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1. You need to set up menu in non-recording mode. If the device
is in recording mode, please stop recording and press [MODE];
2. MicroSD Card: A new memory card must be formatted first and
you may need to do regular cleaning of memory card content
because long-term continuous recording will produce some
unwanted protected files (they will not be erased) and some
fragmentation. Regular cleaning is necessary to maintain a stable
and ample storage space.
3. Motion Detection (Movement Detection): It is not recommended
to enable this feature during normal driving. It may affect the
integrity of the video to start & stop recording repeatedly with the
feature is enabled.
4. Car Charger, Standard Voltage: Please use the car charger
with standard input voltage of 12V. If you find voltage exceeds 12V,
please contact your dealer or customer service immediately to
replace the car charger.
5. The features and menu options introduced in this manual cover
all product models and some may be only available in
optional/advanced models.
6. Please pay attention to the installation position and confirm it
would not affect driving and it is firmly fixed.
Product Structure Description
OK (Confirm) Button
Mode Button/ Menu Button
Power On/ Off Switch
Up Navigation Button
Down Navigation Button
USB Charging Port
Rear Camera Port
MicroSD Card Slot
GPS Module Port (Optional)
Reset Button
Buttons and Their Functions
Press to start up or hold for 3 seconds to turn the device
When the device is on, press to turn screen backlight on /
Press and hold in Recording or Photo modes to enter
MODE / Settings Mode
Button Press and hold in Playback Mode to pop up Delete Files
Press to toggle between Recording / Photo / Playback
Press in Recording Mode to enable Emergency Lock
Press to navigate UP through options in Menu / Playback
UP Button
Press to toggle between the screens of front and rear
cameras in Recording / Photo modes
Press and hold in Playback Mode to enable fast rewind
during video playing
Press to navigate DOWN through options in Menu /
Playback functions
Press to toggle between Record and Mute in Recording
Press and hold in Playback Mode to enable fast forward
during video playing
Press in Recording Mode to start / stop recording
Press to take photos in Photo Mode
OK Button
Press in Playback Mode to start / stop playing video files
Press to apply or save changes during Menu selection
RESET Press to reset the device in the event that it operates
Button erratically, hangs up, or freezes
Installation and Usage
1. Installation
Insert MicroSD card into the recorder to store video, images and
other files. Fix the recorder in the position of rear view mirror and
connect it to cigarette lighter via car charger.
Note: You can lay out the extended charging/power supply wiring
along the edge of windshield. Optional rear camera is installed in
the rear of the vehicle, and you need to pay attention to the
direction of the installation. Wiring can be laid along the roof of a
vehicle. After installation is complete, put camera plug into the
recorder’s rear camera port. Adjust the lens position to ensure
that the lens level with the ground. Start the engine to check if the
device has been installed correctly.
2. Start the Recorder
Press [POWER] button to turn on the recorder; or connect car
charger and start car engine, the recorder will be started
3. Charging Battery and USB Connection
(1) You can use our free car charger. Upon access to power,
battery symbol on top of the screen will be changed into the
charging symbol.
(2) The device could be connected to a computer via USB cable
and a successful connection would automatically pop up the
options menu. You can press [UP / DOWN] button to select and
press [OK] button to confirm.
This device could be functioned as a portable hard drive to copy
and transfer files to/from computer.
It also could act as a web camera to take photos or record videos.
Main Functions and Operation
1. Date/ Time Setup
Press and hold [MODE/MENU] button to enter System Settings
and choose 'Date'. Then press [OK] button to set up. Press the
[UP] or [DOWN] button to change the highlighted number and
press [MODE/MENU] button to switch setting items. Press [OK]
button to exit upon completion.
2. Emergency Lock
When recording, press [MODE/MENU] button to enable
Emergency Lock, the current video segment will be stored as
protected file.
3. Mute Button
When you want to turn off the microphone so that all recorded
videos will be muted, you can simply press DOWN button to enable
mute feature and the symbol on the top of screen will be changed
; to enable audio, simply press [DOWN] button again.
4. Recording Video
Press [OK] button in Recording Mode to start recording, and press
[OK] button again to stop recording.
Note: If this is the first time of recording, please format MicroSD
card and set your own parameters required.
5. Taking Photos
Press [MODE/MENU] button to switch to Photo Mode and press
[OK] button to take photos.
6. File Navigation and Playing Videos
Press [MODE/MENU] button to switch to Playback Mode and press
[UP/DOWN] button to navigate through files.
Playing Videos
Press [OK] button to play the video files with the symbol of
and press [OK] button again to pause. Press and hold [DOWN]
button during playing to fast forward.
Press and hold [UP] button during playing to fast rewind.
Press [MODE/MENU] button to stop playing video.
(2) Deleting Files
To delete one particular file, press and hold [MENU/MODE] button
to pop up Delete Menu. Press the [DOWN] button once to select
"Confirm/OK". Press [OK] to delete file.
