Univox® CLS-5

Univox® CLS-5
Compact Loop System
for vehicles and TV lounges
Large TV Lounges
• 7 inputs, including digital (optical/coax) and
• 110-240VAC or 12-24VDC (battery/backup)
• Electronic transformers for superior
efficiency and audio intelligibility
• Compliant with Automotive directive 72/245
EEC as amended 2009/19/EC.
• Dual Action AGC (automatic gain control)
• Sensitive mic input with phantom power
• 24V output for external device connection
• MLC (Metal Loss Correction)
• Built-in Video Sync, to eliminate echo effect
• Alert input
• Full AutoSCART switching
• Environmental friendly: 98% efficiency, 50%
of the weight, >90% less copper
Warning! When installing Univox CLS-5 in an
application with a DC power supply, a FGA-40
ground isolator (art.nr: 286 020) must be installed between the loop amplifier input and
the signal source. If the signal source and the
amplifier’s input are not galvanically isolated,
a serious error may occur.
The universal loop driver with digital input
With seven inputs and a wide range of operating voltages, this high power loop
amplifier is perfect on board vehicles as well as in large TV lounges.
The CLS-5 can operate from 110-240 VAC and 12-24 VDC, supporting its suitability for a diverse range of applications, from elevator/lift applications, buses
and coaches to large TV lounges and meeting rooms. A range of inputs, including
digital and coaxial inputs, makes integration with any audio system simple. Fully
automatic switching SCART connectors secure easy connection to an external
device such as a DVD or digital box.
Never miss a word!
Audio quality is significantly enhanced due to the embedded electronic transformer, eliminating modulation distortion at high power output. The audio chain
incorporates also features such as the Metal Loss Correction, to fine tune for the
effects of metal loss, and the unique Dual Action AGC (automatic gain control)
that restores the audio instantly after noise suppression.
TV features include built-in Video Sync (digital delay), eliminating the echo effect
when connected to a flat screen TV. The CLS-5 has also an alert input which can
be activated by vehicles on board alarm, or - if installed in a TV lounge - a doorbell
or a telephone.
The CLS-5 is compliant with the relevant automotive standards and the carbon
footprint has been substantially improved with a new electronic design. With 98%
efficiency, 50% of the weight and 90% reduction of copper compared to traditional amplifiers, the CLS-5 is one of the most environment friendly loop drivers on
the market.
1. The CLS-5 can cover over 200 m2, however area coverage can be
significantly reduced by the proximity and conductivity of metal in the
same plane as the loop.
2. For lift installation the CLS-5 has sufficiant power to drive a multi turn
loop on the roof of a lift car eliminating the need for expensive internal
loop fittings. A survey is advised.
3. Coach constructions are varied. A survey is advised.
Hearing excellence since 1965
Univox® CLS-5
Technical data
Power supply
110-240 VAC, primary switching power supply
12-24 VDC as primary power or backup. 12 V will reduce the output
Loop output
Max current
Max voltage
Frequency range
Microphone/Line Mic 2-250 mV/5 kΩ (12-24V phantom), 3.5mm
2 x RCA/phono, In3 35 mV/5 kΩ
35 mV-10 V/5 kΩ
Screw terminal, In1 35 mV-10 V/5 kΩ
Screw terminal, In2 25mV-10V/330Ω
10Arms (15Arms using external DC-input), short-circuit driven
24 Vpp (open output)
70-5000 Hz (±3dB)
1% at 1Ω DC och 80μH
Screw terminal
InputsDigital Optical/Coax
Dual Action AGC Working range
Attack time
Decay time
>70 dB
2-500 ms
0,5-20 dB/s
Metal loss control Treble control, 0 - +18 dB, internal control
Loop adjustment Potentiometer control
Delay synchronization Potentiometer control
Power connected Yellow LED
Loop current
Blue LED
Input signal
Green LED
255 x 135 x 47 mm (WxDxH)
1 kg
Part no
212012 CLS-5
212012T CLS-5 with Toslink cable, 1m
Screw terminal
The User Guide, Installation Guide and Certificate of Conformity are available at our website for download.
The brochure is based on the information available at the time of printing and are subject to change without notice.
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Part No Description
241602 M-2, Goose neck microphone for table, 3.5mm plug, cable=1.5m
242401 13A Microphone for speaker, velco, 3.5mm male, cable=1.8m
581050 LM-90A, Tie clip microphone, 3.5 mm plug, cable=1.1 m
283240 Univox Room loop cable roll, 0.75 mm2, incl. 50 clips, 30 m, light grey
285001 Label 1 “T-coil, set the hearing aid in T- or MT-mode”, 140x188mm, box
285021 Label with T symbol, 125 x 114 mm, self adhesive
285023 Label with T symbol, 80 x 73 mm, self adhesive
861017 Installation Cable EQQXB EASY 1x4x0.5, white, 100m bobbin
284014 SCART cable, male - male, 1m
281031 Fiber optic audio cable, Toslink-Toslink, 2m
281032 Fiber optic audio cable, Toslink-Toslink, 1m
283260 Loop mat, 600x600x4mm, black
589060 Coaxial cable, male, 1.5m
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