FLIR T-Series
320 x 240
Infrared Camera with Picture-in-Picture and Touch-Screen Display
FLIR T335 is a small, light weight infrared camera with excellent
image quality, high sensitivity and a broad temperature range. Ideal
for maintenance professionals for identifying electrical hot spots and
faulty equipment, the FLIR T335 features Picture-in-Picture, text/voice
annotations and interchangeable lenses.
• 50 mK thermal sensitivity
• Picture-in-Picture
• IR resolution 320 x 240 pixels
• Text and voice annotations
• Digital camera, 3.1 Mp with LED lights
• MeterLink™
• Temperature range -20°C to +650°C
(P-i-P) Fusion
Multifunction 3.5”
120˚ Lens Rotation
Thumbnail Image
FLIR T335 Features
• H
igh Resolution IR Images - 320 x 240 pixels infrared resolution,
NETD 50 mK
• A
nnotations - Add text and voice
comments via touch-sceen or
• Interchangeable
Optics - Standard
25° lens and optional 6°, 15°, 45˚ and
90°, close-up lens 4x and 2x
• D
igital Camera - 3.1 Megapixels
with built-in LED lights provides
sharp images regardless of lighting
• ±
2% Accuracy - Reliable temperature
• S
tandard SD Card - Stores more than
1000 radiometric JPEG images
• T
humbnail Image Gallery - Allows
quick search of stored images
• Includes
- SD Memory Card, Li-Ion
rechargeable battery with 100-260V
AC adaptor/charger, 2-bay battery
charger, QuickReport software, USB
Mini-B cable, video cable, sun shield,
stylus pen & headset, camera lens
cap, and transport case
• T
emperature Range - Measures
from -20°C to +650°C (optional up
to +1200°C) targeting electrical and
industrial applications
• Z
oom - 2x continuous digital zoom
for capturing small details
• P
icture-in-Picture (P-i-P) - Displays
resizable IR image superimposed over a digital image
• Laser
Pointer - Pinpoints the hot
spot on the IR image with the real
physical target
• M
eterLink™ - Wirelessly transmit
data from clamp or moisture meter
to infrared camera
• C
opy to USB - Upload images and measurement findings to USB stick
• IR Window Auto-Correction Automatic sensitivity adjustment
when inspecting high voltage
through safety IR windows
• Li-Ion
Rechargable Battery Replaceable battery lasts > 4 hours
of continuous use
Electrical: Hot Fuses
Motor: Internal Winding Problem
Motor: Bearing Problem
Building: Heat Loss
FLIR T335 Specifications
What is MeterLink™?
MeterLink displays and documents readings
from your Extech moisture or clamp meter
directly on your infrared image using Bluetooth
wireless connection. MeterLink, a FLIR industryfirst technology, will greatly improve your
diagnostics, save time annotating readings,
eliminate data errors, and add more customer
value to your reports.
The center offers a wide variety of infrared
courses from entry-level thermography
to advanced IR training. ITC infrared
thermography certifications are globally
recognized and are designed to exceed the
requirements of international certification
Check the ITC course schedule in the Asia
Pacific region:
Allows the user to
organize, analyze
and present infrared
image data in a report.
Delivered with your FLIR
FLIR Reporter™
A powerful yet easyto-use tool to generate
comprehensive and
professional infrared
inspection reports.
FLIR QuickPlot/
FLIR ResearchIR
Infrared cameras are
successfully used in
R&D applications to
speed up and verify the
design process, as well
as enabling non-invasive
and precise detection of
90˚ Lens
45˚ Lens
25˚ Lens
15˚ Lens
With this software, the
benefits and use of an
infrared camera can be
further extended and
allow more in depth
analyses to be made.
Software designed to
carry out advanced
analysis of building
structures. It is used to
analyze images taken
with an infrared camera
and create inspection
reports based on these
Extra battery
Battery charger
Car charger
Selection of lenses
6˚ Lens
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110221 T-335 datasheet_au
Imaging and optical data
Field of view (FOV) / Minimum focus distance
25° × 19° / 0.4 m (1.31 ft.)
Spatial resolution (IFOV)
1.36 mrad
Thermal sensitivity/NETD
< 0.05°C @ +30°C (+86°F) / 50 mK
Image frequency
9 Hz
Automatic or manual
1–2× continuous, digital zoom, including panning
Focal Plane Array (FPA) / Spectral range
Uncooled microbolometer / 7.5–13 µm
IR resolution
320 × 240 pixels
Image presentation
Built-in touch-screen, 3.5 in. LCD, 320 × 240 pixels
Image modes
IR image, visual image, picture-in-picture, thumbnail gallery
Scalable IR area on visual image
Object temperature range
–20°C to +120°C (–4°F to +248°F), 0°C to +350°C (+32°F to +662°F)
+200°C to +650°C (+392°F to +1202°F), High temp. option +1200°C
±2°C (±3.6°F) or ±2% of reading
Measurement analysis
5 boxes with max./min./average
Automatic hot/cold detection
Auto hot or cold spotmeter markers within area
Detect high/low temperature/interval
Emissivity correction
Variable from 0.01 to 1.0 or selected from materials list
External optics/windows correction
Automatic, based on inputs of optics/window transmission and temperature
Measurement corrections
Reflected temperature, optics transmission and atmospheric transmission
Color palettes
BW, BW inv, Iron, Rain
Set-up commands
Local adaptation of units, language, date and time formats
Storage of images
Image storage
Standard JPEG, including measurement data, on memory card
Image storage mode
IR/visual images; simultaneous storage of IR and visual images
Digital camera
Built-in digital camera
3.1 Mpixel (2048 × 1536 pixels), and video lamp
Built-in digital lens data
FOV 53° × 41°
Laser pointer
Activated by dedicated button
Laser alignment
Position is automatic displayed on the IR image
Data communication interfaces
USB-mini, USB-A, composite video, headset connection
• USB-A: Connect external USB device (copy to memory stick)
• USB Mini-B: Data transfer to and from PC / streaming MPEG-4
Power system
Li Ion, 4 hours operating time
Charging system
In camera (AC adapter or 12 V from a vehicle) or 2-bay charger
Power management
Automatic shutdown and sleep mode (user selectable)
Environmental data
Operating temperature range
–15°C to +50°C (+5°F to +122°F)
Storage temperature range
–40°C to +70°C (–40°F to +158°F)
Humidity (operating and storage)
IEC 60068-2-30/24 h 95% relative humidity +25°C to +40°C (+77°F to +104°F)
Camera housing and lens: IP 54 (IEC 60529)
25 g (IEC 60068-2-29)
2 g (IEC 60068-2-6)
Physical data
Camera weight, incl. battery
0.88 kg (1.94 lb.)
Camera size (L × W × H)
106 × 201 × 125 mm (4.2 × 7.9 × 4.9 in.), with built-in lens pointing forward
Tripod mounting
UNC ¼”-20
Optional lens
• IR lens f = 30 mm, 15° incl. case , • IR lens f = 10 mm, 45° incl. case
• Close-up 4× (100 µm) incl. case , • Close-up 2× (50 µm) incl. case
• Lens 76 mm (6°) with case and mounting support for T/B-300/400
• Lens 4 mm (90°) with case and mounting support for T/B-300/400
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