Online Master Guide

Razer Comms is a revolutionary software that brings the ease and convenience of
leading instant messaging applications together with your favorite games for free.
From here on out, you have the ability to socialize with your friends without
compromising your gameplay. Built with advanced cross game chat support meant to
be used in-game, and with the crystal clear audio that you’d expect from Razer, Razer
Comms will give you the freedom to discuss tactics in an intense frag-fest, or to smack
talk foes before owning them. This is how gamers were meant to communicate.
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1. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS .................................................................................... 3
2. INSTALLATION .................................................................................................... 3
3. ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT .................................................................................. 5
4. FRIEND LIST MANAGEMENT ............................................................................. 17
5. GROUP LIST MANAGEMENT ............................................................................. 27
6. GROUP MANAGEMENT .................................................................................... 40
7. CHAT MANAGEMENT ....................................................................................... 47
8. FILE TRANSFER ................................................................................................. 60
9. GAME INTEGRATION ........................................................................................ 62
10. CLIENT ADMINISTRATION ............................................................................... 70
11. LEGALESE........................................................................................................ 73
2 | For gamers. by gamers.™
 Windows® 8 / Windows® 7 / Windows Vista® operating system
 Internet connection
 At least 75MB of free hard disk space
All features listed in this Master Guide are subject to change based on the current software
Razer Comms is a standalone client that can be downloaded and installed into your PC.
Step 1.
Visit to download the latest version of the Razer
Comms client installer.
Step 2.
Launch the downloaded installer.
Step 3.
Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation.
Step 4.
Click Done once the installation completes and restart your computer when
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Razer Comms automatically checks for version upgrades. A software update manager
will appear when an upgrade is available.
Choose the components to update by checking their corresponding checkbox. Click
INSTALL to begin the download and installation.
If you have a previously installed version of the Razer Comms client or if you wish to
completely uninstall the client,
Step 1.
From the Windows Start menu, go to your Control Panel and select
Programs > Uninstall a program.
Step 2.
Right-click on the Razer Comms entry in the list and select Uninstall.
Step 3.
Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the uninstallation.
Step 4.
Restart your computer when prompted.
4 | For gamers. by gamers.™
You can login to the Razer Comms directly using your Razer Synapse 2.0 login details. If
you are not an existing Razer Synapse 2.0 user, register as follows:
Step 1.
Launch the Razer Comms client from the Start menu.
Step 2.
Click CREATE ACCOUNT at the bottom of the client.
Step 3.
Enter a valid Email address.
Step 4.
Enter your Nickname, RazerID and Password. Re-enter your Password for
confirmation. Note: Your Nickname should be at least 3 characters. RazerID cannot be
changed once the account is created.
Step 5.
Click the links to read the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Check the I have
agreed to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy box if you agree to be bound
by the terms stated.
Step 6.
Step 7.
Check your email inbox for an account verification email from Razer.
Step 8.
Verify your Razer Synapse 2.0 account by clicking on the link in the email.
Step 9.
Return to the Razer Comms client and login using your registered account.
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If you already have an existing Razer Synapse account, login directly to Razer Comms as
Step 1.
Launch the Razer Comms client from the Start menu.
Step 2.
Enter the Email address and Password of your existing Razer Synapse
Step 3.
Check the Stay logged in box ONLY IF you wish to automatically login to
Razer Comms using this account each time you launch the client.
Step 4.
Click LOG IN.
Log off from the Razer Comms client by clicking your display name from the Razer
Comms main window and select LOG OFF.
6 | For gamers. by gamers.™
If you have forgotten your account password,
Step 1.
Click Forgot Password? on the login interface of the client. Your web browser
will launch and direct you to Razer’s Password Reset Request page:
Step 2.
Enter your registered account EMAIL and type the image verification code
shown. Then click SUBMIT.
Step 3.
Check your email inbox for a verification email from Razer. Click the link in
the email.
7 | razer
Step 4.
Your web browser will navigate to the password reset page as shown in the
figure below. Enter your NEW PASSWORD and retype it to confirm. Then
click SUBMIT.
A success screen will be displayed. You can now login to Razer Comms using this new
8 | For gamers. by gamers.™
For security purposes, you are recommended to change your account password
regularly. To change your account password through the Razer Comms client,
Step 1.
Launch the client and login to Razer Comms.
Step 2.
From the Razer Comms interface, click your display name to bring up a list of
menu options. Select CHANGE PASSWORD.
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Step 3.
In the next screen, enter your Current Password, and the New Password. Reenter the new password then click APPLY to confirm the change.
10 | For gamers. by gamers.™
You can edit your account profile from the Razer Comms interface.
Note: If you did not specify a Nickname when creating your account, this interface will automatically open when
you first login to the client.
Step 1.
Launch the client and login.
Step 2.
From the top right corner of the client, click the
name and select EDIT PROFILE.
Step 3.
Click the PROFILE tab.
11 | razer
icon or click your display
Step 4.
