Product Instructions VERDE LEDHigh Bays, VER

Product Instructions
VERDE LED High Bays, VER-UF Enterprise Series
The purpose of this user guide is to explain the necessary steps for the proper use of a LED High Bay and to
assure peak performance of this product. It is intended for use as reference by a fully qualified electrician
or technician. This document should never be considered a substitute for any provision of a regulation or
state and/or local code. Please read this entire manual to fully understand and safely use this product.
Specifications are subjected to change without notice. Please visit for the most recent
technical data.
GETTING STARTED This guide contains important information about installing and operating your new LED
High Bay safely and accurately.
Exterior dimensions (mm)
Declaration of the product:
Each package box includes LED High Bay 1pc.
1. Risk of fire or electric shock. Ensure that the power supply is off when installation is carried out.
2. Before installation the fully qualified installer must determine whether the power supply is in
the electrical input range stated in the Product Parameters table (see below) of the luminaire.
3. Do not remove the LED High Bay cover and/or optics.
4. Any constructive change of the LED High Bay and/or LED driver is not permitted.
5. Lamp suitable for 50Hz or 60Hz operation.
6. The device should be installed and operated by a qualified electrician or technician in accordance
with relevant local codes.
7. Do not use sharp tools near or on the surface of the device.
8. The High Bay is suitable for dimming when used with a dimmable LED driver.
9. Ingress grade IP65.
10. All VERDE products comply with surge immunity as specified by EN 61547:2009. However, the
Verde Warranty also requires additional surge protective devices to be installed on-site against
the effects caused by remote lightning strikes, inductive or capacitive coupling, and switching
surge voltages. These are typically installed at the main distribution and sub-distribution panels
and are to be maintained and operational always. Refer to industry experts such as for further surge protection advice.
1. Unpack and carefully examine the product.
2. Report any damage and save all packing materials if any part of the product was damaged during
3. Do not attempt to use the apparatus if it is damaged.
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User Responsibilities:
The responsibility to comply with all national and local laws, ordinances, and regulations in regards to the
installation, maintenance and operation of the device lies with the buyer and handler of the device. These
parties may include, but are not limited to the contractor, installer, purchaser, owner, and user of the
product. Consult Lighting Application Engineering services as needed.
Product parameters:
Model number
Input Voltage
Luminous Flux
11,800 lm
17,596 lm
-30°C to +50°C
-30°C to +50°C
22,534 lm
-30°C to +45°C
A- MOUNTING INSTRUCTIONS: (Please note: Suspended is standard way of
mounting, accessories needed for Wall Mounted and Pole Mounted)
A. Fix the bracket of the LED Highbay using expansion screws ensuring a secure fit, adjust
the angle of the LED Highbay to achieve expected angle.
B. Suspend the LED Highbay using suspension loop with chain or hook etc.
C. Affix the pole bracket using expansion screws to ensure a secure fitting, screw pole
into bracket until secure, rotate LED Highbay to pole until secure.
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Put the lamp in the right place after checking the hook. Make connection with mains supply
as in the following instruction and power up.
Supplied: IP-rated MW sensor, additional cable, terminal blocks and sensor bracket.
Not supplied: A suitable 4-way, IP-rated junction box with sufficient space inside to
accommodate connections highlighted in the wiring diagram below.
Put the lamp in the right place after checking the hook. Check that the connections inside
the junction box from the Sensor and Luminaire are correct as per the below wiring
Complete the Mains supply connection inside the junction box as per the below wiring
instructions, using an appropriate IP66-rated cable gland.
Attach the MW Sensor to the side of the Enterprise luminaire using the provided screw.
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