(BIE) Software Installation Instructions Project Director

Project TEEACH Bug-In-Ear (BIE) Software Installation Instructions
Project Director: Marcia L. Rock, Ph.D.
UA College of Education Technology Support Services Manager: Tracie Sellers
Approximate installation time = 1 hour
Before installing any software programs, there are some things that must be checked.
First, you must have Administrative rights to install the software on the computer that
you will be using. Second, you must check your sound settings. To check your sound
settings, follow these procedures. If you have a speaker icon in the bottom right corner of
your screen, double-click the icon. This will bring up a window with volume settings.
Make sure that the mute box is not checked for any of the settings. Also, be certain that
the volume bar is moved up towards the top of the bar. If you do not have the speaker
icon, follow these procedures. Click on Start, then on Control Panel. Click on Sounds,
Speech, and Audio Devices. Then click on Sounds and Audio Devices. Click on the
Volume tab. Then, click the box to Place Volume icon in the task bar. Click on OK, and
then close the windows that are open. Third, you must have at least two available USB
port. Finally, you must have an active Internet connection.
You will first need to install your IOGEAR Bluetooth Adapter:
1. DO NOT plug Adapter into your USB port yet!
2. Insert the IOGEAR CD into the CD drive.
3. The Installation screen will appear on your screen.
4. Click on Driver.
5. Follow the onscreen instructions. The following should be what you choose.
a. Next
b. I accept terms.
c. Next
d. Next
e. Install
f. OK (for the Driver Signature Notice)
6. A window will appear with “Bluetooth device not found”. DO NOT plug the
adapter in yet! Click on CANCEL. The Driver installation will continue.
7. Click on Finish, and then Yes to Restart your computer.
8. Plug the IOGEAR adapter into an available USB port. Wait until Windows
recognizes it.
9. Click on Finish.
10. Double-click the Bluetooth icon in the task bar in the bottom right corner of
your screen.
a. Click Next.
b. Enter a computer name. Your computer probably already has a name.
Click Next.
c. Next
d. Next
e. Next
11. Your headset needs to be paired with your IOGEAR adapter. The headset needs
to be in discover mode. To connect, hold the power button and the call control
button simultaneously. See page 6 of the Headset manual for the locations of
these buttons. A pop-up window will appear near the bottom right of the screen.
Click on the pop-up windows, and enter 0000 for the PIN. Your headset is now
paired with your IOGEAR adapter.
12. Eject the IOGEAR CD.
You will now need to install the Creative Live! Ultra Webcam:
1. DO NOT connect webcam to your USB port yet!
2. Insert the Creative Live! Installation CD.
3. Click on Next.
4. Select “Americas” as the Region. Then click on Next.
5. Select “English” as the Language. Then click on Next.
6. Make sure that both boxes are checked for what needs to be installed. They will
be checked by default. Then click on Install.
7. Follow the onscreen instructions. The following should be what you choose.
a. Yes.
b. Next
c. Full installation
d. Next
8. While the software is installing, place the webcam on top of the computer monitor
or a flat surface. DO NOT connect the webcam to the USB port yet!
9. Click on Yes for the Detector.
10. When prompted, connect the webcam’s cable to an available USB port on your
computer. Windows will automatically detect the webcam.
11. Click on Yes to Restart. Then click on Next. You can register your webcam after
12. To verify the installation, right-click on the My Computer icon on your desktop.
Left-click on Properties. Left-click on the Hardware tab, then Device Manager.
Left click the + sign next to Imaging Devices. You should see “Creative Webcam
Live! Ultra”. Close the window, and then cancel.
13. Eject your Creative Live! CD.
You will now need to install the ArcSoft software:
1. Insert the ArcSoft CD.
2. Click on Install. Make sure that all four programs are checked. They are checked
by default. Follow the onscreen instructions. The following should be what you
choose. First the Photo Software will install. Second, the Collage Creator will
install. Third, the Multimedia E-mail will install. Then, the Video Impression
will install.
a. English, click on OK.
b. Next
c. Yes
d. Next
e. Next
f. Finish
g. English, click on OK.
h. Next
i. Yes
j. Next
k. Next
l. Finish
m. English, click on OK.
n. Next
o. Yes
p. Next
q. Next
r. Finish
s. English, click on OK.
t. Next
u. Yes
v. Next
w. Next
x. Finish
3. Click on Restart Now-yes.
4. Eject the ArcSoft CD after the restart.
You will now need to download and install Skype:
1. Open Internet Explorer.
2. Type in http://www.skype.com in the Address bar.
3. Click on Download Skype.
4. Click on Download Now.
5. Click on Open. (It may say Run)
6. Click on English for the language. Click on the box to check for “Yes”.
7. Click Install.
8. Remove the check from “Install Google Toolbar”.
9. Click Next.
10. Make sure the check is there for the add-on for Internet Explorer.
11. Click on Start Skype.
12. Create a new Skype account.
a. Enter your Full Name.
b. Choose a Skype Name.
c. Choose a password.
d. Retype the password.
e. Click on the box to check it for “Yes, I accept…”
13. On the Skype login screen, enter your Skype Name that you entered in step 12b,
and type your password. Make sure both boxes are checked for “Sign me in when
Skype starts”, and “Start Skype when the computer starts”.
14. Click on Sign-in.
CONGRATULATIONS! You are ready to schedule a VBIE test call with Dr. Rock
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