You must specify a Nickname for your account. All other information is
optional. You can use the
button to specify whether the
corresponding information is available for Public viewing, Friends only or
Private. Profile details can include:
 Avatar: Change your display picture. Click the avatar and select Change
Picture. Choose an image file and crop it to your preferred area. Click
SAVE to confirm the selection
 About: Brief description about yourself
 Personal details including actual name, date of birth, age and gender
 Location details including language, city and country
 Recently Played: List of games (supported by Razer Comms) you recently
played on your computer. Here you can hide a game from being shown to
other users when they view your profile
 Groups: List of public (password or non password protected) groups you
are a member of
Note: Changes to your Nickname will only be reflected on your friends’ client the next time they log in. Your
Nickname should be at least 3 characters.
12 | For gamers. by gamers.™
You can manually adjust your online status by clicking on your display name and
choosing from the list of available statuses.
Note: Your status automatically changes to AWAY when there is no activity on the PC for 5 minutes and audio is
not enabled.
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Razer Comms provides a number of general preferences to manage the client’s
Step 1.
Launch the client and login.
Step 2.
From the top right corner of the client, click the
Step 3.
Click the GENERAL tab.
Step 4.
Check the options you wish to enable and uncheck those you wish to disable.
Step 5.
Click OK to save the changes.
Note: You can click DEFAULTS to return to the default software setting.
14 | For gamers. by gamers.™
All requests requiring action from you will be listed in your pending notification list. A 5
second notification pop up will also appear on the bottom right corner of your screen if
you were logged into Razer Comms when the request was made. Such requests can be:
Friend Requests
Message Received
Group/Channel Invitations
Group/Channel Admin Promotion Request
Group Ownership Transfer Request
Missed Voice Chat Invitations
To manage your notification list:
Step 1.
Login to the Razer Comms.
Step 2.
The notification list icon
is normally unlit. If you have pending
notifications, this icon will be lit in green, such as:
Step 3.
15 | razer
Click this icon to view your notification list.
Step 4.
to accept the request or
the type of notification, clicking
16 | For gamers. by gamers.™
to close the notification. Depending on
will either ignore or reject the request.
There are multiple ways to add friends to your friend list. You can use the Find Friend
function, Invite non-users to download the Razer Comms client, add a member of a
group or group chat, and accepting friend requests.
Step 1. Login to Razer Comms to view your friend list. From the bottom of the client,
Step 2.
A new window will appear where you can search for a friend via his:
 Razer Comms nickname (Partial match)
 Real name (if specified in his user account profile)
 Razer ID (Full match)
 Email (Full match)
or hit the <Enter> key on your keyboard to start the search.
Step 3.
A list of matches will be displayed
Step 4.
to add the corresponding user. Your friend will receive a friend
request notification. You will be able to view this friend’s online status only
after he accepts the request.
17 | razer
Friends can also initiate add requests. All friend requests received will be listed in your
pending notifications list until you accept or reject the request. Please refer to
MANAGING NOTIFICATIONS for details on managing your pending notifications list.
If your friend is not currently a Razer Comms user, you can send him an invite via
 Direct email
 Skype
 Facebook
Step 1.
Login to Razer Comms to view your friend list. From the bottom of the client,
Step 2.
From this new window, select the
18 | For gamers. by gamers.™
tab to invite friends via email.
Step 3.
Click INVITE FRIENDS at the bottom of the window. The following invitation
window will appear.
Step 4.
Enter the email address of the friend you which to invite. You can invite up to
3 friends each time using the Add more link.
Note: You can click
Step 5.
19 | razer
to remove an email address from the list.
Click SEND. Your friends will receive an email containing a download link.
Simply ask them to click the link to begin downloading the client.
Note: This function is only available if the Skype client is installed on your PC.
Step 1.
Launch your Skype client and login to your Skype account.
Step 2.
Login to Razer Comms to view your friend list. From the bottom of the client,
Step 3.
From this new window, select the
Step 4.
20 | For gamers. by gamers.™
Note: Please ensure that you have a valid Facebook account before using this function.
Step 1.
Login to Razer Comms to view your friend list. From the bottom of the client,
Step 2.
From this new window, select the
Step 3.
Click CONNECT WITH FACEBOOK. A new window will display, prompting you
to log in to your Facebook account.
Razer Comms will begin scanning for your Facebook friends after you have
successfully logged in.
Note: This process may take some time to complete if you have a large number of Facebook friends.
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Members of a group you joined who are not your friends will have an
their name. Simply click this button to send a friend request to that user.
icon next to
If there are participants in a group chat you want to add to your personal friend list,
Step 1.
next to the user you wish to add. A friend request will be sent to
this user.
Step 2.
This user will be added to your friend list with an “INVITE PENDING” status.
22 | For gamers. by gamers.™
Aside from adding friends, you can also perform various other operations on your
friends in the list. Simply right-click on your friend’s nickname to view the list of
Available options include:
 Chat with Friend: Open a chat window with your friend.
 Call Friend: Start a voice chat with your friend. You can also start a voice chat by
clicking the icon next to his display name on your friend list.
 View Profile: View your friend’s profile.
