ThinkPad eSATA/USB 500GB Secure Hard Drive

ThinkPad eSATA/USB 500GB Secure Hard Drive
The ThinkPad eSATA/USB 500GB Secure Hard Drive option physically
secures your valuable data in case of theft or loss. Optimized for
safeguarding essential data while on-the-go, this drive offers high-level
256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) security within a slim,
lightweight, self-powered, easy-to-use design.
Funktionen und Nutzen:
Connectivity via either the USB or eSATA interface
Compact size
No requirement for an ac power adapter
Driverless operation under Microsoft Windows 7, Windows XP and Vista
All stored data is fully encrypted using the AES 256-bit security encryption algorithm
Real-time encryption with no read/write speed impact
Shock-mounted 500 GB 5400 rpm hard drive capacity
Integrated high quality metal dome switch keypad for entering an 8 to 16 digit password for 1 user ID and 1
administrator ID
An eSATA/USB combo cable for speedy eSATA data transfer
A standard USB data/power cable
Supplemental USB power cable to ensure adequate USB power
Attractive protective carrying case
Non-skid anti-vibration pads
High quality ThinkPad soft touch paint
Multi-colored LED device status indicator
No software requirements
Administrative password manager in case of forgotten passwords
Limited warranty
Limited warranty period
Environmental Information
Maximum Operating YYYY
95 %
Maximum Operating Temperature
55 C
Minimum Operating HumidityXXX
Minimum Operating Temperature
Depth Metric
Height Metric
Height US
0.76 in
Weight Metric[2]
0.18 Kg
Width Metric
Width US
3.33 in
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