Technology and talent
deliver their strongest signal and
the FM Transmitter becomes intuitive.
To achieve it we could use only the head,
but then we put the heart, too.
WaveArt: it’s coming
the era of digital
WaveArt is a company specialized in the design and manufacture
of innovative FM transmitters that provide outstanding
performance for cutting-edge radio stations.
We are fascinated by smart technology and by solutions that
improve people’s life. Our focus is on people, to their business
and to their radio experience.
Excellence of our product:
Reliability, efficiency, design and fair price are just a few of our
inspiring principles. Decades of experience in TV Broadcasting
and continuous interactions with other fields make our
products unique. Just as unique are the head and the heart of
who conceived them. WaveArt is an ABE Elettronica spin-off.
Our mission:
Innovate Radio Broadcasting.
The team makes
the difference.
Our team has been able to express its know-how in an unique
way, combining a proven experience in TV Broadcasting with
the typical enthusiasm of the new generations.
The mix of personalities, experiences and expertise that encloses
WaveArt team led to design exceptional FM transmitters,
combining skills, technology and passion.
Technological melting-pot: is there a greater power?
The human wealth always makes the difference: WaveArt
expresses the value of a mature, inventive and lively team,
looking for new and flexible solutions, ahead of their time.
The heterogeneous professional and cultural background of
our team has allowed us to merge into our products solutions
coming from different fields. The result: unequaled service and
performance never seen before.
The reinvention of
FM Transmitters
Listening to the needs and requests of broadcasters,
we managed to incorporate in our transmitters features that
make them unique in terms of reliability, ease of management
and reaction to critical scenarios.
Our goal is to simplify network management and complexity,
in order to prevent you to waste money and time.
Thanks to this approach, in a few years the concept of FM
transmitter will be revolutionized...
Have you ever seen a SAT receiver inside an FM transmitter?
Digital Processing with DDS Modulator
Digital Processing is a technique that involves the conversion
of the input signal from analog to digital; the sampling
result is then processed and modulated at the frequency
required. This method introduces less distortion, requires no
calibration and allows more flexibility on input and output
signal handling. A further benefit is the hardware scalability,
allowing a simple transition to Digital Broadcasting and
additional tailor made features.
Analysis for predictive maintenance
WaveArt transmitters are able to collect and process several
parameters to evaluate the operating conditions at the site.
This feature is crucial for maintenance and for predictive
analysis of potential future failures.
Free warranty up to 5 years
Based on the collected data, the unit recommends the proper
operations to extend its life span, rewarding more careful
customers with an unmatched warranty.
It receives, sharpen and deliver your audio
Our transmitters integrate a comprehensive set of input
interfaces, as well as MPX/RDS Encoder and Audio
Say goodbye to headaches, you won’t need to use external
units anymore!
Aluminium cover with
removable air filter
to be intuitive
WaveArt transmitters are a synthesis of a forefront hardware
design, combining state-of-the-art technology with great ease
of management.
Be part of the innovation
We’ll release FREE software upgrades, adding new features
and constantly increasing the equipment performance.
Simply get the latest software version from our website and
upload it in your transmitter via LAN or USB interface.
Easy plug PSUs
Maintenance tools
Audio monitor jack
RF monitor
Always on-air
Loosing input signal is one of the worst conditions you can
face. Our built-in automatic input switch will immediately get
an alternative in case of failure of the main source. No matter
what happens, WaveArt transmitter will always find a Plan B.
GNSS synchronizer
daughter board
Redundant fans
Modulator board with
Input interfaces
Micro SD slot
Analog and Digital
input interfaces
with automatic switching
LAN interfaces for
Management and Streaming
Micro SD slot
Receiver, CAM
It’s easy
to be smart
We know that power surges and dust constantly threaten your
transmitters and so we implemented the best technology to
make maintenance easier.
In case of a power supply failure, you don’t need to waste your
time disassembling the unit. You can pull out the damaged PSU
from the front panel in just few seconds, with no need to turn
off the transmitter.
Have you forgotten your tools? No problem, WaveArt
transmitter holds the necessary set of tools behind the cover!