 Rename: Change your friend’s display name on your client only. This does not
overwrite the nickname chosen by him.
 Add to / Remove From Favorites: Add/remove your friend to/from a favorite list.
Friends you chat with more often can be added to this list for easier access.
 Remove from Friends: Remove a friend completely from your Razer Comms list.
You will be removed from his friend list as well.
 Block Friend / Unblock Friend: Block/Unblock a friend from your list. Blocked
user will not be able to see your online status and private profiles. Requests and
notifications from this user will also be blocked.
23 | razer
Blocking users prevents them from seeing your online status, private profile
information, sending you requests etc. You can block users in several ways:
1. Blocking users who are already in your friend list
From your friend list, right-click on the friend you wish to block. Select “Block
Friend”. Blocked users will be shifted to the bottom of your friend list with an
indicator added.
24 | For gamers. by gamers.™
2. Blocking users by searching the global Razer Comms user list
. Select the PRIVACY tab.
Here you can:
 Block all incoming friend requests
 Select users from your friend list to block.
The list on the left shows all users on your friend list. Click
to search for a
specific friend in the list. Click
to block the selected friend. This moves
the user to the blocked list on the right.
25 | razer
 Search the global Razer Comms user list for specific users you wish to block
. A new window will be displayed. Search for a Razer Comms
user via the user name or full email. Right-click on the search result and select
“Block User”.
 Unblock a user.
Select the user/friend from the Block list on the right. Click
unblock the selected user.
3. Blocking users from a group
Right-click on the user name in a group channel list or on the user’s avatar within
the chat box and select Block Member.
All text messages sent by a blocked member in a group chat will not be displayed on
your chat window. These users are also automatically muted locally on your system
when they turn on voice chat.
26 | For gamers. by gamers.™
Razer Comms organizes all groups into its own tab for simple management. Click the
tab to view your list of groups.
27 | razer
From this interface you can:
 Sort the group list according to:
A-Z – Alphabetical order
GENERAL – Non-game related groups will be listed first, followed by groups
linked to a specific game
GAMES – Groups linked to a specific game will be listed first, followed by all
other groups
MOST RECENT – The group you last interacted with will be displayed on top.
Group interaction includes group add or chat actions.
 View the list of chat channels and the members in each channel of a group by
clicking on the group/channel name.
 Open the channel chat window by double-clicking on the group name (for the
default group channel) or channel name (for specific channels).
As a member of a group/channel, right-clicking on it presents you with various options,
 Opening the chat window for the group or a specific channel within the group
 Leave the group / channel
 View the group profile. This includes information on the group that is publicly
available including number of members, number of chat channels, date of
creation etc.
 Add friends as member of the group. This option is available if the group was set
up to allow non-administrators to add members into the group.
 Block the group. This removes your member status from the group completely.
The group will be removed from your group list and added to the blocked list. To
rejoin the group, you need to unblock it and resend a join group request.
 Hide taskbar text alert for this group. When this is hidden, Razer Comms will not
send popup notifications or flash on your taskbar when a text message is
received from chat channels belonging to this group. A chat notification will still
be sent to your notification list. Simply click
the chat.
28 | For gamers. by gamers.™
to view this notification and join
If you are the creator or administrator (with the appropriate permissions) of the
group(s), you can also perform the following operations:
 Chat with Group / Channel – Open the chat window for this group or specific
channels within the group
 Add Friends to Group / Channel – Add your friends to the group or channel.
29 | razer
 Broadcast Message – Broadcast a message to all members of a group. Only
members who are online at the time of the broadcast will receive this message.
You can also send a broadcast message by typing “/b your message” or
“/broadcast your message” in the chat window.
For more details on broadcast messages, please refer to BROADCASTING A
 Edit Group / Channel – This includes changing the group/channel name, making
the group public or private, changing the group/channel password (for private
groups) and changing the group category.
 Delete Group – Delete a group
 Create Channel – Create a new chat channel for the group
 View Banned List – View the list of Razer Comms users that were banned from
the group
 Transfer Ownership – Transfer the group’s ownership to a different member.
This can only be performed by the group’s owner.
 Remove members from the group. Simply right-click the member to remove and
select Remove from Group.
Note: Members who are online will need to re-login to see any changes in the group’s name.
30 | For gamers. by gamers.™
There are several ways to add groups to your list. You can create your own permanent
group, save all participants of an ad-hoc group chat into a permanent group or join an
existing group.
A permanent group helps to organize your friends into cliques, game buddies etc. This
allows you to initiate chat with all members of the same group without having to
separately invite each one every time.
To create a permanent group, please refer to CREATING A GROUP.
Before exiting a group chat, you may wish to save all members into a permanent group.
This lets you re-initiate a group chat in the future without having to re-add each
member individually.
Note: You must be the initiator of the group chat to create the group.
Step 1.
on the top right corner of the chat window to close the chat. The
following prompt will display.
Note: This prompt will not be displayed if you had previously checked the Do not show this reminder again
checkbox. To re-enable this function, click
from ad-hoc chat checkbox in the CHAT tab.
