP logo is a trademark of Texas Instruments.
I-057 0509AT-20A
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