Easy plug power supplies
Maintenance tools
A penny saved
is a penny earned
Developing strategies to increase sales to drive up profit and
grow up the organization is the target of every CEO.
But you know that increasing sales is much more difficult and
inconstant than reducing costs.
WaveArt transmitters, thanks to their typical 75% efficiency
and exclusive features, work right by your side to minimize
your running costs, thus freeing up resources.
So, just switch on and start monetizing!
Adaptive Efficiency Boost
Using a proprietary algorithm that
directly acts on the RF stages,
WaveArt transmitters are able to
self optimize the key parameters
to achieve the maximum efficiency
without any retuning.
Wave Plan
Power scheduler
Using WavePlan you are able to fit your
power consumption according to your
audience. You can create daily and weekly
plans, setting up start and stop time and
output power level. You can even save and
recall plans on different transmitters.
Always connected
providing concrete
Telemetry: which advantages?
Having total control and knowing how the equipment works is
priceless: that’s why in our transmitters telemetry will never
be an option. The embedded web server and SNMP agent
provide a quick connection to the equipment, allowing you to
check and manage all the parameters from any device,
wherever you are.
WaveArt transmitters are able to send e-mails in case of
specified events. The transmitter shows you its past
behavior through the advanced event log and it foresees the
future thanks to the EffiSense prognostics feature.
Our experience at your service
We offer professional technical training courses to enable
operators to become familiar with theoretical and practical
aspects of radio broadcasting.
Detailed content of each course will be customized to suit the
particular needs of those attending.
Our team assists you in every step of your network planning,
as well as in every kind of troubleshooting.
We care for human relationships first and we’ll always do our
best to put you and your station on top.
Medium Power FM Transmitters
Wave Series
Analog receiving interfaces:
FM receiver (for regenerative transposer application or for audio monitoring)
Input connector (for transposer application): N female 50Ω
Note: for regenerative transposer application it is also required an input filter
Digital receiving interfaces:
DVB-S/S2 receiver: input “L” band, “F” female connector 75 Ω; LNB power supply and
DVB-T/T2 (Base and Lite) and ISDB-T/Tb receiver: input 42 to 1002 MHz, “F” female
connector 75 Ω
Digital receivers have the possibility to select and decode the wanted audio service
(PID) (formats supported: MP3; AAC-LC; AAC-HE; MPEG1 L2; WMA; FLAC; Ogg Vorbis)
Additional option: CAM slot for encrypted services
Input Interface selection:
Manual or Automatic with priority levels user selectable
Output frequency range:
87.5 to 108 MHz (Output frequency adjustable in 10 kHz steps)
0, 50 or 75 µS selectable
Class of emission and Frequency deviation:
F3E – Standard: ± 75kHz peak deviation – Max: ± 200kHz peak deviation
Mono / Stereo Audio bandwidth:
20Hz to 15 kHz
Frequency stability:
In the temperature range -5 to +45°C: ≥ ±1ppm
in one year (aging): ≥ ±1ppm
Option: GNSS synchronizer (GPS + GLONASS) for better than 1Hz precision and
Audio amplitude/frequency response
≥ ±0.15 dB (30Hz to 15 kHz - including pre-emphasis)
MPX bandwidth:
Up to 100 kHz (according to the filter selected)
FM S/N ratio:
80 dB (typ. below 100% deviation at 400Hz)
Distortion (THD):
≤ 0.1% (typ. 0.02%)
Stereo crosstalk attenuation (30Hz to
15 kHz):
≥ 50 dB (typ. 65 dB)
Asynchronous AM S/N ratio:
≥ 55 dB below equivalent 100% AM @ 400Hz measured with 75µS de-emphasis
(no FM modulation)
Synchronous AM S/N ratio:
≥ 50 dB below equivalent 100% AM @ 400Hz measured with 75µS de-emphasis
(FM ± 75 kHz peak deviation with 1kHz tone)
Model/Nominal output power:
Wave 600: 600W – Wave 1000: 1KW – Wave 2000: 2KW – Wave 3000: 3KW
tol.: +0/-0.5db
Output power range:
Output power is adjustable from nominal value up to -10dB
Output power stability:
±0.2dB (with ALC inserted – Automatic Level Control)
Output connector and impedance:
DIN 7-16 female - 50Ω
Load (Antenna) VSWR:
Normal operation up to 1.5:1 (4% reflected power – 14dB return loss).
