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AllPlay Web Quick Start Guide
1 Launching AllPlay Web
1. Download and install the AllPlay Web software
from your AllPlay Web registration email.
2. On the Welcome Screen choose “Create New
Game Library,” and follow the on-screen
prompts to name and save your library.
3. After registering the software youʼll see the
welcome screen where you can open existing
libraries or the sample library. But to begin,
select Create New Game Library.
Library: The file where your games and questions
are stored. You can have an unlimited number of
games in a library, and an unlimited number libraries.
2 Creating a New Game
Games can be created in two ways:
1. After creating a new AllPlay Web
library, you have the option to create
a new game.
2. If you are already in AllPlay Web,
click on the “New Game” icon.
After naming your new game, you
will be taken to the Main Game
Creator screen.
3 The Main Screen
This screen is where you
prepare AllPlay Web games.
These Quick Jump
Buttons allow your to
toggle between all of
their games in the
library, creating a new
game and reserving a
game session.
The Library Tree
shows your question bank and all of
that libraryʼs games.
These Quick Jump Buttons allow you to preview
the game without players,
launch the game in a game
session or delete the game.
The Game Options, Event
Sequence and Game
Questions tabs are where
you set all of AllPlay Webʼs
customizable features.
Creating, Editing and Formatting Questions
4 Create New Questions
5 The Question Editor
1. On the Main Game Creator screen click on the
“Game Questions” tab.
2. This tab shows all of the gameʼs questions. To
create new questions click on “New Q&A.”
Type in your question
and possible answers
in the Question and
Answer Text Boxes.
Note: Questions created for one game are automatically stored in the libraryʼs Question Bank to
be shared among all of a libraryʼs games.
To set the correct
answer click on the
correct answerʼs
numbered box.
7 Moving Questions Around
6 Intro, Info and Hint Tabs
The INTRO and
INFO tabs allow
you to supplement
questions with information before or
after a question.
To change the question order:
1. Click and hold on the desired question
2. Drag the question to its new location in
the Library Tree.
3. Drop it.
Set the question type by
checking or un-checking
this box. Survey questions have no right or
wrong answer whereas
quiz-type questions do.
To change the questionʼs
appearance: Click here
to change the question
layout giving questions
and answers more screen
space or to add pictures.
To add sound or
graphics to your questions select Import
and choose a file from
your computer.
To create extra screens
click on the tab. The
display box will automatically be checked
when you click on it. To
not display a created
info screen simply uncheck the box.
You can change the
appearance of your
info, customize the
text and add sounds
and graphics.
Reserving and Launching Game Sessions
8 Reserving a Game Session
The next step in creating your AllPlay Web Game is reserving a
Game Session. This generates a
keypad URL and stores the game
data on www.allplayweb.com.
Click on the Game Session Quick Jump
button on the Main Game Creator
screen OR select the “Game Session”
tab from the Main Library Screen.
Click on the New Session button and input
the desired session information including:
a. The Session Name
b. The Number of Teams
c. The Team Names
d. Whether players will choose their
team manually or be randomly
assigned to a team
To invite attendees:
1. Copy the keypad
URL from the
Session Information screen.
2. Paste the URL
in your webinar
email invitation.
Then choose to either save the session
in your “Pending Sessions” or launch the
session to play your game right now.
If you saved your session, it will be located in the Pending
sessions tab where you will be able to Edit or Launch it.
Note: After playing a
game, the gameʼs session is stored in the
Closed sessions tab.
Click “Review” to view
the sessionʼs game data
on www.allplayweb.com.
Once you launch the session select the AllPlay Web game you want to play from the
drop down menu and copy the Keypad URL to paste in your webinar chat window.
This serves as a secondary way for attendees to access a keypad if they misplaced
their invitation.
Playing a Game
Click on the Scores tab to reveal the current
scores and rankings of each team.
The Questions tab displays the gameʼs
questions and possible answers.
The info tab becomes available after
the presenter has ended polling.
The Players tab shows a list of all the players who have who have an active keyad.
The purple screen tab
buttons control what
screen is displayed.
The Navigation Bar
controls the game flow
and playersʼ keypads.
Selecting the “begin polling” button
activates playersʼ keypads and allow
them to answer the displayed question.
Player Keypads
Players answer questions on browser-based keypads.
Buttons on the navigation bar control what players see
such as blue-clickable buttons when you “begin polling”.
Selecting the “end polling” button
closes the polling on the current question and deactivates playersʼ keypads.
Player Gameplay Screen
Selecting Tally Scores tallies the scores
on playersʼ keypads along with displaying that tally in the Scores window on the
AllPlay Web gameplay screen.
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