NETNode IP Mesh Radio Infrastructure Node (Robust) - Guard

NETNode IP Mesh Radio Infrastructure Node
COFDM – Video, Audio Telemetry and IP Products
May 2013 Data Sheet
The most important thing we build is trust
Cobham’s NETNode IP mesh radios are the latest
innovations in the expanding and successful range of
Tactical Communications and Surveillance solutions,
which features Cobham technology at their core.
The Node itself is frequency specific, therefore external
down converters (High/Low switchable barrels) and
external amplifiers (2W) are selected and utilised at the
transmit/receive site prior to onward conversion.
NETNode IP radios can be combined in a fluid selfforming, self-healing mesh, containing up to twelve
radios. The NETNode radios within the mesh exchange
data on a single frequency, simplifying frequency
management. The entire mesh occupies just 2.5MHz of
bandwidth (3.0, 3.5, 5.0 and 6MHz). The NETNode radios
employ the unique Cobham COFDM modulation scheme
and therefore offer excellent RF penetration and
performance in the presence of multipath.
The NETNode can be connected to third party cameras
using the NETAV option. Alternatively, Cobham offer PTZ
camera solutions available for direct connection to the
NETNode: CAMPTZ* is a high performance, high quality
day/night PTZ camera for long range and overt
surveillance. The CAMPTZ* option requires the NETAV
option to be fitted.
The NETNode mesh radios can provide over 6.0Mb/s of
IP data (data rate depends on mode, number of nodes
and range between nodes). This available IP data rate
can be used to exchange IP data traffic between nodes.
The highly flexible mesh topology means that data can be
exchanged between nodes in a point-to-point, or multipoint fashion and the range can be extended by using
nodes as repeaters. The self-forming, self-healing mesh
architecture makes the NETNode product ideal for use in
mobile surveillance applications, command and control,
or advanced robotics.
Security of the entire mesh network can be ensured by
the use of the optional AES128, or AES256 encryption.
Control of the deployed mesh is achieved using the
inbuilt web browser or comprehensive Mission
Commander PC application. This software suite, based
around a mapping display, is used to configure and
monitor the mesh and to control its nodes and cameras.
Video can be viewed on the PC device using the Mission
Commander software or, if IP Hardware Decoder devices
are employed, video can be viewed on conventional
monitors and recorded on conventional recorders.
Mission Commander is now officially released with
Milestone compatibility for data storage and retrieval.
The Quad Infrastructure Node accommodates four
individual diversity receive antennas and a dedicated
single transmit antenna. The benefit of this system is that
Quad diversity improves receive sensitivity by up to 3dB
over dual diversity using Maximum Ratio Combining of all
our channels. Further RX sensitivity can be achieved if
the system is deployed with four sector antennas, to give
a full 360 degrees of coverage. The Infrastructure node
also allows a maximum of up to 30 meters between the
Node and the Receiving antennas, making this ideally
suited to city wide applications, or difficult deployments.
NETNode IP Mesh Radio Infrastructure Node
COFDM – Video, Audio Telemetry and IP Products
February 2013 Data Sheet
Open Audio comms channel (shared voice channel)
RF Interfaces
(Antenna RX1,2,3,4 and TX)
Power and Ethernet
Control and misc I/O
Amphenol 38999 Series 3
Amphenol 38999 Series 3
Camera (A/V)
Amphenol 38999 Series 3
Typical range
NETNode-3RQ-217250 (2W)
Non Line of Sight Light urban 500-700m
Line of Sight 40km+
RF Interfaces
Antenna 1
Antenna 2
Receive only antenna
Receive only antenna
Antenna 3
Receive only antenna
Antenna 4
Receive only antenna
Antenna 5
Transmit antenna
RF and modulation
Output frequency
Tuning step size
Output power
1.00 to 1.5GHz, 1.65 to 2.38GHz, 2.0 to
2.5GHz, 4.4-5.0GHz*
