RS232 to RS422/485 converterter
The 485-ISO interface converter allows operation in
compliance with RS-485 or RS-422 equipment and RS232. When operating as HALF duplex (2 wire or multidrop,switch is set to T-RTS/R-/RTS position) or FULL
duplex multi-drop(4 wire, switch is set to T-RTS R-ON
position), the 485-ISO detect the control signal(RTS or
CTS) from PC/terminal which enable the devise to
output of the RS-485 line.Operating as a RS-232 to RS422 interface converter, the 485-ISO convert full duplex
data, TD and RD,between RS-232 and RS-422. As an
RS-232 to RS-485 converter the 485-ISO can be
configured as a 2 wires or 4 wire converter. For RS-485
half duplex (2 wire, multi-drop) or full duplex (4 wire,multi-drop) protocol, the 485-ISO can be configured to control its data flow when RTS signal is applied
from the RS-232 port. An I/O selection switch allows accommodating both DTE and DCE devices.
It is a very convenient for the RS-232 long distance communication control system with 2 wire or 4 wire interface converter.The terminal resistor be added if
network needed. The 485-ISO includes 6 resistors to be selectable and supports power and data isolation. It is a real isolation interface converter.
1.DTE/DCE selection
2.Half/Full duplex, for point to point or multi-drop.
3.Tx/Rx data isolation & power isolation
4.Multi-drop up to 32/256
5.Contention control by RTS/CTS from RS232/V.24
5.Six terminal resistors selectable
6.Surge protection
7.TD/RD & power indicators
Applications: System integration, Factory automation, PLC contr control system, POS system, PC COM. ports long distance communication, point to point,
multi-drops 2 or 4 wires with RS-232 interfacE
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