Step 2.
31 | razer
to view the PREFERENCES window and check the Create group
Click OK. The SAVE GROUP window will display.
Step 3.
Specify the group details accordingly and click CREATE.
Note: For information on specifying group details, please refer to ADDING GROUPS – CREATING YOUR OWN
A group invite notification will be sent to all members of the chat. Users who accept
this invite will then be added to this group.
32 | For gamers. by gamers.™
You can search for and join public groups that may suit your interests such as a local
group of players for a game or find groups that your friends are members of.
Step 1.
From the group list tab, click FIND GROUP.
Step 2.
Type the name of the group and select the filter options.
Note: Selecting Search group names and Search game names to allow the system to display partial matches to
your search string. If these options are unchecked, only groups with names exactly matching your search string
will be shown.
33 | razer
Step 3.
The search result will be categorized into the various group types.
Step 4.
next to a group to add it to your list. If this group is a private group,
you will be prompted to enter the group’s password.
Friends can also invite you to groups they created. All requests received will be listed in
your pending notifications list until you accept or reject the request. Please refer to
MANAGING NOTIFICATIONS for details on managing your pending notifications list.
34 | For gamers. by gamers.™
Step 1. From your group list tab, right-click on the group you wish to leave.
Step 2.
Select Leave Group.
Note: You can also leave a group from its chat channel window using the
Step 3.
A confirmation prompt will pop up. Click OK to confirm you wish to leave the
Note: The group creator cannot leave the group.
35 | razer
Group creators can broadcast a message to all currently online members of the group.
Step 1.
To send a broadcast message, you can either:
 Go to your group list tab and right-click on the group. Select Broadcast
message from the menu.
 Right click on the group chat window and select Broadcast Message.
 Open the group chat window and type “/b <space> your message” or
“/broadcast <space> your message” in the textbox.
Step 2.
Type your message and click Send. All members of the group who are
currently online will receive this message.
If the member has the group chat window open, the broadcast message will
display in his group chat window.
If the group chat window was not open, the member will receive a
notification which he can then accept. This will open the group chat window
and display the message.
36 | For gamers. by gamers.™
Blocking groups removes the group from your group list. You will no longer be a
member of that group.
To rejoin a group, you will need to unblock this group and resend a join group request
to the group administrators.
Note: You cannot block a group if you are the group’s owner.
1. Blocking groups that are present in your group list
From your friend list, right-click on the group you wish to block. Select “Block
Group”. Blocked groups will be removed from your group list.
37 | razer
2. Blocking users by searching the global Razer Comms group list
. Select the PRIVACY tab.
Change the View to “Block Groups”
38 | For gamers. by gamers.™
Here you can:
 Select groups from your group list to block.
The list on the left shows all groups on your group list. Click
specific group in the list. Click
to search for a
to block the selected group.
This moves the group to the blocked list on the right and also removes you from
the group.
 Search the global Razer Comms user list for specific users you wish to block
. A new window will be displayed. Search for a Razer Comms
group via the group name. Right-click on the search result and select “Block
 Unblock a group.
Select the group from the Block list on the right. Click
selected group.
to unblock the
Note: Unblocking a group does not automatically make you a member of that group. You will need to send a
join group request if you wish to rejoin the group.
39 | razer
Step 1.
From your Razer Comms client, click
Step 2.
40 | For gamers. by gamers.™
to view your group list.
Step 3.
Enter your group Name. The 3 other options below govern the behavior of
the group when adding new administrators, members etc. These include
a. Private: Check this option to make this a private group. Private groups will
not be included in group search results by random users. You can only join
a private group if invited by the group administrators.
b. Password Protected: Check this option to make this a password protected
group. Both private and public groups can be password protected. Users
wishing to join such groups must enter the correct password. The
Password textbox is only editable if this option is checked.
c. Only Admin can invite to group: Check this option if only administrators
are allowed to add members to the group.
Step 4.
(Optional) Edit your group avatar. Right-click on the current avatar image and
select Change Picture. Choose an image file to be used and crop it to the
desired size. Click Save to save the avatar.
Step 5.
(Optional) Enter the name of the group’s home chat Channel. The default
channel name is “Channel 1”.
Step 6.
Select the group Category.
Step 7.
Expand the Customize Admin Rights to view the set of permissions that can
be given to administrators of the group.
Step 8.
Click CREATE to create the new group. A group with a default chat channel
will be added to your group list.
41 | razer
Step 9.
Right-click on your newly created group in the group list and select Add
Friends to Group.
42 | For gamers. by gamers.™
Step 10. An ADD FRIEND window will pop up displaying all your friends in the friend
list. Check the checkbox next to the friend(s) you wish to add to the group. All
selected friends will move from the ADD FRIEND window to the group list,
with an “INVITE PENDING” displayed under their name. Your friend(s) will
receive a group invite notification which they must then accept or reject.
Note: Only the group creator can add members into a group. Friends who are already members of the group
will not be listed.
