Tributaries NEW Series 6 USB Cable
November 2013
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Tributaries NEW Series 6 USB Cable
Tributaries proudly announces a high performance USB cable designed
for high speed USB 2.0 computer audio applications; the Series 6 USB.
Engineered exclusively for Tributaries by Jay Victor, the 6USB uses design criteria far beyond any other USB cable in its class. Most computer
USB cables are simply built to a lower standard where cost savings is
the objective. Tributaries uses heavy gauge HC-OFC signal conductors
(26AWG) to lower resistance and increase signal transfer. USB is a high
frequency system by design with the signal frequency being in the GHz
range. At these very high frequencies, unless specific design considerations are implemented, “skin effect” will reduce the overall signal transfer. Understanding this, Jay added 2.5% silver-plating to the signal conductors. The silver-plated “skin” provides a lower resistance, low loss path for the delicate digital signal. To minimize timing and jitter issues precision twisting techniques, also found in the manufacture of high-end HDMI
cables, are used. To lower dielectric losses and its resulting distortion, specialized polyethylene material is used
to insulate the data signal conductors. Jay designed the power conductors with a heavier gauge (24AWG) to ensure adequate current is provided to the audio devices. In addition, separate shielding on the signal conductors
prevents power line noise from getting into the signal path. There is another double set of shields that isolate the
entire cable preventing ingress from outside EMI and RFI. This extremely high quantity of shielding also prevents
the high-frequency digital signal from radiating out of the cable (egress) which could result in high noise levels in
nearby cables.
Overall, there are many factors which differentiate the Tributaries Series 6 USB cable from generic USB cables,
listening to them will make you a believer. These cables are in stock and available for immediate delivery. Call
Tributaries at 888-554-2514 to order your set and enjoy the difference it makes in your computer audio system.
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