1 AI Prime and Hydra Basic fault finding guide Q and A Q. The fan

AI Prime and Hydra Basic fault finding guide Q and A
Q. The fan on my Prime is noisy
A. Check that the mesh guard on the unit has not been pushed onto the fan
and that there is no dust built up inside the unit.
Q. My Hydra HD fan is noisy
A Check that the fan grill hasn’t been pushed down onto the fan by installing
the light on a single rail or similar mount that would push onto the grill.
Check for dust build up and if required remove the grill and clean the fan
with a small stiff brush.
Q. My Prime or Hydra HD optics are distorted and melted
A. Never place the light face down on a surface or cover glass whilst
illuminated, the optics will concentrate the intense light on the surface and
cause the optic to distort due to heat and the surface may be damaged.
Q. My Hydra or Prime will not turn on and the status light is off
A. Check that the power supply is turned on and that the small led light on
the power supply is illuminated.
Q. My Prime fan runs all the time even when the LED’s are off
A. Early firmware ran the fan all the time; please update the lights firmware
and the fan will only operate when the internal thermistor detects cooling is
Q. There is a buzz noise from my Prime when I adjust the channels.
A. The Prime controls current by PWM dimming technology and as such the
dimmers will make a slight buzz when adjusted between 1-99%, this is
Q. When trying to update my Prime or Hydra HD the file download is
very slow. The lights also react very slow when controlled manually and
sometimes go offline.
A. Your router is too far away from the lights or there is noise on the wireless
channel. Move the router closer to the lights or use a Wi-Fi booster point and
try changing the routers Wi-Fi channel to 3-6-9 or 11. Install the lights 1-4
meters from a router (line of sight)
Q I cannot find my Prime or Hydra HD on my Wi-Fi when trying to
connect for the first time set up.
A. Make sure the light is in discovery mode and is transmitting its SSID. The
status light on the side of the light should flash blue/green. If it doesn’t hold
the button down on the light until it flashes green rapidly (network reset).
Allow it to boot and flash blue/green and then try to find the light again.
Q. I have set up my light incorrectly and I want to start again.
A. From your App delete the light by swiping it to the left from the device
list. Then hold the button down on the light until the led flashes red rapidly
to totally reset the light. Now set the light up again as per our associated
instruction sheet.
Q. My Prime or Hydra HD turns off periodically and the status light
flashes red, after a while it restarts.
A. This indicates a thermal overheat condition. Check that the fan hasn’t
been trapped or damaged and that the light isn’t placed inside a hood with
poor ventilation or an area that has high ambient temperature. The heat sink
needs to blow off heat, if in a hood or unventilated space the heat will build
and the fan will only recirculate hot air.
Q. My Prime or HD flashes erratically or doesn’t turn on and smells of
A Check that the lights haven’t been subjected to water, the lights are not I.P
rated, as they are high performance LED’s and cannot be sealed due to the
requirement to vent heat. Any water allowed to collect on top of the lights
will migrate into the fans and then onto the circuit boards. Such damage will
not be covered by warranty. All such repairs will be chargeable.
Equally do not install the lights in areas of very high humidity or very close to
the water, we suggest 15-40cm from the bottom of the light to the water
Q. The DC power cable on my prime is split where it enters the light
A. Do not tighten the light onto the bracket by turning the light onto the ball
joint bolt when installing. Doing this will cause the flex to rotate and the
bracket to abrade the cable as the cable ‘snakes’ against it. Use the included
key wrench and tighten the bolt whilst holding the light still.
Q. The status light on my Prime or HD is solid red at all times.
A. Try and reset the light by holding down the button on the light until it
flashes red to reset it. If this doesn’t work the light will need to be returned
for inspection as a solid red light can indicate a problem with the lights
circuitry if it does not turn off even after the light has cooled indicating that it
is not associated with a thermal issue.
Q. I cannot associate my Prime or Hydra HD as a Child with another
Parent light.
A. Check both lights are running the same firmware version. If they are
different connect the light with an older firmware to the Internet via a router
as a Parent and update it. After this hold the button down on the light until it
flashes red to reset it, allow it to boot and try to associate it as a child again.
Q. I tried out the Store Demo mode and now I cannot connect to my
Prime or Hydra HD
A. The store demo mode is designed to allow customers to temporarily
connect to a store light for demonstration purposes. The connection will
‘time out’ after ten minutes and you wont be able to control the light after
the ‘time out’, you may also be locked out of some advanced features.
This mode is only to be used for demo units that are not being used at home
or over a populated reef aquarium. The light may have to be reset to clear
this mode by holding down the button on the light until it flashes red and
setting the light up again.
Q. My Prime or Hydra HD turns off or becomes dim during the day even
though my control software shows the light as being on a higher power
A. Check that the lunar setting times are not set to clash with the daytime
running hours of the light. If they over run into those times the light will still
be following the phase of the moon and will reduce the daytime running
settings inline with the phase of the moon. If there is no moon the lights will
be turned off, if there is a half moon the power will be dimmed by half etc.
If in doubt turn lunar off and check if the light returns to normal running, if it
does check the lunar times that you have set.
Q. My control app has stopped controlling the lights correctly
A. Check that your App is up to date by visiting the Apple App store or
Android App store.
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