Step 11. This group will also be added to all members’ group list once they accept the
43 | razer
There are many ways to add members to the group. If the group was set up such that
only administrators can add members to the group, then only group administrators and
the group owner will be allowed to perform this operation. Otherwise, all members will
be allowed to invite their own friends into the group.
To invite friend(s) to the group,
Step 1.
Right-click the group name in your group list.
Step 2.
Select “Add Friends to Group”.
Step 3.
A new window will pop up, listing All friends who are not yet members of the
group. Simply select the friends you wish to invite and click ADD FRIEND.
Your friends will then receive a group invite notification. He will be added to the group
once he accepts this invitation.
44 | For gamers. by gamers.™
Each group consists of 1 default chat channel. Multiple other channels can be added by
after the group is created. Each group member can be part of one or more channels.
To add a chat channel to the group, you need to either be the group owner or an
administrator with permission to create/delete channels.
Step 1.
Right-click the group name in your group list.
Step 2.
Select “Create Channel”. A new window will popup.
Step 3.
Enter the channel Name. If you wish to secure this channel with a password,
also enter a Password. A password protected channel can only be joined by
users who enter the correct password.
Step 4.
45 | razer
Razer Comms provide group administrators, owners and even members with a variety
of functions to manage the channels they are part of. These options can be accessed by
right-clicking the channel name on the group list. They include:
 Chat with Channel – Open the chat window for this channel.
 Add Friends to Channel – Add users from your personal friend list to the
channel. This function is always available to the group administrators and owner.
All other members of the group will be able to use this function if the Only
Admin can invite to group option is disabled in the group’s settings.
 Leave Channel – Permanently leave the channel.
 Edit Channel – Change the channel name and/or password.
 Delete Channel – Remove the channel completely. Note that you cannot delete
the default channel.
46 | For gamers. by gamers.™
Step 1. Click on from your Razer Comms window to display the settings window.
Step 2.
Select the AUDIO tab.
Step 3.
Select the correct Microphone and Speaker devices to be used for voice
chats on Razer Comms.
Step 4.
Test your Microphone selection by speaking into your microphone. A green
bar should move while you are speaking.
Step 5.
Test your Speaker by sliding the Volume bar. When you release the slider,
you should hear a “POP” sound which also reflects the speaker volume.
Step 6.
Click START AUDIO TEST to initiate a microphone test. A new chat window
will open, connecting you with Razer Comms Echo/Sound Test Service.
Simply follow the instructions given by the audio prompt to complete the
Step 7.
Click OK to save your selection.
47 | razer
Step 1. Click on from your Razer Comms window to display the settings window.
Step 2.
Select the CHAT tab.
48 | For gamers. by gamers.™
Step 3.
Setup the chat preferences as desired. The options include:
 Microphone Toggle Hotkey [Push-to-Talk / Mic Mute] – Enable this
option to bind a hotkey to use the push-to-talk or mic mute function. If
Push-to-Talk is enabled, you need to press the specified key in order to
send any voice conversations from your microphone. If Mic Mute is
enabled, your microphone is always on unless you are pressing the
specified key.
 Voice Call hotkey – Enable this option and bind hotkeys to be used to pick
up and reject incoming Razer Comms calls.
 Assign colors to chat – Assign the display color of nicknames and text
messages in chat windows
 Show history – Check this option to display a chat history menu in your
chat windows. You can click view history to view a chat history list sorted
by either date or friend name. Click clear history to delete all saved 1-to-1
and ad-hoc group chat history. Permanent group chat history will not be
cleared. For details, please refer to MANAGING CHAT HISTORY LIST.
 Create group from ad-hoc chat – Check this option to allow the client to
prompt you to create a group when you end an ad-hoc group chat.
 Automatically accept incoming chat – Check this option to allow Razer
Comms to accept incoming chat requests automatically.
 Open chat in tabs instead of new windows – Check this option to open
different chat channels/rooms using tabs within the same window.
 Warn when closing multiple chat tabs – Check this option to see a
warning prompt whenever you attempt to close a chat window containing
multiple chat tabs.
 Display informative message during chat – Here you can select to
enable/disable the display of informative messages within your chat
window such as when a user joins/leave the chat, when a user is
kicked/banned etc.
Step 4.
49 | razer
Click OK to save your settings.
Step 1. Initiate a text chat with a friend on your friend list by:
 Double-clicking the name of your friend
 Right-clicking the name of your friend and select Chat with Friend. This
can be performed from both your friend list or from a group chat window.
Step 2.
A chat window will open. Type and send your message.
Step 3.
A message received notification will be sent to your friend. His chat window
will open when he clicks this notification.
Note: If your friend was offline at the time of the message, a message received notification will be sent to his
notification list. He can view this message when he next logs in.
50 | For gamers. by gamers.™
An ad-hoc group chat allows you to chat with multiple users together in the same chat
window even if they are not part of a permanent group.
Note: You can only start an ad-hoc group chat with friends who are online.
Step 1.
Start a 1 to 1 chat with a friend on your list who will be included in this adhoc group chat.
Step 2.
Click ADD FRIENDS from the bottom of the chat window.