Fold-back and Fast Protection functions operate (see description under
“Embedded Features”)
Spurious emissions
(including harmonics):
Compliant with ETSI and FCC specification
RF Monitor output:
SMA Female on the front panel (coupled to the RF output @ -50dB typ.)
Analog Audio:
L; R or L+R: N°2 XLR female (Balanced; impedance 600Ω/10KΩ jumper selectable)
Nominal input level: +15dBu to -15dbu (software adjustable)
MPX / SCA / RDS: N°2 BNC female (Unbalanced; impedance 50Ω/10KΩ jumper
Nominal input level: +15dBu to -15dbu (software adjustable)
Digital Audio:
AES/EBU: XLR female (Balanced; impedance 110Ω)
Nominal input level: -20 dBfs to 0 dBfs (software adjustable); automatic sample rate
Ethernet 10/100 base T (for Web Radio streaming and IP link): RJ45
Micro SD Card slot:
Cards up to 32GB; Supported format: MP3; AAC-LC; AAC-HE; MPEG1 L2; WMA; FLAC;
Ogg Vorbis
Card reader for emergency content transmission (in case other input sources are not
CAM slot for encrypted services
DVB-T/T2 (Base and Lite), ISDB-T/Tb and DVB-S/S2
receiver board
Stereo MPX (ITU-R Recommendation 450)
RDS/RBDS (static and dynamic)
Dynamic data through RS232 port – other options for dynamic data on custom basis)
AC Input voltage and frequency:
185 to 264 Vac; 47 to 63 Hz single phase
AC/DC Power Supplies
Wave 600 and Wave 1000: single power supply hot pluggable from the front panel
Option for double, full redundant, power supply
Wave 2000 and Wave 3000: two or three power supplies hot pluggable from the
front panel in semi-redundant configuration
Digital Audio processing:
Limiter (with adjustable threshold)
Look-Ahead Audio Compressor (with adjustable parameters)
19 kHz (external RDS) / MPX output
BNC female 50Ω
Fold-back function:
In case of high value of VSWR (exceeding the specified tolerance) or power amplifier
high heatsink temperature, the Fold-back function operates to reduce the RF output
power before tripping off.
AC to RF Efficiency:
Fast Protection function:
In case of instantaneous very high VSWR (e.g.: RF output disconnection or short
circuit), the Fast Protection function operates to cut-off output power in few
Operating temperature range and max.
Environmental sensors:
Temperature, Humidity, Dust, Corrosion (for alarms, protections and predictive
-5 to +45°C @ MSL
Maximum operating temperature decreases by 6,5°C / 1.000 m altitude (as per the
international ICAO Standard Atmosphere) up to the maximum allowed operating
altitude of 3.000 m AMSL.
Fold-back function operates (see description under “Embedded Features”)
Maximum operative humidity:
Audio monitoring:
Stereo jack 3.5 mm for headphones on the front panel to monitor input signals and
the RF output signal (using the embedded FM receiver/demodulator).
95% non condensing
Wave600 and Wave1000: 1 fan for power supply and 1 fan for power amplifier
option for double, full redundant, fans
Wave2000 and Wave3000: 2 or 3 fans for power amplifier and 2 or 3 fans for power
supply in semi-redundant configuration
Fans are high quality, long life, ball bearings units, easily replaceable from the rear
panel with automatic variable speed (according to the internal temperatures) to
reduce dust and power consumption.
Fold-back function operates (see description under “Embedded Features”)
19” 3U Rack drawer
Wave 600 / 1000 / 2000: depth 45 cm
Wave 3000: depth 70 cm
Note: measures taken from the front panel to the rear panel. Handles, fans,
connectors, etc. excluded.
