UH-Leeward Community College Education Building Room 114 AV

UH-Leeward Community College
Education Building Room 114
AV System User Manual
Start Page
Press anywhere on the Start Page to begin using the system. This will bring
up the Main Page. Upon start up the microphone will be muted and the
main audio will be set to a default level.
Main Page – Main Volume and Mute Control
The main volume control located on the right of the Main Page will bring
the entire volume level up or down. The Mute All button will mute the
entire audio system. The Mic Mute button will mute the lectern
Main Page – Selecting a source and destination
First select a source. The button for the source selected will turn orange
and a notification of the selected source will appear in the transport area
located in the center of the touch panel.
Next select a destination, you can select one or both destinations. To select
both destinations press one destination and wait 1 second and then press
the other destination.
When the Projector button is pressed, the Christie LW401 ceiling mounted
projector will turn on, set the input to HDMI and the screen will drop down.
The Projector button will change it’s status color from red (off) to green
When the Smartboard button is pressed, the Smart Technologies UX60
projector will turn on and set the input to HDMI. The smartboard button
will change it’s status color from red (off) to green (on).
The system allows for matrix switching. You can select one source to a
destination, then select another source to another destination. The last
source routed to a destination will determine what is heard via the audio
system. The source that is in orange is the audio you will hear.
Main Page – Display button
Pressing the Display button will bring up the display transport page. In the
Display Transport Page you can bring the projection screen up or down
and turn the projectors on or off.
Status of the On and Off buttons reflect the state of the projectors. Red
indicates off, green indicates on.
To exit out the display transport page, press the Close button.
Main Page – Admin button selected
When the Admin button is selected, the Admin Access Page will appear.
Press the 4 digit pin number to access the Admin Page.
If the wrong button is pressed, press the Clear button and start again.
To exit out the Admin Access Page, press the Close button.
Main Page – Admin Page and Main Volume Control
In the Admin Page, adjustments to the microphone level, media level, and
apple TV control is available.
The Audio Default button will set all audio parameters back to original
default levels.
Mute button under the Mic Vol will only mute the microphone.
Mute button under the Media Vol will only mute the media.
To exit out of the Admin Page, press the Close button.
Main Page – Help Button
Pressing the Help button on the Main Page will bring up the Help Page.
The Help Page will give the operator a basic tutorial of how to operate the
This page also gives the user the number to the IT help desk for further
To exit the Help Page, press the Close button.
Main Page – System Off Button
When the Shut down button is selected, the System is Powering Down
Page will appear for 1 minute. During this time the ceiling projector, smart
board projector, Extron transmitters, and HAE100 are powered down, the
lectern microphone is muted, the main audio returns to default levels, and
the projection screen goes back up. When complete, the Start Page will
When the Cancel button is selected, the Main Page will appear.
Touch Panel Lost Communication with Controller Page
Touchpanel Lost Connection Page will appear when the touch panel has
lost connection with the controller. This is most often due to a lost
network connection. Contact the Help Desk.
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