Step 3.
A list of all your online friends will be displayed. Check the checkbox next to
your friend(s) to be added to the chat.
Only friends who are currently not part of the group chat will be displayed. Adding
participants to an ad hoc group chat is not limited to the initiator of the chat. Any
member can add their online friends to the chat using steps 2 and 3 above.
Participants who are your friends will be listed in the FRIENDS list. Those who are not
will be listed in an OTHERS list. You can add friends from this chat window.
The chat initiator can right-click any member of the chat and:
 Mute User(for all). This will mute the member from every participant in the chat.
51 | razer
Chatting with members of groups you are a part of is done via the various chat
channels of the group. To chat with a particular channel,
Step 1.
Expand the group display on your group list to view the channel list.
Step 2.
Right-click on the channel you wish to chat with.
Step 3.
Select “Chat with Channel” or double-click the channel name.
Step 4.
All members of that channel will be added into the group chat window. From
this window, members can:
 Send and receive text messages
 Enable voice chatting by clicking the headphone icon at the top of his
 Self mute/deafen
 Voice mute another member on his local system
 Start a private chat with another group member
 Add / edit friends or view their profiles
 Leave the channel
 View / hide offline members of the channel
 Initiate a private chat with a channel administrator
Administrators with the right permission or group owners can also:
 Text block/unblock all members of the channel. This will block/unblock all
members, other than the administrator, from typing messages in the chat
 Voice mute/unmute all members of the channel. This will mute/unmute all
members, other than the administrator, of the channel .
 Remove a user from the channel. Note that if the user is removed from the
default channel and he is not a member of any other channels in the
group, he will be removed as a member of the group itself.
 Text block / Voice mute a specific member of the channel. All other
members will not be able to communicate with this member.
52 | For gamers. by gamers.™
For large groups, chat channels may get overcrowded, making it difficult for some
members to chat among themselves. Aside from requesting, to a group administrator,
for a new chat channel, these members can set up a private ad-hoc chat, inviting the
group members he wishes to chat with privately.
Step 1.
Enter the group’s chat channel.
Step 2.
From the bottom of the window, click NEW CHAT.
Step 3.
An ADD FRIEND window will appear. This window displays all members of the
group who are currently online. Select the members you wish to include in
this ad-hoc chat and click NEW CHAT when you are done.
Step 4.
A new ad-hoc chat window will open with all selected members.
53 | razer
Whether you are in a 1-to-1 chat or a group chat, initiating a voice chat with your
friends requires only a single click.
Step 1.
To start a voice chat with all participants of the chat, click
window above your name.
in the chat
Step 2.
For ad-hoc group chats or 1-to-1 chats, a voice chat notification will be sent
to all participants of the chat. For permanent group chats, no notification is
sent when a member enables voice chatting.
Step 3.
A voice chat notification will be sent to your friend. Various icons will light up
once he accepts the voice chat request. This includes:
– Indicates that audio is enabled for that user.
– Indicates that the user has a working microphone connected.
– Indicates that the user is currently speaking.
– indicates the quality of the voice connection to the server. There are
4 possible states for connection quality. This includes good (3 green dots),
Average (2 green dots), Poor (1 red dot), and connection is bad or cannot
be established (none).
Step 4.
When new participants are added to the chat while voice chat is active,
simply right-click on their names and select Start Voice to send them a voice
chat request.
Step 5.
Stop voice chatting by clicking the
icon again.
You can only have 1 voice chat session active at any time. Starting a new voice chat
session will terminate the currently active session. You will need to re-initiate voice
chat on a previous session to resume voice chatting.
54 | For gamers. by gamers.™
There are various mechanisms to adjust speaker and microphone volume during a chat.
These include:
 Self-mute – Mute your microphone. No one in the chat will be able to hear you.
To self-mute, simply click the
icon next to your name in the chat window or
right-click your name and select Self Mute. Your microphone icon will change to
. Click Self Mute again to unmute yourself.
 Self-deafen – Mute your speaker. You will not be able to hear any one in chat.
To self-deafen, simply click
or right-click your name in the chat
window and select Self Deafen. The icon will dim out. Click it again to undo this.
 Adjust speaker volume – Change the volume of your speaker using the slider.
 Local mute – Mute a participant locally. You will not be able to hear the muted
person. This person can still be heard by other participants of the chat.
To local mute someone, simply right-click his name and select Mute. His
microphone icon will change to
. Repeat this to unmute him.
 Admin Mute – The chat initiator can mute a user completely. This person will not
be heard by anyone in the chat. If you are the chat initiator, simply right-click the
person to be muted and select Mute (for all).
Right-click the person and select Unmute (for all) to reverse the action.
55 | razer
All chat history is saved by the client. To manage your chat history list:
Step 1.
to open the PREFERENCES window.
Step 2.
Select the CHAT tab.
Step 3.
From the bottom of this window, click the view history link.
Note: You can also view your chat history list by right-clicking on your nickname in the Razer Comms main UI
and selecting “VIEW HISTORY”.
