Orderman Portrait no. 20: Phuong Nguyen, Café La Tasca
All-in-one with Orderman
A café, restaurant, tapas bar and nightclub in
one: it goes without saying that running such
a varied business requires a flexible solution.
This is why using Orderman was a logical choice for owner Phuong Nguyen.
ancy a coffee on a
beautiful roof terrace? Or maybe a cool
beer brewed on the premises? With a few tasty tapas
on the side as well? After
that, why not check out the
nightclub on the first floor
where you can unwind to
the sound of live music and
DJs? At „La Tasca“ in Vejle, Denmark, customers can
enjoy themselves in many
ways. Owner Phuong Nguyen firmly believes „It‘s not
only the excellent location
and unique atmosphere
but, above all, our ‚all in
one‘ concept that makes
‚La Tasca‘ so special.“ The
technically skilled restaurateur was aware that the 50
tely includes an Orderman
handheld“, she says by way
of summing up her recipe
for success.
More business and more
After witnessing a demonstration on the use of
Orderman handhelds at a
trade fair last year, Nguyen was quickly convinced
of the advantages it offered. „You save so much
time! And efficient service
keeps the customers happy.
Everyone‘s happy!“ And,
speaking of happiness, has
the investment in Orderman paid off ? „Without
any doubt! This year, I‘ve
„You save so
much time! And
efficient service
keeps the customers happy.
tion that increases as a result of the time saved. Each
table is occupied around
five times per night, and
the restaurant has a total of
150 seats. „Our customers
wait a maximum of three
minutes for their drink.
Food takes between ten
and twenty minutes to serve depending on the time
of day and the particular
dish,“ explains Nguyen.
just ordered extra Orderman Max2plus handhelds,
and I‘m considering buying
a belt printer,“ confirms the
petite Asian. And what do
the staff make of it? „They
needed initial training, but
the staff warmed up to the
handhelds very quickly.
Now all they want is an
Orderman. If someone
can‘t find their device, they
don‘t hesitate to shout:
„Where‘s my Orderman?!“
Where‘s my Orderman?
staff (of which 30 are employed in service, 15 in the
kitchen and 5 in administration) could not guarantee
that everything would run
smoothly on their own from
the moment the business
opened in December 2007:
„The only way to succeed
is through hard work, with
the right employees supported by the right technical
equipment – which defini-
already made back what
I invested in Orderman.
Quicker service means that
our waiting staff can focus
on sales while the runners
bring out the drinks and
food. We have time to offer
guests another drink before
they even realise that they
want one,“ enthuses Nguyen. But it‘s not just the
level of consumption, but
also the average table rota-
To date, the business has
been using three Orderman
Max handhelds combined
with a Casio ECR and another three handhelds due to
enter service shortly: „I‘ve
Café La Tasca, Danmark
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