125kHz step
+30 to 0dBm in 0.25dB steps (2W)
C-band 2W +/- 3dB
Multi-user audio
comms channel
Interface microphone level/headphone o/p
G726 32kbit audio
AES128 or AES256 (both optional)
Dedicated GPS interface
Data interface
RS232/RS485 data input
(shared with user camera
PTZ camera interface (with AVI fitted)
User camera type
User camera control
Camera Option
Trigger source
Mesh capacity
2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 5.0 and 6.0MHz
Up to 6.0 Mb/s Phase 3 mesh only
COFDM 360 carrier modulation
Carrier Modulation
BPSK, QPSK or 16QAM (adaptive)
FEC rate
Receive diversity
Receive sensitivity
Maximum Ratio Combining
-98dBm for most robust mode
Trigger action
IP interface
Primary and secondary
ethernet electrical
IP address allocation
Video and audio
streaming format
100BaseT Ethernet
DHCP dynamic IP addressing
Multicast VLC compatible
RTSP Support
Local control
Remote control
A/V input option
Video input
Composite or SDI (selectable)
Video format
Video encoding
525 or 625 (PAL or NTSC)
User selectable quality level
Video bit-rate
Frame rate
Audio input
Audio sample frequency
Audio encoding
Audio bit-rate
2.4Mb/s to 50kb/s (variable)
704, 576, 480 or 352
Self selecting 30 to 2F/s
Line level or microphone level
MPEG audio layer 1
384 to 64kb/s
Store and forward options*
Storage format
SD card interface (Secure Digital card)
Record options
Files download
Video and audio clip size
1K2 to 115K2 baud switchable
With UDP and TCP routing protocol
From Mesh Commander PC application
From any user supplied desk controller
Requires RS232 interface
CAMPTZ long range Pan Tilt Zoom
Third party equipment remote trigger
(e.g. PIR, Nugget etc)
User pre-set time trigger
Video motion detection (NETAV option)
Audio level (NETAV)
Start to transmit (silence mode)
Activate video stream (NETAV option)
Activate audio stream (NETAV option)
Move camera to preset position
Activate local store feature
LED power and mesh status (Bi colour)
Mission Commander PC application
Full control of all parameters in a map
based application
Web Browser
IP66 Minimum
H 188mm, W 145mm, D 90mm (incl
Mounting options base unit
Through hole screws on flange base.
2.0kg (including heat sink) (preliminary)
DC input
Power consumed (2W)
Temperature range
-10 to 50 deg C
Continuous or triggered (Milestone)
From web browser interface
30 seconds
NETNode IP Mesh Radio Infrastructure Node
COFDM – Video, Audio Telemetry and IP Products
Product 2013
Data Sheet
NETNode100mW-3RQI- 100150 COFDM Robust IP Mesh Node, Quad
Diversity (Phase3) 100mW, 1.00-1.50GHz,
excl ANTs, DCBGS's & PSU
NETNode100mW-3RQI- 165238 COFDM Robust IP Mesh Node, Quad
Diversity (Phase3) 100mW, 1.68-2.38GHz,
excl ANTs, DCBGS's & PSU
NETNode100mW-3RQI- 217250 COFDM Robust IP Mesh Node, Quad
Licensing Options
128bit AES Encryption
256bit AES Encryption
Note: AES may be subject to export control
Diversity (Phase3) 100mW, 2.17-2.50GHz,
excl ANTs, DCBGS's & PSU
Product Code Includes
Power & Ethernet external cable 5m
Control & Data external cable 2m
Headset adaptor cable
Accessory Options
Composite Video and Audio input for
IP66 Power Supply, for NETNode-R
DCBGS x 4 off
Pan, Tilt and Zoom camera for NETNode
IP in with either 1, 2 or 4 Video
and 2, 4 or 8 Audio Out Decoder
Mission Commander Control
System (various levels available)
Down Converters for each RX ANT
Quad (RX) Pole Mounted Metal (above)
AP006819 x 4 off
Transmit Mast Mount Metalwork
RX Cavity Filters (RX only 2.0-2.5GHz)
2W Robust Amp for NETNode
2W Robust Amp for NETNode
30M Cable from Node to Amplifier
20M Cable from Node to Amplifier
ANT4.5N, or ANT10N
10M Cable from Node to Amplifier
Antenna 1 to 4 – RX only Sector ANTs
Antenna 5 – TX only Omni ANT
Products are available to security users in licensed frequency bands. These
products are not approved for use by unlicensed users. Commercial
products are available if used in appropriate licensed frequency bands.
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