Step 4.
This history list will display, sorted in chronological order by default. This
view shows four time periods including:
 TODAY: All chats that were carried out in the past 24 hours.
 YESTERDAY: All chats carried out on the day before. (25hrs to 48hrs ago).
 1 WEEK: All chats carried out between 3 to 7 days ago.
 1 MONTH: All chats carried out between 8 days to a month ago.
Step 5.
Click A-Z to sort the list by your friends names in alphabetical order.
56 | For gamers. by gamers.™
Disclaimer: Chat history is saved on the server and can be viewed from any PC once you
successfully login to Razer Comms on that PC. For security purposes, please ensure that
you logout of every Razer Comms session and only allow Automatic sign-in on trusted
To view the chat history for a 1-to-1 chat or permanent group chat,
Step 1.
Open the chat window for that friend or group.
Step 2.
Click the time period selector
Step 3.
Choose to display the chat history for TODAY, YESTERDAY, the past 1 WEEK
or the past 1 MONTH.
Step 4.
Chat history saved for the selected period will display directly in the chat
window. You can select and copy text in this window using the shortcut key
Ctrl-C to be pasted in another window or file.
57 | razer
To clear the chat history for a 1-to-1 chat or permanent group chat,
Step 1.
Open the chat window for that friend or group.
Step 2.
Click the time period selector.
Step 3.
Note: Only the group creator is able to clear history for group chats.
58 | For gamers. by gamers.™
You can also clear all saved chat history as follows,
Step 1.
Step 2.
Select the CHAT tab.
Step 3.
Click the clear history link.
Step 4.
Click OK at the confirmation window.
59 | razer
to open the PREFERENCES window.
Using Razer Comms, you can easily transfer files between friends and members of
groups you are a part of.
Note: File transfer can only be carried out if both sender and receivers are online. Group members that are
offline when the transfer was initiated will not receive any file transfer request.
Select the default folder to save files received over Razer Comms to from the General
preferences window. Click
and select the GENERAL tab.
Click Browse to change the default folder. Then click OK to confirm.
60 | For gamers. by gamers.™
Step 1. Initiate a chat with your friend or group channel. From the chat window, click
Step 2.
Your standard windows explorer browser will appear. Select the file you wish
to send.
Note: You can also drag the file you wish to send into the chat window to initiate the file transfer.
Step 3.
Once your friend accepts the transfer request, file transfer will begin. Please
wait till the transfer completes before logging out from Razer Comms.
Note: File transfer will be aborted if either party logs off during the process. You can close the chat window
during a file transfer. A notification will be received to indicate that the transfer has completed if the chat
window was closed.
61 | razer
A unique feature of Razer Comms lies in its ability to be overlayed in your gaming
window. Designed with gamers in mind, you can now play your game on full screen
without worrying about missing messages from your friends.
You can view your list of games from the Games list tab (
as follows:
). The game list is sorted
 A-Z: All games added to Razer Comms are sorted in alphabetical order.
 Most Recent: Sort the games list in order of the latest game played and/or
added (manually or scanned).
To add a game to this list, either:
 Click SCAN. Razer Comms will scan your system for any installed games with
overlay support and add them to the game list.
 Click ADD. A file browser window will display. Select the game launcher to be
added to the list.
You can manage a game on the list by right-clicking the game to view the options
menu. You can:
 Launch the game.
 Edit game properties including enable/disable Razer Comms overlay for this
game, show/hide playing notification from friends, renaming the game and
specifying additional launch parameters. Note: Games with the “Hide currently
playing notification” option selected will be hidden from your profile when
viewed by other users. Your friends will not be sent a notification when you
launch the game.
 Add/remove the game to/from the Favorites list.
 Hide / Show the game from/on the list.
62 | For gamers. by gamers.™
Razer Comms supports overlay for games that are in the master game list (can be
updated from the server) and are DirectX games. This function anchors the Razer
Comms client into your game screen while it is active. You can chat with friends, be
notified when friends come online and more without ever taking your eyes off your
Step 1.
Ensure that global overlay is enabled. Click
Check the Enable Overlay option.
and select the IN-GAME tab.
Note: Disabling overlay globally will disable overlay for all supported games regardless of their
individual overlay settings. Enabling/disabling overlay for games individually will only take effect when
global overlay is enabled.
63 | razer
Step 2.
Right-click a game and select EDIT GAME.
Step 3.
Uncheck the Disable Overlay option and click UPDATE
Overlay is turned on by default for games listed in the master game list and
turned off otherwise. Note that turning overlay on for a game that is not
using DirectX will have no effect.
When overlay is turned on, the main client window will be displayed (active)
by default on the game screen. To toggle the display off (inactive), use the
shortcut key <CTRL + TAB>.
64 | For gamers. by gamers.™
Step 4.
Click on
from your Razer Comms window to display the settings window.
Step 5.
Select the IN-GAME tab.
Using the Overlay Mode Transparency sliders, adjust the level of
transparency for the Razer Comms client when it is displayed in game. This
affects only the client behavior while in a game window. You can click the
slider to check your transparency setting.
