Secure Big Data and Analytics Platform with Cisco UCS and Vormetric

Secure Big Data and Analytics Platform
Solution Brief
September 2015
Cisco UCS Integrated Infrastructure with Vormetric Software
Cisco UCS Integrated Infrastructure
for Big Data
• Deploy an industry-leading platform
that integrates computing, networking,
and management capabilities into a
unified, fabric-based architecture that
is optimized for big data workloads.
Vormetric Data Security Manager
• Benefit from enhanced encryption
of data at rest and centralized key
Standards Compliance
• Support standards such as Federal
Information Processing Standards
(FIPS) 140-2 L3, the Health Insurance
Portability and Accountability Act
(HIPAA), and the Payment Card
Industry (PCI DSS) Data Security
Deploy Cisco UCS® Integrated
Infrastructure with Vormetric software to
help secure your critical business data.
As big data gains importance, your organization must take measures to secure
accumulated information. That’s why organizations in every industry—including
healthcare organizations, financial institutions, and government agencies—are
encrypting data at rest to protect it from unauthorized access and help ensure
compliance with regulatory standards such as Federal Information Processing
Standards (FIPS), the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA),
and the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).
Data Security Challenges
The emergence of big data adds a new dimension to data management and brings
with it new challenges. Simply protecting data by prohibiting access to outside users
and trusting users within your organization is not enough. That’s because data no
longer originates from predetermined sets of devices and applications that are
approved by your IT staff, nor does data solely reside on your enterprise-managed
servers and storage arrays. The presence of this dispersed data, in combination
with tools that lack inherent security features such as data privacy and built-in user
authentication, blurs the lines of control for data management and access.
Sensitive Data Is Under Attack
Information is the foundation of any organization. When data security is
compromised, it directly affects the business and puts the business at risk.
Enterprise security teams continue to fight the battle, spending a significant amount
of time and money to safeguard their organizations’ sensitive assets, including
card-holder data, employee and customer data, health information, and intellectual
property. Unfortunately, as evidenced by the nonstop barrage of devastating
breaches reported in the news, existing defenses have failed.
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Secure Big Data and Analytics Platform
Cisco UCS Integrated Infrastructure with Vormetric Software
The Time for Security is Now
Today, your organization must have
the capability to manage, control, and
secure data in multiple ways:
• Encrypt data at rest.
• Provide access policies and OS-level
privileged user controls to protect
against insider threats, malware, and
advanced persistent threats (APTs).
• Comply with the standards.
• Detect and react to alerts during
complex threats and data breaches.
Cisco UCS Integrated
Infrastructure for Big Data
A popular choice for enterprise
deployments, Cisco UCS Integrated
Infrastructure for Big Data is a highly
scalable architecture that is designed to
meet a variety of scale-out application
demands. It offers transparent data and
management integration capabilities
for the enterprise applications that are
deployed on the hardware.
Cisco UCS 6200 Series Fabric
Fabric interconnects establish a
single point of connectivity and
management for the entire system.
Deployed in redundant pairs, Cisco
UCS fabric interconnects offer the
high-bandwidth and low-latency
connectivity, active-active redundancy,
high performance, and exceptional
scalability needed to support the large
number of nodes that are typical in
clusters serving big data applications.
The system integrates and unifies
management for all connected devices.
Cisco UCS Manager supports rapid and
consistent server configuration using
service profiles and automates ongoing
system maintenance activities, such
as firmware updates, across the entire
cluster as a single operation. It also
offers advanced monitoring capabilities
with options to raise alarms and send
notifications about the health of the
entire cluster.
Cisco UCS C240 M4 Rack Server
Cisco UCS C240 M4 Rack Servers
support a wide range of computing,
I/O, and storage-capacity demands
in a compact design. Based on the
Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 v3
family and supporting 12-Gbps serialattached SCSI (SAS) throughput,
these rack servers deliver significant
performance and efficiency gains for a
variety of applications.
Cisco UCS C240 M4 servers use dual
CPUs, support up to 768 GB of main
memory (128 to 256 GB is typical for
big data applications), and support
a range of disk and solid-state-disk
(SSD) drive options. Twenty-four
small-form-factor (SFF) disk drives
are supported in the performanceoptimized option, and 12 large-formfactor (LFF) disk drives are supported in
the capacity-optimized option.
Available for Cisco UCS C-Series
Rack Servers, the Cisco UCS Virtual
Interface Card (VIC) 1227 implements
Cisco Data Center Virtual Machine
Fabric Extender (VM-FEX) technology,
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Compliance with Standards
Federal Information Processing
Standard (FIPS) 140-2 L3: Specifies
the security requirements that must be
satisfied by a cryptographic module
used by a security system that protects
sensitive but unclassified information
Health Insurance Portability and
Accountability Act (HIPAA): Defines the
standard for protecting sensitive patient
Privacy rule: Addresses the ways that
the medical and personal information of
any individual can be saved, accessed,
and shared
Security rule: Mandates and outlines
a standard to protect stored and
electronically transmitted health data
(electronic protected health information
which unifies virtual and physical
networking into a single infrastructure.
