IMC Networks iMcV-Giga-MediaLinX, TX/SSLX-SM1310/PLUS-SC (1310xmt/1550rcv)

IMC Networks iMcV-Giga-MediaLinX, TX/SSLX-SM1310/PLUS-SC (1310xmt/1550rcv)
iMcV MediaLinX Series
10/100 and 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet
SNMP-Manageable, Switching Media Converters
The iMcV MediaLinX series offers the most flexible
Ethernet switching media converters in the industry.
Dissimilar media types, protocols and duplex settings can make LAN internetworking and
Fiber-to-the-Subscriber projects challenging undertakings. For example, if the service
provider network infrastructure is 100 Mbps or Gigabit fiber but the customer wants to
receive a standard 10 Mbps Ethernet interface to their LAN, making the connection
between the two network segments can be difficult. The complexity of today's mixed media
networks and the increasing demand for bandwidth requires access equipment that is both
flexible in connecting different media types and scalable between different speeds.
Convert speed, media and duplex mode:
The iMcV MediaLinX series of switching media converters offers service providers and
enterprise networks unparalleled flexibility in connecting copper-based networks to Fast
Ethernet or Gigabit fiber optic infrastructures. The SNMP-manageable MediaLinX converters allow device managers to use Auto-Negotiation functionality on the twisted pair port
for plug-and-play operation, or to manually configure the port for the desired speed and
duplex mode. What's more, you can even set the fiber port for Half- or Full-Duplex operation (10/100 Mbps only). The iMcV MediaLinX series includes two models:
• One 10/100 twisted pair port with an RJ-45 connector.
• One 100 Mbps fiber port with ST, SC or MT-RJ connector(s)
• Available with fault-tolerance (see below).
• One 10/100/1000 twisted pair port with an RJ-45 connector.
• One 1000 Mbps fiber port with SC connector(s).
iMcV-FT-MediaLinX provides a dual data path; during operation, the primary link segment is active while the secondary link segment is non-active to prevent an illegal
Ethernet loop. If the primary link segment fails, iMcV-FT-MediaLinX automatically places
the secondary link segment online and makes the primary link segment non-active. This
allows connected devices to continue to transmit and receive data. Once the primary
link segment is re-established, that link segment will become active once again.
The iMcV MediaLinX series also includes troubleshooting features and LEDs to assist in
network diagnostics as well as make isolating cable breaks easier should they occur.
In addition, hot-swappable MediaLinX modules significantly reduce operation costs by
allowing other modules within the same chassis to remain up and running during
product upgrades, maintenance and troubleshooting.
Same unit converts speed, media
and duplex mode!
• Available in 10/100 and 10/100/1000
• Configure twisted pair port for AutoNegotiation or force the speed
• Twisted pair and fiber ports can be
individually configured for Half- or
Full-Duplex operation
Easy to configure and manage with
GUI-based iView²
• Up and running in less than 5 minutes
• Easily adjust settings when user
requirements change
• Easy upgrades; no user intervention
or visits to remote locations required
• Monitor and control all connections
Meets a variety of installation
• Available for multi-mode or singlemode fiber
• Available for single-strand fiber
• Available in fault-tolerant versions
Easily configure and manage converters with the GUI-based iView²:
Eases Troubleshooting
As an SNMP management application, iView² gives network managers the ability to
monitor and control IMC Networks' products. iView² runs standalone on Windows
NT/XP/2000, as a standalone
Java Application for other
operating systems, as a snapin module for HP OpenView,
as a Web Server running
under IIS or as a Java Web
Servlet. For assistance in
selecting the right version of
iView² for your operating system, please visit our web site
at the following:
• LinkLoss, FiberAlert, SNMP management and LEDs assist in diagnosing
problems on fiber optic networks
Technical Specifications
• IEEE 802.3 10Base-T
• IEEE 802.3u 100Base-TX
• IEEE 802.3u 100Base-FX or SX fiber
• Available with fault-tolerance
• Switch-over rate: 8 milliseconds (FT only)
• Supports jumbo packets up to 1916 bytes
• IEEE 802.3 10Base-T
• IEEE 802.3u 100Base-TX
• IEEE 802.3ab 1000Base-T twisted pair
• IEEE 802.3z 1000Base-LX or SX fiber
• Supports packets up to 1536 bytes
All Modules
• IEEE 802.3x Flow Control
• AutoCross for MDI-II/MDI-X
• Features LinkLoss and FiberAlert
• Features Auto-Negotiation and Selective
• Layer 2 packet switching, store and forward
• Forwarding rate: 14,880pps for 10 Mbps;
148,800pps for 100 Mbps;
1,488,000pps for 1000 Mbps (Gig only)
• 50/125µm or 62.5/125µm multi-mode fiber
• 9/125µm single-mode fiber
• Available for single-strand fiber
• Connectors: RJ-45, and ST, SC or MT-RJ
• Installs in any iMediaChassis, iMediaCenter or
• Supports GUI-Based iView²
• Supports Half- and Full-Duplex operation
• Includes diagnostic LEDs
• Includes hot-swappable architecture
Regulatory Approvals:
· FCC Class A
Shipping Weight: .30 lbs (.11 kg)
Operating Temperature:
32° to 122°F (0° to +50°C); 5% to 90% (non-condensing),
0 – 10,000 ft. altitude
Storage Temperature: -13° to +158°F (-25° to +70°C);
5 to 90% (non-condensing)
Fiber Optics Specifications
For each product listed below in the Ordering Information section, the number in the [XX] denotes an approximate fiber distance based on industry-standard fiber specifications and worst-case (connector loss, aged fiber, splices, etc.) installations. You can typically achieve substantially longer distances.
