Asset Center

Managed Planet's
Asset Center
Utilizing our powerful web and database aggregation engine, Managed Planet's Asset
Center delivers agentless asset inventory matching or surpassing yesterday's agent-based
scanning tools. No asset collection agent means lower deployment costs, zero client
footprint and simpler upgrades. Agent compatibility is no longer a concern. Behind Asset
Center is our agentless Discovery Services.
Once Discovery Services detects and scans network attached assets, Data Translation
Services seamlessly combines SNMP, WMI, Manufacturer warranty and Reseller purchase
history Web data to automatically inventory any network attached devices such as
servers, workstations, laptops, printers, copiers, scanners, KVM's, routers, Power
Modules, Blade Cabinets, IP phones, Management Cards, and more. Use barcode
scanners to streamline the inventory of assets that do not connect to a network. Asset
Center universally supports all PocketPC and USB barcode scanners from many vendors.
Managed Planet's Asset Center provides full reporting, querying, viewing and exporting
of any data that resides in our central repository.
Asset Management in Three Acts
Data collected about assets
from the moment of
purchase - before you
receive them
Because of our long-standing
partnership with Computer Discount
Warehouse (CDW), Asset Center
captures purchase history data from
the premium customer's web pages
and translates it into an inventory
“hyper” record that allows you to
track the asset from the point of
purchase to delivery.
Utilizing PocketPC or USB barcoding
devices, Asset Center can record the
delivery of the asset directly into its
repository providing you complete
asset control.
Data collected about assets
after they have been
deployed in your enterprise
Data collected about assets
when they have been
removed from service
Once a device attaches to the
network, Asset Center communicates
through industry standard protocols
such as SNMP and WMI to add data to
the already existing “Act One”
record. The record is updated
without an agent utilizing the
Discovery Services Scheduling
Utilizing barcoding devices, Asset
Center can be used to mark an asset
as “Out of service” and the central
repository will be updated so those
devices can be easily tracked when
they are in that state. The same
process can be used to mark an asset
as “Back in Service” if desired.
Utilizing barcoding devices, Asset
Center can update the life cycle data
about any device that is already “on
the wire.”
Control Your Jungle
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© Managed Planet | All rights reserved. | | 1-800-789-6125 or +1 843 757 1960
Managed Planet's
Asset Center
Data Translation Services
The included Data Translation Services lets you customize your asset data in
ways that would otherwise require you to hire a consultant or specialized
programmer. You can structure your asset data how you want it, by adding,
removing, and reorganizing data fields that are related to each other. This
includes utilizing many external data sources such as Active Directory,
Service Desk and Asset Applications with easy to use ODBC, LDAP and
Business to Business connectors.
Refining internal data
Barcoding Forms
“Data Translation Services
has many uses because it
interfaces with anything. It
doesn't look like a fast car,
it is a fast car. There is
absolutely no way the
company could function
without DTS. Data
Translation Services has lot
of defaults and is highly
focused on inventory. SPSS
installed it themselves –
there is no need to bring
Managed Planet in. “
With Data Translation Services you can
normalize inconsistent data such as
variations of software vendor names and
titles as well as format and organize fields
and groups of fields in ways that match
your processes. For example, if a serial
number is in the wrong place in the record
you can easily move that field to anywhere
in the record. Data can also be reformatted
and validated so that when you run a
report, it will look the way you want it.
Data Translation Services provides a
web based barcoding forms engine that
is simple yet very powerful. The same
barcoding forms can be run on a standalone barcode reader or on a PC with a
USB barcode device. With it you can
utilize our existing process templates
or create your own. Since our barcode
forms are web based they can be used
on a wide range of devices.
“No brainer – buy it!”
After the Business to Business connector
creates an “Act One” record based on your
companies' system purchase information,
additional data can be added from many
other sources. For example, if your service
desk team would like to know more about
the user of a workstation or laptop, Data
Translation Services can automatically add
Active Directory user data to the inventory
record for that device.
