IDW500 Quick Print Card

Steps for Successful Passport Photos
1. Power ON the System.
• Power ON the photo printer,
IDW500 console, and then
the passport camera.
• When you see the CAMERA
DETECTED message on the
console, you’re ready to begin.
This takes about a minute.
Need to order more supplies?
Contact your sales representative.
When speaking with your Sales
Representative, please be
sure to specify you need media
specifically for the IDW500
2. Take the Photo.
• Fill the black, square head guide
on the camera screen with the
subject’s head. (Don’t go outside
the guide marks or use the
camera’s white focus tracking.)
• Use the standard passport
rules when taking pictures (light
background, no shadows, etc.).
• Review the photo on the camera
LCD. Verify photo follows the
standard rules.
3. Send the Image via DPOF.
• Press PLAYBACK on the camera.
• Press MENU. Scroll up 5 to
• Press SELECT.
The image did not transfer to the console/I can’t see the
image on the console preview screen.
• Make sure the IDW500 application is active and visible on the console.
• Look for a CAMERA FOUND message on the console. Listen for the
PING sound. Keep in mind that it takes at least one minute for the
camera to connect with the console via Wi-Fi.
• If you are sure the camera is connected, check that the image was
marked for DPOF.
• On the camera, enter PLAYBACK mode.
• Verify that the image has DPOF marked.
• If you are not sure if the camera is connected, power cycle the camera.
• Wait at least one minute. Look for CAMERA FOUND and listen for
the ping.
• If the camera is still not
connected, power cycle the
• On the console, press the
GEAR icon; then press
the SHUTDOWN button.
Wait for the console to shut
• Press the POWER button (side of the console) to restart the
• If the problem persists, contact Tech Support at 844-367-8777.
The same image keeps showing on the preview screen. Why?
• More than likely, the camera is still in playback mode. Press the
PLAYBACK button on the camera to return to shooting mode. Always
return to shooting mode as soon as you see the DPOF mark on the
Need to order more supplies?
4. Return to Shooting Mode.
• Press the PLAYBACK button again just after the DPOF
message appears on the camera screen.
Do not leave the camera in playback mode.
Rev: 03.2017
Please contact your Sales
Representative. When speaking
with your Sales Representative,
please be sure to specify you need
media specifically for the IDW500
The console says IMAGE REJECTED. What’s wrong?
• The console automatically rejects image that are not consistent with
standard passport photo rules and regulations.
• Face cannot be detected. Check for blurriness or poor lighting
• Head size is too small/large. Use the on-screen head guide to
correct the sizing.
• Image is too dark. If possible, use photo lighting for the subject
and the background. Use the camera flash if necessary.
• Shadows on background. No pronounced shadows are allowed.
What are some other tips and tricks to get the most
out of my system?
• Correct power on order: printer first, console second, camera third.
• If you restart the camera at any time, wait one minute for the camera to
connect to the console via Wi-Fi.
• It takes less than three minutes for the console to initialize. Every time
the console is restarted, a test page is printed. This lets you know that
the printer is working properly, and that the system is ready to accept
• If you must restart the console, use the proper software shutdown
procedure. Do not restart the console using only the power button - this
can cause system failures.
• The camera and card can take up to 2 minutes to sync up with the
• Replace and recharge batteries often. Once the battery reaches halffull, the remaining battery life drains more quickly.
System Sounds
• Ping. CAMERA FOUND and the console is ready for image transfer.
Continues every few seconds while the camera is powered on.
• Electronic. TRANSFERRING IMAGE from camera to console.
• Pump. Console is PROCESSING IMAGE - resizing and preparing for
print. Also when transferring images to a USB drive.
• Gong. PRINTING, image successfully sent to printer.
• Buzzer. IMAGE REJECTED, console is unable to detect the subject,
image is too dark, or head size is incorrect.
• Beep. PRINTER NOT FOUND at console power up.
• Long Beep. INSERT USB drive.
• Alarm Clock. REMOVE USB drive.
5. Verify the Image Transfer.
• The IDW500 console beeps and a TRANSFERRING IMAGE
message appears. Next, a stitching sound is heard and a
PROCESSING IMAGE message appears.
• If the image is rejected, an IMAGE REJECTED message
appears. Reshoot the image following the standard passport
6. Print the image.
• When the image is processed, the acceptance screen
appears. Press ACCEPT
PHOTO to print the
for editing options, or
CANCEL to return to the
main screen and retake
the image on the camera.
• On the editing screen,
make changes to the
color, brightness, contrast, and slight rotation changes.
• Press CANCEL to return to the main screen.
• After sending images to be printed, you can also save them to
a USB device.
• If the camera is not detected by the IDW500 console, check
that the camera batteries are still charged.
• When the image has printed and the customer is happy with
the result, delete the image from the camera memory - go to
PLAYBACK mode, press the DELETE button, confirm the
delete, and then return to shooting mode.
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