Note: 1. If the selected files are protected (locked), the Delete
Menu will not pop up.
2. For the files with lock symbol on top, they are protected
and can’t be deleted directly. To delete them, you need to format
the MicroSD card, erasing all the files.
How to Use a Computer to View the Recorded Files
1. Unplug MicroSD card and plug it into a card reader.
2. Connect the reader into a computer's USB port and open
portable disk/DCIM. "DCIMA" folder contains the files taken by
front lens and "DCIMB" folder contains the files taken by rear
Note: A file which its name contains "LOCA" is protected. Please
exercise caution when you delete it.
3. You need the appropriate software installed on your computer to
play videos and view images.
4. File Backup
Remember to always make backup copies of all important data
stored on the device in your computer. It is not recommended to
establish folder in memory card to store data, which would reduce
card space.
System Settings
1. Press and hold [MODE/MENU] at Recording / Photo Mode to
enter System Settings
2. Menu Description
●Video Quality: FHD 1920*1080/HD 1280*720
●Photo Quality: 1M/2M/5M/8M
●Video Time Length: 2min/3min/5min With Loop Recording Mode
enabled, the device will continuously erase older video as it records
new video, keeping only the images captured over a user-selected
time range. Menu time is the length of a single fragment.
●Move Detect: Your device can be used as a remote surveillance
camera with motion detection capability. When this feature is
enabled, the built-in camera can detect movement in the
surrounding area using an advanced motion detection algorithm. If
movement is detected, the device will automatically enter
Recording Mode and start recording. It will stop recording 10
seconds after the motion stops.
●White Balance:
●Exposure: +3、+2、+1、0、-1、-2、-3
●Power On Record: The feature enables the camera to record the
moment the device is turned on.
select a time duration for the screen to stay lit after recording
●Record Voice: After the box is checked, video is recorded with
synchronized sound; not ticked, not only the video is recorded.
●Parking Monitor: After the box is checked, this feature is enabled.
This feature allows you to use your device as a surveillance
camera with added shake-detection functionality. If shaking is
detected by the built-in g-sensor, the device automatically enters
Record Mode and records for 15 seconds.
●G-SENSOR: Low/Medium/High/OFF 'Off' disables the gravity
sensor; 'high / medium / low' set the sensor sensitivity; the higher
the sensitivity, the lower impact force is needed to activate the
Note: This feature acts as an accelerometer, measuring physical
and gravitational forces acting on the camera itself. In the event
that such forces are detected, the system will automatically store
the recorded video as protected file. It has the same function with
manually enabled emergency lock. If an automatic file lock is not
initiated, you can press [MODE/MENU] button to manually enable
the feature.
●Date: Set up system Date and Time
Note: In order to effectively record the date and time of a
traffic accident, please set up correct time and date before
using the device.
●Languages: The device supports Simplified Chinese, Traditional
Chinese and English
●Time Watermark: You have the option to display the date and
time in your videos.
●Format: OK/Cancel; Select OK to format memory card
Note: Formatting will delete all the files in memory card (including
protected files). Before formatting a memory card, always
remember to make backup copies of all important data stored on
the device. After formatting, files cannot be restored.
●Factory Reset: Cancel/OK; performing this operation will reset all
of your device's settings to their original values. Note: any
user-customized settings will be lost.
●Firmware Info: Query the current software version.
Product Specifications
TF Memory Card
Support up to 32G
Power Interface
140-degree wide-angle lens
4.3 inch
Video Resolution
1080FHD 1920*1080/720P 1280*720
Loop Recording
3 min / 5 min / 10 min / OFF
Motion Detect
Video Format
Image Format
Image Resolution
1M / 2M / 5M / 8M
Operating Temperature
-20℃ ~ +65℃
Note: Design and specifications of this device is subject to
change without notice.
General Troubleshooting
Possible Cause
Device will
Battery may be depleted
Charge the battery
not turn on
Powers off
During normal recoding,
Check the contact of
occasional or regular
charger or USB port
automatic shutdown
Battery may be depleted
Charge the battery
Unable to
MicroSD memory card is
Insert a card or clean
not inserted or not
the insulating
videos or
detected by the device
substance at contact
take photos
point of card
Memory card may be full
Reformat your
memory card after
performing files
MicroSD card contains the
videos/photos recorded by
Format MicroSD card
other recorder
Playing video
Card reader is not fast
Replace card reader
is not smooth
enough or insufficient
or computer and try
system resources in
The captured
Exposure compensation
Adjust the exposure
image is too
parameters are
bright or too
Toxic and Hazardous Substances
Toxic and hazardous substances or elements
Part Name
LCD module
Circuit board assembly
○: represents the content of hazardous substances in the all homogeneous
materials is within the limit required by SJT 11363-2006.
ⅹ: represents the content of some hazardous/toxic substance in a certain
homogeneous material exceeds the limit required by SJT 11363-2006.
Environmental life of the whole device25is 10 years and that of lithium battery
component is 5 years
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