This innovation provides virtual machine
visibility from the physical network and
a consistent network operations model
for physical and virtual servers.
Vormetric Data Security
The Vormetric Data Security Platform
offers the detailed controls, robust
encryption, and comprehensive
coverage that your organization needs
to secure sensitive data across your big
data environments (Figure 1).
Core product technologies: The
The Data Security Platform helps you
efficiently manage security for data at
rest across your entire organization.
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Secure Big Data and Analytics Platform
Cisco UCS Integrated Infrastructure with Vormetric Software
safeguard files in cloud environments.
The solution encrypts sensitive data
before it is saved to the cloud storage
environment, helping security teams
establish the visibility and control they
need to protect sensitive assets.
Application encryption: You can
simplify the integration of applicationlevel encryption into your existing
corporate applications. The application
encryption library provides a set of
documented standards-based APIs that
perform cryptographic and encryptionkey management operations. Vormetric
application encryption eliminates
the complexity and risk entailed in
implementing an in-house encryption
and key management solution.
Essential data: Data is provided in
RFC5424, Common Event Format
(CEF), and Log Event Extended Format
(LEEF). This data can be analyzed using
the security intelligence capabilities of
a SIEM solution to identify use patterns
that may represent a threat.
Cloud encryption gateway: This
encrypted gateway helps you
Key management: The solution delivers
consistent policy implementation
between systems, enabling you to
reduce training and maintenance costs.
Data Security Manager
Tokenization with dynamic data
masking: Your security teams can
address compliance objectives while
achieving breakthroughs in operational
efficiency, including the removal of
databases from the scope of PCI
DSS audits with little disruption or
administrative overhead. By helping
ensure persistent security controls
over data—no matter where it resides—
Vormetric tokenization can help your
organization get the most from your
cloud services, big data analytics, and
outsourced environments.
Transparent encryption: The
platform supports encryption
of data at rest, privileged-user
access control, and the collection
of security intelligence logs without
the need to reengineer applications,
databases, or infrastructure.
Security intelligence: The solution
works with security information and
event management (SIEM) solutions to
accelerate behind-the-perimeter threat
detection and produce detailed file
access and security information logs for
auditors and compliance officers.
Built on an extensible infrastructure,
the Data Security Platform includes
several products that can be deployed
individually or together. Through the
platform’s centralized key management
and flexible implementation, you
can address security policies and
compliance mandates across
databases, files, and big data
environments—whether your assets
are located in the cloud or in virtual
or traditional infrastructures. With
this platform’s comprehensive and
unified capabilities, you can efficiently
scale to address your expanding
security and compliance requirements
while significantly reducing your
total cost of ownership (TCO).
Figure 1. Cisco UCS Integrated Infrastructure with Vormetric Software
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Secure Big Data and Analytics Platform
Cisco UCS Integrated Infrastructure with Vormetric Software
Performance That Delivers
Cisco tested the solution to
understand whether and how data
encryption affects performance,
with workloads derived from the
TPC Express Benchmark HS (TPCxHS). Tests were run with Vormetric
data encryption enabled and then
disabled. Because the benchmark
results were not officially audited
and published but only used for
analysis purposes, they cannot be
compared with any published results.
Tests were conducted at scale factors
of 1, 10, and 30 terabytes (TB) on a
Cisco UCS Integrated Infrastructure
for Big Data rack with 16 Cisco UCS
C240 M4 servers running Red Hat
Enterprise Linux 6.4 and one server
running Vormetric Data Security
Manager and a leading Hadoop
distribution. The test results show a
slight (6 to 7 percent) performance
degradation with data encryption
enabled for an end-to-end run (data
generation, data sort, and result
validation), due to enhancements in the
Intel Advanced Encryption Standard
New Instructions (AES-NI) used in the
server’s processor (Figure 2). Although
the performance impact of data
encryption depends on the workload
and data set, in general the effects
of the small amount of performance
degradation are outweighed by
the security benefits achieved.
Cisco UCS Integrated Infrastructure
running Vormetric Data Security
Platform provides a modular framework
that can rapidly scale to meet demand.
By deploying this solution, you can take
advantage of an integrated big data
architecture, protect data, and comply
with regulations without sacrificing
For More Information
For more information about big data
solutions using Cisco UCS, visit
For more information about Cisco
Validated Designs, visit http://www.
For more information about Vormetric
software visit http://www.vormetric.
CPU Utilization (Percent)
Total Time (10 TB Test)
Without Encryption: 6848 Seconds
With Encryption:
7348 Seconds
Runtime Difference: 500 Seconds, 6.8 Percent
Generate Data
Sort Data
Validate Data
Figure 2. Test Results Show Little Impact Due to Encryption
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