Sun StorageTek 9940 Tape Cartridge Data Sheet

Tape Cartridge
Key benefits
Reduce costs
The 9940 tape cartridge is a low cost-per-gigabyte,
high-end, half-inch storage medium. It can help you
save money by minimizing tape mounts and improving
automation efficiency.
Save valuable floor space
With the ability to store up to 200 gigabytes of
uncompressed data, the 9940 tape cartridge helps
you store more information in the same footprint.
Protect data
A ground-breaking cartridge design provides
exceptional physical protection to prevent costly
data loss.
Protect investments
Based on the 3480 form factor, these cartridges
integrate simply and easily with your current Sun
StorageTek automated tape systems. When you use
your 9940 tape cartridges with the enhanced capacity
T9940B tape drive, you can increase the value of your
storage media by greater than 300 percent.
Simplify integration
System testing with StorageTek T9940A and
T9940B tape drives and StorageTek libraries
can save installation labor and time.
Increase data security
VolSafe® secure media technology (write once, read
many or WORM) is available for securely archiving
and distributing critical data.
9940 tape cartridge
As data volumes increase, you need to find innovative ways to store more data in the same footprint.
This is the need met by 9940 tape cartridges. When paired with the Sun StorageTek™ T9940B tape
drive, a single 9940 tape cartridge stores up to 200 gigabytes of native data, and far more with data
compression. The result? You can meet your growing data storage requirements and unleash the
value of your tape drives and libraries.
Capacity-centric technology
The 9940 tape cartridge was designed so that when it is used with T9940B tape drives it can store up
to 200 gigabytes of uncompressed data, or up to 400 gigabytes with 2:1 data compression, on a single
cartridge. This ultra-high capacity makes the 9940 cartridge ideal for your high-volume archiving,
backup, and disaster recovery applications.
Easy integration
Based on the 3480 form factor, the capacity-centric 9940 tape cartridge integrates simply and easily
with your current StorageTek automated tape systems. These cartridges are system-tested for use
with T9940A and T9940B tape drives, as well as with supported StorageTek tape automation systems
and software.
Durable design
The 9940 tape cartridge, built to perform a minimum of 10,000 tape mounts, features a single-reel
form factor with a leader block designed for high reliability. Its innovative heavy-duty shell design
offers excellent physical protection, which means fewer damaged cartridges and lower replacement
and data recovery costs.
Ready to use
You can save resources by having VOLSER (volume serial number) labels
applied prior to delivery. 9940 tape cartridges can be pre-labeled and
initialized, then verified with a triple quality check. This process reduces
the pitfalls associated with poorly applied labels.
Backup and restore
Using 9940 cartridges with T9940 tape drives for backup and restore
shortens backup and recovery times with high transfer rates and fewer
cartridge mounts and dismounts. 9940 tape cartridges preserve data
through the most strenuous reading, writing, and retention processes.
Pairing StorageTek 9940 tape cartridges with T9940 tape drives provides a
high-capacity choice for enterprise archiving systems requiring continuous
use and long data retention periods. When implemented with Volsafe®
secure media technology, the T9940 tape drives help secure critical data
as it is archived.
Disaster recovery
StorageTek 9940 cartridges have exceptional durability and longevity. With
T9940 tape drives, the 9940 tape cartridges are ideal for enterprise disaster
recovery processes that remotely vault data in tape form.
VolSafe® technology
The 9940 tape cartridge with VolSafe® secure media technology provides
up to 200 gigabytes (native) of non-erasable, non-rewritable storage when
it is used with T9940B tape drives. You retain the ability to recall that data
within seconds.
Engage the storage experts
Sun’s StorageTek service professionals help you address storage challenges
by delivering integrated services and solutions that optimize and manage
storage performance over the life of your data. Our recognized, world-class
service and customer care gives you confidence that your technology
investment is protected and that your business will be responsive to change.
To help you pinpoint opportunities to reduce costs, mitigate business risk
and better leverage information assets, our consulting and managed
services offerings deliver clarity, simplicity and choice in solutions that
address regulatory concerns, complex storage growth, resource management
and scalability challenges. Covering over 125 countries, more than 2,100
dedicated storage service professionals can help you gain and sustain
measurable results with the reliability and flexibility that you require.
To learn more
To learn more about Sun StorageTek media cartridge technology, talk with
your Sun representative or visit
9940 tape cartridge specifications
Tape speed
Read and write
Search and rewind
Track-following servo
2.0 m/sec (79 ips) — T9940A
2.4 m/sec (95 ips) — T9940B
11.0 m/sec (440 ips)
Advanced metal particle (AMP)
1625+/-75 Oersteds (130+/16.0 KA/m)
Polyethylene naphthalate (PEN)
Factory pre-recorded
Capacity, native (uncompressed)
60 GB (T9940A)
200 GB (T9940B)
Archival life
Short-length durability
Long-length durability
Uncorrected bit error rate
Permanent errors
15–30 years
80,000 read/write passes minimum
6500 read/write passes minimum
1x10 -18
10,000 minimum
Supported tape drives
Number of tracks
Form factor
T9940A, T9940B
288 (T9940A), 576 (T9940B)
Half-inch, 3480/3490E
Drop strength
1.0 in (2.54 cm)
4.92 in (12.50 cm)
4.29 in (10.90 cm)
9.17 oz (262.0 g)
39.4 in (1.0 m)
Relative humidity
Storage up to four weeks
Storage — archive
Temperature (non-condensing)
Storage up to four weeks
Storage — archive
Wet bulb maximum
Storage up to four weeks
Storage — archive
+60° to +90° F (+15° to +32° C)
+40° to +90° F (+5° to +32° C)
+59° to +77° F (+15° to +25° C)
-10° to +120° F (-23° to +49° C)
+78° F (+26° C)
+78° F (+26° C)
+78° F (+26° C)
+78° F (+26° C)
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