65 | razer
All Razer Comms windows displayed in game can be shown / hidden easily using the
shortcut key <CTRL TAB>
Note: By default, the Razer Comms window will be automatically hidden when a game is launched.
When the Razer Comms client is currently active, pressing <CTRL TAB> hides all Razer
Comms windows except for the pinned chat window, toggling inactive mode. The
pinned chat window will be displayed in inactive transparent mode.
Press <CTRL TAB> again to return all Razer Comms to active mode.
Note: A reminder of this key will appear at the bottom left corner of the screen each time a supported game is
If the shortcut key conflicts with one of your game’s key bindings, you can rebind this
key as follows:
Step 1.
Click on
from your Razer Comms window to display the settings window.
Step 2.
Select the IN-GAME tab.
Step 3.
Click the textbox adjacent to Chat Windows and type the shortcut key you
wish to bind to this function.
66 | For gamers. by gamers.™
Pinning your chat window to your in game screen lets you place a small window within
the chat which lets you view all text messages and a visual indication of the current
speaker with minimal interruption to the game.
Step 1.
Start your game.
Step 2.
With the Razer Comms client active on the game screen, switch to an existing
chat window or open a new chat window to be pinned. Enabled voice for this
chat window.
Step 3.
From this chat window, click
. A small window with the group name will
appear. Note: your microphone status will also be shown if this is a voice
enabled chat.
Step 4.
Drag this window to your desired position in the game window.
Step 5.
Change the overlay to inactive mode using the shortcut <CTRL TAB>. All text
messages sent in this chat and a visual cue of the current speaker will flash in
this pinned window.
Only one chat window can be pinned at any time. When a new chat window is pinned,
the previously pinned window will automatically be unpinned. To manually unpin a
Step 1.
Press the shortcut <CTRL TAB> to change Razer Comms to active.
Step 2.
67 | razer
in the pinned chat window.
Razer Comms comes installed with a personalized Chinese Input Method Editor (IME)
that works for in-game chats.
Note: When chatting via Razer Comms when not in a game, simply use your system’s own language IMEs to
change your input language.
Step 1.
Click and select the IN-GAME tab. Select your in game input languages and
specify the hotkey to be used to toggle between the two input methods.
68 | For gamers. by gamers.™
Step 2.
Using the hotkey, toggle between the Chinese and English IMEs in the chat
window overlay in game.
Note: The Chinese IME can only be used on the Razer Comms overlay window while in game on the friend list,
group list and chat windows.
Using the Chinese IME
When the Chinese IME is toggled on, a set of suggested Chinese characters will be
displayed when text is typed into the textboxes. The Chinese IME only displays up to a
certain number of characters at a time. You can view the next or previous set of
suggestions by using the hotkeys “Page Down / Arrow Down” and “Page Up / Arrow
Up” respectively.
Press the number of the character you wanted. This will then replace the alphanumeric
text that was in the textbox. Pressing the “Enter” key will clear the suggestion list,
leaving the alphanumberic string in the textbox as is.
69 | razer
Step 1. Click on from your Razer Comms window to display the settings window.
Step 2.
Select the ABOUT tab.
Aside from viewing version details about your client, you can also:
 Click CHECK FOR UPDATES to check for a newer version of the client. Please refer
to UPDATING THE CLIENT for more information.
 Click USER GUIDE to view details on how to use the client.
 Click SUBMIT FEEDBACK to provide feedback or suggestions on the Razer Comms
client via email.
 Change the Razer Comms UI display language.
 Click Terms of Service and/or Privacy Policy to view the various terms of use and
privacy policy agreements.
70 | For gamers. by gamers.™
You can resize the main Razer Comms client, your chat windows and the in-game pin
window. Simply click at the bottom right corner of the window and drag the window
to resize.
You can click
to minimize the Razer Comms client to the taskbar.
You can close the client completely by:
 Right-clicking the Razer Comms client on the taskbar and select Quit Razer
 Click your name on the client main window and select QUIT.
71 | razer
The Razer Comms client has an inbuilt function to let users send feedbacks and report
problems to our developers.
Step 1.
Access the feedback submission function by either:
 Clicking the
found on the main client window.
 Click on
from your Razer Comms window to display the settings
window. Select the ABOUT tab. Click the SUBMIT FEEDBACK link.
Step 2.
The FEEDBACK window will pop up.
Step 3.
Your account email address will be entered by default. If you wish to receive
a reply to this submission via a different email, edit the address in the top
Step 4.
In the SUBJECT drop down box, select:
I have a problem – submit a bug report
I have a suggestion – suggest ways in which Razer Comms can improve;
I have a game I would like supported – suggest a game you would like Razer
Comms to support
Other – submit general feedback.
Step 5.
Describe your feedback in the textbox below. Please be as detailed as
Step 6.
Check send log file to attach your Razer Comms client log with this feedback
form. This automatically selected when reporting a problem.
Step 7.
Click SUBMIT to send an email to the Razer Support Team.
72 | For gamers. by gamers.™
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