Wave 600 / 1000 / 2000: approx. 18Kg (according to the options installed)
Wave 3000:approx. 28Kg (according to the options installed)
Power factor:
“Wave Plan” Output Power Scheduler:
Reduce the output power at specific times and days, thus further reducing
operational costs (OPEX)
Controlled parameters:
All main parameters of the transmitter are constantly controlled by the embedded
MCU and available on the local display as well as through the remote control (Web
Server, SNMP, etc.)
Parameters include: transmitter and interfaces settings, output frequency and power
(forward and reflected), voltages and currents, temperatures, input levels, optional
devices (e.g.: GPS/GLONASS synchronizer, DVB-S/S2 receiver, etc.)
Web Server:
Manage all the main equipment parameters.
Access is protected by username/password (with 3 different levels of control)
SNMP Agent:
Version 2
Send alarms, read and set parameters. MIB file is downloadable from the web server
E-mail Client:
Send automated notification in case of specified conditions to programmed email
Event Logger:
Stores over 5.000 events (with time, date and description)
The event Log can be downloaded through the web server.
Remote control interface:
RJ45 connector - Ethernet 10/100 Base-T (SNMP - web server - e-mail client)
Other options on custom basis
Remote firmware upgrade:
Control Contacts:
One free contact available as general alarm; one contact (to be shorted)
for transmission enabling
≥ 0,96 (typ. 0,99 - @ nominal output power)
Main power supplies have High Efficiency (typ. 95%) and are equipped with PFC
(Power Factor Corrector)
≥ 70% (typ. 75% with AEB inserted - Adaptive Efficiency Boost)
Conditions: standard product @ nominal output power, 230 Vac supply voltage, 25°C ambient temperature
Medium Power FM Transmitters
Wave Series
Main Features & Specs
Model/Nominal output power:
Wave 600: 600W – Wave 1000: 1KW – Wave 2000: 2KW – Wave 3000: 3KW
Employed technologies:
Full digital processing with DDS modulator; High Efficiency RF Power Amplifier with
AEB (Adaptive Efficiency Boost); High Efficiency Power Supply with PFC
(Power Factor Corrector)
Input interfaces
Analog: L; R or L+R; N°2 MPX or SCA or RDS
Digital: AES/EBU; Ethernet (for Web Radio streaming and IP link)
Micro SD card reader (with decoders)
Analog receiving interface (with demodulator): FM receiver (for regenerative
Digital receiving interface (with CAM and decoders): DVB-S/S2; DVB-T/T2; ISDB-T
Automatic switching between input interfaces
Embedded Decoders
MP3; AAC-LC; AAC-HE; MPEG1 L2; WMA; FLAC; Ogg Vorbis
Embedded Encoders
Stereo Encoder (MPX); RDS Encoder (static and dynamic)
Digital Audio Processing
Limiter, Look-Ahead Audio Compressor; Equalizer
Environmental sensors:
Temperature, Humidity, Dust, Corrosion (for alarms, protections and predictive
Remote control
Ethernet 10/100 Base-T (SNMP - Web Server - e-mail Client)
Other options on custom basis
Remote firmware upgrade:
AC to RF efficiency:
75% typ. (with AEB inserted - Adaptive Efficiency Boost)
19” 3U Rack drawer
Other features & options:
GPS-GLONASS receiver/synchronizer (for Frequency precision/stability - Isofrequency
Synchronization - Location Locked Antitheft)
“Wave Plan” Output Power Scheduler to reduce operational costs (OPEX)
...and much, much more is on the way!
For more detailed features specification and for custom solutions (e.g.: remote controls, backhauling, isofrequency,
customizations, etc.), the information is subject to an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement).
Some of the described features are included in the standard product; other features are available as hardware and/or software
options. Please consult WaveArt technical/commercial office for more details and for availability.
All specifications contained in this document may be changed without prior notice.
WaveArt Srl - Via Leonardo da Vinci, 222 - 24043 Caravaggio (BG) - Italy
Tel: +39-0363.19.25.242 - -
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