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Sound Analysis
The sound files created by Avisoft-RECORDER can be easily
analyzed in the Avisoft-SASLab Pro sound analysis
software. Time-expanded bat calls can also be acquired
through a standard sound card using the integrated real-time
recording spectrograph. This software allows rapid analysis
and supports a wide range of analysis (and synthesis)
options. It is probably the most powerful software tool that is
currently available for bioacoustic research. Many features
are specifically designed for bat sound analysis (zerocrossing analysis, instantaneous frequency and compressing
of long call sequences).
Various cursors support quick measurements. A powerful
automatic parameter measurement option can further
accelerate investigations. Among the parameters that can be
measured automatically are call duration, dominant
frequency, start and end frequencies. The software can also
be configured for subsequent automated call classification.
Additionally, various statistics can be derived from these
Spectrograms and waveforms can be printed at high quality.
For printing long call sequences at high resolution, the
printout can be spread over several rows and pages.
Avisoft-SASLab Pro is the best choice for researchers
interested in advanced sound analysis and synthesis.
What are the advantages of the
UltraSoundGate system over
other bat detectors?
The 16 bit A/D conversion with integrated adaptive AAF filter
and the newly designed high-quality microphones enable highquality recordings with superior signal-to-noise ratios and low
The integrated peak level meter (consisting of 5 LED's) helps
adjusting the recording level appropriately (for preventing both
overload and too soft recordings).
Unlimited continuous recording time (the only limitation is the
size of the computer harddisk).
Real-time spectrogram display with optional automated call
parameter measurements and classification.
A TTL-compatible digital input allows to synchronize the sound
recordings with other signals (e.g. video).
Due to the sturdy construction of all its components, the
UltraSoundGate system will work reliably even under rough
field conditions.
The accomanying RECORDER USGH software can
simultaneously acquire weather and GPS data from third-party
devices. The collected coordinates, which are saved into
common .gpx or .kml log files, can be imported easily into GIS
applications such as Google Earth.
A versatile XML-based metadata input tool providing userdefined database fields with optional validation capabilities
allows to enter the documentation already in the field. This
metadata information is stored directly into the .wav files (into a
custom dXML RIFF chunk), which means that it is tighly
connected to the original recordings.
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Lite and
demo version
Avisoft Bioacoustics UltraSoundGate
PC-based ultrasound recording and playback systems
for applications both in the lab and in the field
TTL-compatible digital input
The trigger button allows to control
the Avisoft-RECORDER software remotely
A rugged input
allows to attach
microphones or
other signal
The rugged and compact
unit is made of highquality components.
It's aluminium housing
provides maximum
reliability in the field.
The electret condenser microphone
is very compact and rugged
(better reliability in
humid environments).
The optional
Polaroid transducer
capsule provides maximum
sensitivity around 50kHz.
Very sensitive externally
polarized solid-dielectric
condenser microphone
with a flat frequency
response between
15 and 200 kHz.
Direct sampling
at up to 1 MHz at
16 bit resolution enables
superior sound quality.
Rugged USB interface
for streaming the digitized
ultrasounds into a laptop PC
(bus-powered operation)
Its modular concept allows to optimize the system
for a wide range of different applications
Charge amplifier with
adjustable high-pass filter
for connecting
passive hydrophones
Power module and
low-noise preamplifier
for directly connecting
1/4“ or 1/8“ measurement
UltraSoundGate 116Hm for hand-held
use in the field
Gain control knob
with a wide 40dB
control range
Acoustic monitor
(bat detector
A peak level and overload
indicator helps adjusting
the gain appropriately. Electrostatic
Small-sized tablet PCs can be mounted
directly on the USG 116Hm, which creates a
compact and light-weight bat recorder
with integrated GPS and weather data
logging functionality.
USG 416H (4 channels)
UltraSoundGate Player 116
UltraSoundGate 116H for lab use
Powerful Recording Software
System requirements
IBM-compatible PC, 900 MHz or
more with at least one USB 2.0 port,
running Windows Vista, 7 or 8
The UltraSoundGate system has been developed by
Avisoft Bioacoustics having more than 24 years of experience in
designing animal sound analysis software, digital signal processing
systems and ultrasound recording / detecting equipment.
The accompanying Avisoft-RECORDER USGH software
saves the incoming sounds onto the PC harddrive and
provides a real-time spectrogram display, numerous
triggering options including sound-activated and timer
controlled modes. A GPS data acquisition option supports
the geographic documentation of field surveys.
Recording ultrasound has never been easier!
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