Windows XP COM Port Settings

COM Port Settings
Windows XP
Basic Information
1. In Order to use ICT Tools, you must have a COM Port on your
2. If not, you would have to purchase a RS232 to USB Converter witch
will allow you to use a USB Port on your computer.
3. If you do use a RS232 to USB Converter, please follow the
manufactures instructions in order to install the drivers. Make sure
that after installing drivers that the COM number is changed to
COM1. (See below instructions on how to change COM number)
1. To access your COM Port settings on your computer, please follow
these steps:
a. Go to your start menu.
b. Find My Computer and right click and go to properties.
c. Click on Hardware Tab, then click on Device Manager
d. Look for Ports in the list.
e. Double click on Ports to drop down another item.
f. Double click on Port Name to bring up Port Properties.
g. Click on Settings tab on top.
h. Make sure COM Setting are as follow
i. Bits per second – 9600
ii. Data Bits – 8
iii. Parity – None
iv. Stop bits – 1
v. Flow Control - None
2. If COM Port is not set to (COM1), now is the time to set it:
a. Click on Advance tab in the Port Settings.
i. Under COM Port number, click on the down arrow and
select COM1 as your Port Number.
ii. Click Ok to close the Advance window.
iii. Click Ok to close the COM Port window.
iv. Back in the Device Manager window, if under Ports it
says COM1, you can close out the window.
v. If it does not same COM1, you need to restart your
computer to take effect of the new setting. (Depends on
Operating System)
3. For all ICT Tools being used, make sure that COM1 in the tool is
selected. Having another COM number will give you no
communication between your Bill Acceptor and the Tool. (Default
setting for all ICT Tools will be COM1)
1. If there is no communication between Bill Acceptor and Computer,
make sure the following are correct:
a. Make sure that all connections to computer and Bill Acceptor
are secure.
b. Make sure that software for other devices that use same COM
Port are not running in the background to prevent
communication problems.
c. If using a RS232 to USB Converter, make sure drivers are
installed properly and COM Port is set to COM1.
d. Power is applied to Bill Acceptor in order for communication to
be accessed.
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