Shawn Puckett
System Administrator
SPSS, Inc.
Data Power Tools
Connecting to External Data
If there is any enterprise applications that
need to have information about any of your
devices, such as SAP, PeopleSoft, Remedy,
etc, Data Translation Services can export
data to those systems automatically. This
serves to synchronize all the systems that
connect to Asset Center.
With over twenty types of data
translation rules, Asset Center has its
own built in tool kit that allows you to
do many tasks such as:
Create calculated fields such as
total disk space across multiple
Translate date fields into “Days
Since” fields for easy time queries
Translate arcane data such Default
Gateway= to information
such as Location = “First Floor” or
Preferred Server =“FSLAX01”.
Convert Software Publisher data
from “Microsoft, Inc.”, “Microsoft
Corp.”, “Microsoft/Visio” to just
© Managed Planet | All rights reserved. 1-800-789-6125 or +1 843 757 1960
© Managed Planet | All rights reserved. | | 1-800-789-6125 or +1 843 757 1960
Executive Reports – Management Ready
A key benefit of web enhanced, enterprise connected and internally refined asset data is the
confidence that it brings when management wants to view an asset report you are responsible
for. The Asset Center's Executive Reports are designed to deliver up a powerful presentation of
the asset data without having to know a query language or even the underlying data structure.
Available to every report is our web based report viewer that includes many time-saving
features such as Organizations, Include/Exclude, Dynamic Grid and On Demand/Portal
The Executive reports include many pre-built templates that can be used to create hundreds of
Exclusive to the Asset Center is the long standing Managed Planet Report Club which offers
users of Asset Center up to three new report templates not already included in the product to
be custom built by our programming staff after purchase – for no extra cost! Each report built
by Managed Planet is shared by all the members of the club providing an ever growing library.
Combine that with our intuitive report wizard and any reporting task is a breeze.
Quotes from our Customers:
"I just got the latest update from
Managed Planet and it is exactly
what I was looking for. I do not
need to deal with Dell or any
other manufacturer now, I can
write my own front end, and it
will track what the status of the
machine is throughout its
lifecycle. All we have to do is
grab a Laptop, PDA, or any other
device that can read barcodes
and I don't have to be connected
to the network."
"I've been very happy with the
Managed Planet products and the
speed at which development
Ron Fowler
Information Technology Services
Lawrence Public Schools - USD497
“DTS is huge in software normalization,
especially for those Adobe© and Microsoft©
products that are not reliable in removing
previous executables. DTS is key to correctly
report to Adobe© and Microsoft about their
“Serial Number normalization is vital when
rolling out new laptops. Even though 99% of
new computers are coming from Dell© with
different configurations the serial numbers are
in different locations. There are all sorts of
variances between machines, even those on the
same purchase with theoretically the same
configuration. The Web Import is really
resonating with these folks in their laptop
upgrade program. Dell© could not provide the
purchase date or warranty info.”
“The LDAP user data import function helps get
rid of user compliance issues.”
“Desktop users did have
administrative access, now
every single user is
associated in Active Directory
with a cost centre and if
software is installed it
automatically moves that
license to that user's cost
centre. By using Managed
Planet they were able to
realize that out of 4,000
servers being tracked, 520 of
them were not being used for
anything. We love it and it
has saved us many, many man
Jason Jordan
Desktop Administrator
Emerson Process Management
Sheila Lipe
Desktop Administrator
Conde Nast
New York, NY
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Managed Planet's
Asset Center
© Managed Planet | All rights reserved. 1-800-789-6125 or +1 843 757 1960
© Managed Planet | All rights reserved. | | 1-800-789-6125 or +1 843 757 1960
Managed Planet's
Asset Center
© Managed Planet | All rights reserved. 1-800-789-6125 or +1 843 757 1960
© Managed Planet | All rights reserved. | | 1-800-789-6125 or +1 843 757 1960
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