Actual distances may vary for each installation. For complete power budgets and information on calculating specific distances, please visit web site our at or contact IMC Networks Fiber Consulting Services at 949-465-3000. Twisted pair distance is 100 meters.
Ordering Information
iMcV-FT-MediaLinX Fault-Tolerant
iMcV-MediaLinX, TX/FX-MM1300-ST [2 Km]
iMcV-MediaLinX, TX/FX-MM1300-SC [2 Km]
iMcV-MediaLinX, TX/FX-MM1300-MT [2 Km]
iMcV-MediaLinX, TX/FX-SM1310/PLUS-ST [40 Km]
iMcV-MediaLinX, TX/FX-SM1310/PLUS-SC [40 Km]
iMcV-MediaLinX, TX/FX-SM1310/LONG-ST [80 Km]
iMcV-MediaLinX, TX/FX-SM1310/LONG-SC [80 Km]
iMcV-MediaLinX, TX/FX-SM1550/LONG-SC [100 Km]
iMcV-MediaLinX Single-Strand Fiber
iMcV-MediaLinX, TX/SSFX-SM1310-SC (1310xmt/1550rcv) [20 Km]
iMcV-MediaLinX, TX/SSFX-SM1550-SC (1550xmt/1310rcv) [20 Km]
iMcV-MediaLinX, TX/SSFX-SM1310/PLUS-SC (1310xmt/1550rcv) [40 Km]
iMcV-MediaLinX, TX/SSFX-SM1550/PLUS-SC (1550xmt/1310rcv) [40 Km]
iMcV-MediaLinX, TX/SSFX-SM1310/LONG-SC (1310xmt/1550rcv) [60 Km]
iMcV-MediaLinX, TX/SSFX-SM1550/LONG-SC (1550xmt/1310rcv) [60 Km]
iMcV-FT-MediaLinX Fault-Tolerant
56-14929-MT iMcV-FT-MediaLinX, TX + 2*FX-MM1300-MT [2 Km]
iMcV-FT-MediaLinX, 2*TX + FX-MM1300-ST [2 Km]
iMcV-FT-MediaLinX, 2*TX + FX-MM1300-SC [2 Km]
FX-SM1310/PLUS-ST [40 Km]
FX-SM1310/PLUS-SC [40 Km]
FX-SM1310/LONG-ST [80 Km]
FX-SM1310/LONG-SC [80 Km]
FX-SM1550/LONG-SC [100 Km]
iMcV-Giga-MediaLinX, TX/SX-MM850-SC [300 m]
iMcV-Giga-MediaLinX, TX/LX-SM1310-SC [10 Km]
iMcV-Giga-MediaLinX, TX/LX-SM1310/PLUS-SC [40 Km]
iMcV-Giga-MediaLinX, TX/LX-SM1550/LONG-SC [70 Km]
iMcV-Giga-MediaLinX Single-Strand Fiber1
iMcV-Giga-MediaLinX, TX/SSLX-SM1310-SC (1310xmt/1550rcv) [10 Km]
iMcV-Giga-MediaLinX, TX/SSLX-SM1550-SC (1550xmt/1310rcv) [10 Km]
iMcV-Giga-MediaLinX, TX/SSLX-SM1310/PLUS-SC (1310xmt/1550rcv) [40km]
iMcV-Giga-MediaLinX, TX/SSLX-SM1550/PLUS-SC (1550xmt/1310rcv) [40 Km]
iMcV-Giga-MediaLinX, TX/SSLX-SM1490/LONG-SC (1490xmt/1550rcv) [60 Km]
iMcV-Giga-MediaLinX, TX/SSLX-SM1550/LONG-SC (1550xmt/1490rcv) [60 Km]
iMcV-Giga-MediaLinX, TX/SSLX-SM1490/XLONG-SC (1490xmt/1550rcv) [80 Km]
iMcV-Giga-MediaLinX, TX/SSLX-SM1550/XLONG-SC (1550xmt/1490rcv) [80 Km]
When ordering the RoHS version of a product, add an “8” to the front of the standard part number, eg. 56-10730 becomes 856-10730. Call for RoHS product availability.
These products have single-strand fiber technology. Deploy in pairs, or connect to another compatible IMC Networks single-strand fiber product. For more information go to:
Related Products — iMcV Series Modules
The iMcV Series includes 10 Mbps (iMcV-PIM), 100 Mbps (iMcV-LIM), autosensing 10/100 Mbps (iMcV-LIM 10/100), 155 Mbps ATM (iMcV-ATM) and Gigabit Ethernet
(iMcV-Gigabit) copper-to-fiber media conversion modules as well as 10/100 and 10/100/1000 switching media converters (MediaLinX series). T1/E1/J1 media converters
(iMcV-T1/E1/J1), DS3/E3 media converters (iMcV-DS3/E3) and VDSL to Ethernet media converters (iMcV-VDSL-LANextender) are also available. In addition, IMC
Networks has the most extensive line of protocol-independent (iMcV-S2MMs, iMcV-S2SMs and iMcV-M2MMs) fiber mode conversion modules. The iMcV series also
includes: iMcV-FiberLinX, iMcV-WDM and iMcV-FiberWay modules. Single-strand fiber versions are available for many of our media converters.
For more information on the various products in the iMcV Series, please refer to the IMC Networks Web site at:
IMC Networks
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Fiber Consulting Services
For information call:
TEL: 949-465-3000
1-800-624-1070 (US/CAN)
+32-16-550880 (Europe)
[email protected]
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